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Ben Wallace: “I’m not retired”

Ben Wallace was in town for the Pistons game on Friday, and although things seemingly didn’t work out for him to return to the Pistons, Wallace still sounds like a man intent on playing this season. From Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

“I’m not retired,” Wallace said. “It’s a good chance I’ll be playing again. Nobody wants to file those (retirement) papers, that’s a hassle.”

Wallace, 38, believes something will happen soon to make a way for him. It’s important to note he said he’d never wear a jersey other than the Pistons’ red, white and blue, so one has to wonder if a spot will open up — or if he’s willing to back off that statement to get back on the court.

Wallace noted to Goodwill that he’s been inspired watching Rasheed Wallace’s solid contributions to the Knicks this season. It’s still hard to see the Pistons finding a spot for Wallace, unless a trade is in the works (please let their be a trade in the works). And I know Wallace has said he doesn’t want to play elsewhere, but he’s still an able-bodied and defensive-minded big man, so that makes him a fit on just about any contending team. The Heat and Celtics could both use a player like Wallace, and so could a team like the Clippers, where he could reunite with Chauncey Billups.


  • Dec 10, 201210:50 am
    by @GPMasters


    Hope to see him back soon, especially, in fact preferably on a contender.

  • Dec 10, 201211:13 am
    by brandow


    yeah let him play with the clippers and reunite with chauncey, i wanna see them together one last time. but i fully respect wallace the fact that he wants to play with and only with the pistons

  • Dec 10, 201211:15 am
    by vic


    please let there be a trade in the works

    • Dec 10, 201212:03 pm
      by Westen


      I agree. I also hope there is a trade in the works. It would be in their best interests.

  • Dec 10, 201211:37 am
    by tommy t


    Jesus, i love me some Ben Wallace. Please don’t go to the Heat.

    • Dec 10, 20121:32 pm
      by Bill D


      He used to be on the Cavs with Lebron…I doubt Lebron would want him back on his team.  It seems Ben Wallace didn’t really work out with Cavs or Bulls.  He found his niche with the Pistons.  That may be the reason he said he would only play with the Pistons. 

  • Dec 10, 201211:42 am
    by MIKEYDE248


    As much as I would like to see Ben back playing for the Pistons, I think it would be a step back for them unless a trade takes place.

    He would just eat into the playing time of our young guys, and we all see how little of that there is going around.

    • Dec 10, 20121:35 pm
      by Matt


      I second that, with the qualification that him playing place of Andre would be a step back with or without a trade.

  • Dec 10, 201211:47 am
    by sebastian


    “… so could a team like the Clippers, where he could reunite with Chauncey Billups.”

    The Clippers’ colors are red, white, and blue. Mystery solved.

  • Dec 10, 201211:53 am
    by Victor


    Just found a roster spot for him on the Pistons


    • Dec 10, 201212:06 pm
      by Crispus


      BWAHAHA silly.

    • Dec 10, 201212:24 pm
      by MIKEYDE248


      If Joe could pull that trade off, he would be GM of the century.

    • Dec 10, 201212:58 pm
      by revken


      And this trade even saves us a million bucks!  Brilliant! 

      • Dec 10, 20121:24 pm
        by Victor


        I would be good being saved from a million bucks… I can’t stand even those 15 from Milwaukee… Imagine: 1 million of them…

    • Dec 10, 20121:40 pm
      by Bill D


      With Max, CV and Prince playing the way they are…we need to trade them while they are looking GREAT!  They are not in our long term plans.  Combine them for 2nd round draft picks (non-guaranteed contracts) and/or a star. 

      PG – Knight
      SG – Stuckey
      SF – Singler/JJ
      PF – Monroe
      C – Drummond

      Young with a high ceiling!

  • Dec 10, 201212:14 pm
    by Nine_Fat_Stalks


    hehe ‘no one wants to sign those retirement papers’ Ben’s always been surprisingly witty.

  • Dec 10, 201212:47 pm


    OH GREAT! We are becoming the retirement home for players that were!

    If Frank came back, that mean we’d have to hear how he has loyalty to playing Ben Wallce, and although he extremely physically out matched, and there are no more post players for him to defend, but he will bring wisdom!

