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Dennis Rodman permanently autographed some dude

I assume there are few strange requests made to Pistons Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman that he hasn’t heard before at this point in his life, but at an event in Chicago over the weekend where fans could play to hang out with him in a bar and watch basketball, an enterprising fan may have surprised even Rodman. Via Matt Lindner of Chicago Red Eye, a fan drove all the way from Oklahoma to have Rodman sign his arm so that he could go get a tattoo of the signature. Rodman happily obliged.

Now that certainly sounds crazy, and despite the fan’s insistence that he’s not crazy, it’s still a little bit crazy. But there’s a sentimentality behind his action that I can appreciate:

For him, this tattoo in particular carries a deeper meaning.

Glenn’s father Gary died three years ago. Watching Rodman bang the boards helped bring father and son closer together over the years. Glenn says that for as crazy as it may sound, having Dennis Rodman’s name permanently etched on his arm helps him feel even closer to his old man.

“When my dad saw Rodman play basketball at Southeastern Oklahoma State University and was drafted by the Pistons, he pointed to Rodman and said ‘son, that’s the way the game is played,’” Glenn said. “If my dad was alive, he probably would’ve gotten the same tattoo. We’re a Rodman family, we just are.”

I’m definitely not going to get Rodman’s name tattooed on me, but I definitely relate to the gesture. Part of the reason I’m so attached to Rodman is similar — he was always one of my dad’s favorite players too, and I can remember my dad saying similar things about the way Rodman played when I was younger.

Hat tip, Deadspin


  • Dec 4, 20126:42 pm
    by 19880607


    Rodman played for the Pistons the years I played HS ball and he was easily my number one inspiration. The only aspects of the game I was any good at were the effort plays. I would see Rodman dive into the stands after loose balls and I would think “I can’t shoot and I can’t dribble but I can do THAT.” It absolutely killed me the way he left the Pistons and it kills me every time I meet young players who have never even heard of him. Whenever I meet Piston fans who are actually old enough to have watched Rodman in the 1980′s their eyes nearly always light up when I mention his name. We loved that weirdo. 

  • Dec 5, 201210:40 am
    by DG


    The Worm just personified effort and hard work.  How can you not love watching somebody like that ball?  He still makes me smile.

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