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Andre Drummond’s uncle wants him to dunk everything, and his mother wants him to stay close to home

When I covered Andre Drummond at the NBA Draft, it was clear two people were in charge of his circle – and neither was Drummond. One was his uncle, Phil Santavenere. The other was his mother, Christine Cameron.

Vince Ellis of the Detroit had a couple nice articles on both. First up, Drummond’s uncle, who, like us, wants his nephew to dunk everything:

"I’ve never been a real physical person up until this point," Drummond said last week. "I worked on lay-ups and my next moves and never went with anything strong. He hates it. My uncle hated it with a passion.

"He just kind of gave up trying to get that out of my game. I always made it so he never really said anything to me, but he always told me that whenever you get to the next level, you better not be doing that. You will get your shot blocked."

Ellis also wrote about how Drummond’s mother and sister moved to Michigan with him:

Cameron is from St. Thomas in Jamaica, moving to the United States in 1989. Her thoughts on life were formed there.

"I grew up on the islands and I grew up a certain way," she said. "I would get my butt whipped. I don’t do it the American way. I’m very firm and very strict with them so I have to discipline them. I keep them on a straight track. I don’t let them run loose. I keep them home."

Drummond admits to scoldings when he stays out too late, but Cameron’s primary responsibility is helping him organize his life.

I recommend clicking through to learn more about the specifics of what Drummond’s mother does for him.


  • Dec 24, 201211:23 am
    by sloppy joe


    Drummond is to Pistonpowered what Tebow is to ESPN.

    Stop posting 2 articles a day about the kid.  We know he’s special, you don’t need to shove every aspect of life down our throats

    • Dec 24, 201212:11 pm
      by sloppy joe


      An idea for your next post:
      Andre Drummond ate a bowl of Cookie Crisps for breakfast this morning.

    • Dec 24, 20121:54 pm
      by 19880607


      If I remember correctly, wasn’t it the increasing likelihood that Drummond would be available for the Pistons with the ninth pick that led to the spike in traffic which crashed the server Piston Powered was on? If People Magazine stopped talking about the Royal Family so much they would be a more balanced magazine but they would probably have fewer subscribers. My guess is if we didn’t have Drummond to talk about PP would just have less traffic.

  • Dec 24, 201212:24 pm
    by Coolmed


    Haha! Thats nice comment!
    give us more information about piston front office,
    to trade ir not to trade and how to improve the team 

  • Dec 24, 201212:52 pm
    by J in FLA


    I think the issue is that there are NO other stories about the PIsotns right now.  Let’s be frank, Drummond is one fo the only positives about this season.  I, for one, enjoy these articles, and appreciate the perspective thrown in by the PP crew.

    • Dec 24, 201212:52 pm
      by J in FLA



    • Dec 24, 20121:02 pm
      by PG


      Agreed. Me too. As a fan I don’t mind reading this kind of stuff. If you guys ain’t interested don’t read it or better yet don’t visit this site. Simple as that.

  • Dec 24, 20121:20 pm
    by Talan


    Dan and Patrick post pretty much all pistons-related content that is being put. Our standout rookie is big news not only to this team, but across the league. I appreciate articles like this. Keep it up!

  • Dec 24, 20121:33 pm
    by piston moribund


    Note to self, if I don’t want like what is posted on a blog, I should keep my critical and ignorant comments to myself.  Ding! maybe I should write my own blog so that I dont have to leech off the hard work of other people.
    Note to self, I should probably finally move out of my parent’s house.

  • Dec 24, 20122:04 pm
    by Travis


    I enjoy getting to know our young star to be through this site. Thanks guys and happy holidays

  • Dec 24, 20125:31 pm
    by apa8ren9


    Any time there is an article that I dont have an interest in I dont read it.  This site has new and updated information every day.  Maybe you should take a break for a few then come back.  Keep up the good work Dan and Patrick, I personally enjoy this site tremendously.

    • Dec 24, 20125:32 pm
      by apa8ren9


      that was for sloppy joe, by the way.

  • Dec 24, 20127:10 pm


    Please no articles about the future star of this team! …I want to hear about how Charlie picks his red head bands

  • Dec 25, 20122:13 pm
    by baines


    Not sure why the negative responses regarding this Drummond article!!  Glad we have something positive to discuss!!  Or would some people rather have the buffonery we have been subjected to the past few years!!  Patrick and Dan…………keep up the good work…..enjoy your website!!

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