    If you love the Pistons Ben, just join the practice squad…

  • Dec 10, 20121:24 pm
    by Clint in Flint


    Dear Santa

    All I want for Christmas is a new Piston head coach.

    P.S. The sooner the better! 

  • Dec 10, 20121:38 pm
    by Nine_Fat_Stalks


    Ben is exactly who we’d need for Frank to start Drummond

  • Dec 10, 20121:44 pm
    by Nate


    If this is true, that the Pistons are about to open up a roster spot for Wallace, does anyone think the Pistons might release Daye? He’s obviously not going to be on the team next year, and when he’s played this year he’s looked awful. I’d definitely be in favor of releasing Daye and signing Wallace. He’ll teach Drummond how to box out on defense.

    • Dec 10, 20122:09 pm
      by I HATE FRANK


      That’s the greatest myth plaguing the mind of Pistons Basketball fans…. Ben DOES NOT! And I repeat DOES NOT! Have to be on the pistons roster, to help Drummond …

      He could spend time with Drummond in the off season, he could practice with drummond before or after practice, he could workout with Drummond ….he could call Drummond (non of these things Ben Wallace has done to date)… The idea that Ben Wallace would be a good pick for this team, so that he can help develop Drummond is foolishness

      • Dec 10, 20123:02 pm
        by MIKEYDE248


        Maybe he could be the next head coach?

      • Dec 10, 20124:42 pm
        by Nate


        Obviously he doesn’t have to be on the roster to help Drummond, but he’s obviously not considering himself to be retired so it’s highly unlikely he’d join the team in any other capacity. Drummond won’t be able to reach out to Wallace during the regular season to get help from him, and I’d bet money that they won’t reach out to one another to try and meet up during the summer for workouts.

        So I guess the question becomes, do you really think that Austin Daye’s spot on the bench is worth more than Ben Wallace’s experience and mentoring of Drummond? Not to mention that Ben Wallace could very easily take Charlie V’s minutes as the backup PF which would be very beneficial. Most nights Charlie gives up just as many points as he makes through lazy D and lack of effort rebounding. I’d much rather see Big Ben out there playing D and rebounding than Charlie V sit around the 3 line and jack up shots only to allow offensive rebounds and easy layups on the defensive end.

  • Dec 10, 20121:47 pm


    I meant if “Ben came back”

  • Dec 10, 20121:57 pm
    by bugsygod


    During the interview in the game, he said he could only see himself on THIS hardwood, meaning the Palace.  So yeah, there has to be something up. — short, clear, consise. 

    • Dec 10, 20123:43 pm
      by busygoddess


      concise dear, concise…

  • Dec 10, 20122:41 pm
    by frankie d


    if the pistons were ever to adopt a longer term, more strategic, approach to building their team they would clear out some of the roster deadwood via trade – CV, maggette – open up some playing time for their young guys AND acquire a couple of extra first rounders via trade – tay, maxiell – sign, wallace and let him sit next to drummond the rest of the year and play the occasional 12-15 minutes against guys like duncan when the pistons need someone to play tough defense without being called for every stray elbow.
    then, make clear that they wanted him to stay and remain part of the franchise’s future – as an assistant or maybe even a future head coach? – and pay him good money to essentially act as drummond’s personal tutor for the next couple of years. and an emergency big man who would/could sign a few 10 day contracts if the necessity ever arose.
    one thing is crystal clear after only 20 or so games: drummond has the talent to become an exceptional defensive center.
    ben wallace has been, arguably, the best defensive center of the last generation.
    i guess it’s just me, but i think i’d do every thing i could to help make drummond the best player he could be, and having a guy like ben wallace whispering in his ear for the next couple of years – at least – could do nothing but help that process.
    love monroe, knight will be a solid pro – in whatever capacity he finally settles – but drummond has the potential to become the real face of the team, the real identity of a contending team, if he develops into the dominating defensive force he appears capable of becoming.
    again, i know it is asking a lot, but i’d just hope that the pistons’ management would see that same potential and do a small, but significant thing, like bring big ben back to help move the franchise forward in a positive way. 

