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Charlie Villanueva, sigh, deserves praise for lowering own scoring, boosting Pistons’ offense

Me at the Detroit Free Press on Charlie Villanueva:

In the last three seasons, he has scored at a remarkably similar rate: 18.1, 18.1 and 18.2 points per 36 minutes.

This year, that number has fallen to 17.7. But for the first time, the Pistons score considerably more while he plays.

With Villanueva on the court, the Pistons score 109.1 points per 100 possessions.

With Villanueva off the court, the Pistons score 98.3 points per 100 possessions.

So why has Villanueva helped Detroit’s offense while his scoring has slipped? There are two major reasons:

1. He’s playing more unselfishly than ever.

2. He’s more focused on three-pointers than ever.

Here’s a look at the Pistons offensive rating with Villanueva on the floor (red) and off the floor (blue):


  • Dec 14, 20122:44 pm
    by Kobina


    Excellent work, Charlie!  Now let’s trade him for an expiring contract and draft pick.

    • Dec 14, 20124:47 pm
      by tarsier


      Which other GM do you think is that stupid?

      • Dec 14, 20124:55 pm
        by Scott Free


        Jordan?  Maybe the Bucks are nostalgic?

      • Dec 14, 20126:55 pm
        by PG


        I think Charlie will flourish on the right team. But right now the Pistons isn’t that team. 

      • Dec 14, 20128:16 pm
        by Chris H


        Lakers are struggling, and dwight plays well with stretch 4s (or vice versea… probably vice versea).  Give it a shot.

  • Dec 14, 20123:12 pm
    by MIKEYDE248


    What are the defensive number with and without CV on the court?

  • Dec 14, 20123:22 pm
    by Victor


    Aaaaaand… he’s in the best shape of his life!

  • Dec 14, 20123:54 pm
    by frankie d


    was never a CV fan, from all the back at UCONN.   
    i played taps when he signed with detroit.
    but…he has a skill that this team sorely needs: 3 point shooting.
    so, playing him in order to allow the other players – monroe, knight, drummond – to perform reasonably well, is a small price to pay for his presence on the court.
    (of course, my preference would be for them to sink or swim with daye providing the same skill, but obviously, i am in a tiny, tiny minority of folks, and that minority obviously does not include lawrence frank.)
    so, putting up with his faults is the price to be paid.
    and, hopefully, some contender that is desperate for 3 point shooting will think of tim thomas and the old antoine walker and imagine that it might be worth bringing him aboard for a title run. 
    as i’ve said before, one can only hope… 

    • Dec 14, 20124:37 pm
      by I HATE FRANK


      Id like to see what Daye could do…

      • Dec 14, 20128:18 pm
        by Chris H


        I was for Daye, but the problem is playing him at the 4.  He just can’t play there, so the question is where do you put him?

        • Dec 14, 201210:54 pm
          by alex


          I always thought he had the potential to take over at SF if Detroit parted ways with Tay

  • Dec 14, 20124:08 pm


    I just dont like when he is on the floor…but now show how many points we give up when he is on the floor

    • Dec 14, 20125:04 pm
      by frankie d


      defensively, yes, he sucks and really hurts the team, most times.
      i do think, however, that a good zone, with a guy like drummond down low, can hide him somewhat.  enough, perhaps to make it  worthwhile having him on the court because of the offensive plusses he brings.
      in fact, my main priority would be to have him out there to help the pistons’ young guys who need good spacing on the floor.  if they have that, they can develop better.  and their long term development, imho, is worth a few losses because of CV’s defensive problems. 
      monroe, i think is a very good example of that.  he is getting killed now because most teams just sit there and collapse on him, without much attention being paid to shooters.
      a good/great 3 point threat helps him.
      now, it may, in particular games, cost on the defensive end, but i’d pay that cost in order to help his development, long term.
      because, without that threat, he’s simply going to continue to be overwhelmed and frustrated and will not be able to do the kinds of things he needs to do in order to hone his offensive skills.  
      again, i wish there was another person – daye, english perhaps – that frank would trust to fill that role.  unfortunately, CV appears to be the only person with that skill who enjoys frank’s trust.  at least enough to get out onto the court on a regular basis.