  • Dec 10, 20124:21 pm
    by Piston87


    Many commenters are always talking about trading CV, Magette, Maxiell, Prince.  But honestly have you looked at what would be available?  Contending teams rarely have assets to give up other then overpaid vets.  Lottery teams are not going to trade for overpaid vets.  Unless you are willing to trade for an overpaid vet with multiple years left on his contract, why not just let Magette and Maxiell play out the string?

    Prince and Maxiell would be ideal fits on several contending teams, but find a trade to one of those teams that will work under the trade rules and actually makes sense (and you are not getting a decent player on a rookie contract for either of those guys).

    I’m looking at the trade machine and I just don’t see anything out there that is even remotely likely.  

    • Dec 10, 20124:27 pm
      by frankie d


      for some inexplicable reason, dumars turned down a great trade offer from dallas 2 years ago, just when tay was expiring and ready to leave.
      why he refused to trade him – apparently for a late first rounder and a comparable expiring contract in the person of caron butler – is a mystery.  
      or maybe not, considering what ultimately happened.
      fact is, teams make that kind of trade fairly frequently, for any number of reasons.
      the wallace to new jersey trade – which netted portland the number 6 pick which became damien lilliard – is just the latest example.
      a lot of hard work, a willingness to let favored players go, and some creativity is all that is needed.
      this fan is tired of all of the excuses about why players cannot be traded, because of …. whatever….
      guys get traded all of the time.  guys with bad contracts get traded all of the time.
      teams looking to make a title run are always happy to gamble to make risky trades.
      dumars simply has to be willing to take that step. 

    • Dec 10, 20124:46 pm
      by frankie d


      max and tay could probably be traded fairly easily.  
      they would be perfect role players for a team making a title run.
      pistons fans would probably be surprised at how positively they are regarded in the western conference, where both are considered almost prototypes of a certain type of player.
      maggette has a decent amount of value simply because of his expiring contract.
      some team out there would want that contract just to make numbers work for some type of transition over the next 8 or 9 months.
      CV is truly the only one who will be tough to trade.
      in fact, i was astounded that dumars traded gordon, while tossing in the first rounder, as i thought CV was the guy he’d make that move with.
      the only thing that will make sense – so far as trading gordon, keeping CV is concerned – is using amnesty on him somewhere down the line.
      or maybe, some contending team will fall in love with CV’s outside shooting and take him off the team’s hands.   wouldn’t count on it, but anything is possible.
      bottom line is that there are possibilities for all of those supposedly tough to trade vets.  
      unfortunately, dumars has never shown a willingness to turn over veteran assets for future possibilities.  it just doesn’t seem to be in his nature. 

      • Dec 10, 20124:52 pm
        by frankie d


        “transition” above should have been “transaction”.
        my mistake. 

      • Dec 10, 20124:56 pm
        by MIKEYDE248


        I agree with you that I don’t see any way we will be able to trade CV.  Hopefull see them amnesty him this offseason.

        Prince and Max could be good role plays (not starters like with the Pistons) and Maggette could be a good barganing chip in a trade.

        • Dec 10, 20128:37 pm
          by Chris H


          CV is not going to get amnestied.  It just doesn’t make sense financially for the pistons to do so before his deal expires.  It’s something nice to happen incase the deal of a lifetime drops out of thin air and it requires Charlie to be amnestied, but that is doubtful.  Now how to get rid of them?  Offer up another first round pick, a decent player and maybe some potato chips or something…  It’s not going to happen, except for everyone’s dreams.

  • Dec 10, 20124:24 pm
    by T Casey


    As much as I’d ove to see Ben back on the court, I’d settle for any position in the franchise where he can help mentor the young bigs we have ont he defensive end and just about toughness in general.

  • Dec 10, 20124:49 pm
    by Corey


    I’d only want him back if they trade Maxiel and move Monroe to PF full time. Then Ben and Andre could platoon at center. That would be fun to watch.

  • Feb 1, 20138:58 pm
    by Shirley


    OMG! Dumars get your head out of your rear and get Big Ben back on the court especially now that you let Prince go.

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  • Mar 11, 201312:56 am
    by tommy


    Ben please try and find a coaching job, maybe with the Pistons so you can help get them back in the playoffs.

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