      • Dec 14, 20126:58 pm
        by PG


        “with a guy like drummond down low, can hide him somewhat.” yeap ala Howard-Anderson front court.

        • Dec 14, 20128:04 pm
          by Patrick Hayes


          Yeah, but Ryan Anderson also rebounds and is an adequate defensive player. Villanueva’s only discernible skill is shooting.

          • Dec 15, 20121:33 pm
            by rick

            Thats a joke right? You kidding about Ryan Anderson and defense. I know their is no love for Charlie V but damn to try and act like Anderson plays defense moreso than Charlie is disconcerning. Frankie D is right as long as Deroits power forward/center combo has two players basically doing the same they(otherteams) will always key on Monroe and let Maxiel shoot. If Charlie V could find his stroke this team would be alot better than what we see. For some reason it just has not happened. Spreading the floor on this team is key. If folks remember correctly Stuckey used to go all HAM on teams when we had guys who spread the floor. He has not had one of those games in like two or three years since Billups and Wallacex2 was on the team. 

          • Dec 15, 20123:21 pm
            by Patrick Hayes

            You need to check some film on Anderson. Dude defends OK. He’s not going to be defensive player of the year, but he’s certainly much better than Villanueva. And he’s also a better rebounder. Howard definitely helped him look better (Howard made everyone look better), but Anderson is just flat out a better player than Villanueva is.

  • Dec 14, 20124:23 pm
    by Jodi Jezz


    Good stuff Charlie V!..

  • Dec 14, 20124:56 pm
    by Scott Free


    Anyone else here a little frustrated that he’s managed to be effective all-of-a-sudden?

  • Dec 14, 20125:09 pm
    by Vic


    Amazing what a difference good passing and smart shooting can do to change a basketball game. Maybe sitting down and watching how Kyle Singler effected the game made him want to play smarter.

    Im still not big on stretch 4s when you can get a stretch 1 or 2, and a 4 that helps you defense and rebounds. Why settle for tradeoffs when you have an opportunity to upgrade? If he’s a part of the lineup next year, it will be “sigh” indeed.

    Really even this year Kim English should be shooting his 3s and only 3 bigs should be playing.

  • Dec 14, 20125:36 pm
    by Edgar


    I think we have to be careful to not confuse “better than expected” with “productive,” especially considering how low expectations are and should be for Villanueva. He’s not a good player or a productive player or a guy that any team would or should want on its roster. We shouldn’t praise him for hitting threes just like we shouldn’t praise Hasheem Thabeet for being tall. Thabeet’s height probably has some effect in terms of rim protection, but who cares? The guy sucks. I’d say that Villanueva’s presence on the court and the Pistons offense performing better is more a correlative rather than causative relationship because he sucks. 

    • Dec 15, 20121:41 pm
      by rick


      Your post sucks. When was the last time you suited up? Stop with regurgertating the same tired meme. He is in the NBA for a reason whether we like him or not. It kils me when armchair athletes always speak out on another individual and their talent as if they can do better. The only you can do is complain. Get off the high horse and provide some info to back up your opinion instead of rehashing the same thing. I could see if dude was a malcontent and didnt work hard yadayadayada but it aint so and his coming to Pistons just so happens to coincide with the fact the team has not been the same since we lost Billups.

       I truly believe that if we still had Chauncey, people would have come to like him and BG. Even if that meant losing Rip. Having a real quarterback manning the offense/team would have worked wonders for Detroit over the past few years. Alas it hasnt and this is what we have gotten. 

      Looking at things realistically you have people who like young guys for nothing other than the fact they are new. We dont know how their careers pan out or if they even win a title here but plenty of people seem to want to anoint them as if they deserve shit w/o earning it.

  • Dec 15, 20122:48 pm
    by Tyrone


    Dan, its good to see you giving credit when credit is due.  CV31 has made a real impact for the better on our team.  When he gets 10 – 15 ppg our odds of winning are much better.  CV skill set is needed on this team.  Also CV has played very good when Drummond has been on the floor with him.  AD will be gone at the end of this season, CV31 will be returning for another season and our team will be better as a result.

    Good work Charlie, keep playing hard and stay humble. 

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