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Andre Drummond should dunk everything

David Thorpe of ESPN:

Andre Drummond, Pistons — Dec. 5: I can hear the criticism now. All he does is dunk! But it is never an opposing coach who utters that silly phrase, because they know a dunk is the highest percentage shot in basketball. Sure, Drummond has a few nifty moves in his still-in-training-wheels offensive game, as he showed against Golden State with a nice spin to the rim and 1. But his dunks are what make his coaches smile and his opponents sweat, because he is getting them the right way by hanging around the paint with his hands up, ready to catch and explode.

So many young athletes enter the NBA and don’t play that way, instead choosing to show off their perimeter skills or finesse game in the paint. For example, DeMarcus Cousins took four shots per game inside (making 64 percent) and three per game from 16 to 23 feet (making 37 percent) as a rookie. Drummond, on the hand, takes almost four shots a game inside and less than a half a shot per game from the perimeter. With his size and agility, he won’t need a perimeter game for years.

Yes, yes and yes. I can’t stand the people who bash Blake Griffin for being one-dimensional offensively, and this is why. The way Griffin – and Andre Drummond – play basketball is incredibly effective. Teams need players who can shoot jumpers, because dunks aren’t available on every possession. But dunks are such a high-percentage shot, teams should use them as often as possible, and thankfully for the Pistons, Drummond provides dunk opportunities very frequently.


  • Dec 8, 201212:36 pm
    by D_S_V


    For all of Drummond’s ‘inadequacies’ on offense, he does not bog things down as much as you would estimate for a player who currently has no real 1 on 1/post up game, jumper, and general ability to score from outside of 5 feet. His increasing offensive awareness has been impressive and he commands respect from his defender when another Piston can penetrate the lane. Kelser is right that Drummond is often “spoon fed” his scores, but it takes awareness and a big body to make himself available in the first place, as well as soft hands to catch and finish – all qualities that Drummond has shown with increasing consistency as the season has progressed. Reminds me of the ‘Tyson Chandler Offense’. 

    • Dec 8, 201212:41 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Exactly, getting in position to receive passes, catch them and quickly finish is a skill in itself. And on top of that, it’s hard for the Pistons to ‘spoon feed’ anybody since they don’t exactly have playmakers who are adept at drawing defenders and creating shots for teammates. It’s not like Drummond is playing with Steve Nash or Andre Miller out there. He’s catching a lot of difficult passes through traffic.

      • Dec 8, 20121:07 pm
        by Victor


        Wait a sec Pat, he’s not playing with Nash or Miller, but he’s playing with Monroe, a terrific passer for a big guy who made Chris Wilcox (!!!) play decently.

        Oh, sorry about that … He’s not playing with Monroe either… What a shame. 

  • Dec 8, 20122:19 pm
    by bugsygod


    It would be nice if one of the reporters could just get a straight hard answer from Frank about why he does not play Drummond with Monroe.  Drummond/Monroe is the future, they compliment so well now.  I mean what is it??  For the last 4-5 games you can clearly see we are a better team when Drummond is on the court.  He covers others mistakes and really clogs the paint and makes paint points that much tougher for the other team.   “Coach Frank I know you said you wanted to bring Drummond along slowly, but isnt it time to adjust?”  “Coach Frank it seems your team is better when Drummond is on the court with Monroe and thus gives your team a better chance of winning, you disagree with that?”  “Coach Frank you realize the more you Dont play Drummond, it is just pushing you closer out the door?” 

    • Dec 8, 20127:08 pm
      by gmehl


      “It would be nice if one of the reporters could just get a straight hard answer from Frank about why he does not play Drummond with Monroe”.

      This is how it would pan out if the question was asked…

      Reporter: Hey Frank, so why is it that you don’t play Drummond and Monroe together??

      Frank: Well i’ll probably get fired for this but the real reason is because it would mean we’d make the playoffs and as you all know if we do that this season then we’ll lose our draft pick which we traded to the Bobcats due to poor spending of free agent money on Ben Gordon.

  • Dec 8, 20122:30 pm
    by DG


    “He’s not playing with Monroe either.”  Too funny.  predictable, but funny.

    • Dec 8, 20127:17 pm
      by Victor


      Glad you appdreciate some humor. That’s what I often try to bring on my comments. I don’t have anything else to offer anyway… =)

  • Dec 8, 20124:59 pm


    I love it …. I call him Shaq2k …. Soon he is gonna learn that drop step dunk in a crowd…

  • Dec 8, 20126:05 pm
    by Ozzie-Moto


    Why Drumonds starting is important:
    1: One of the reasons that it harder to get his time in with Monroe is that Monroe starts so they are out of sink, if you start out of sink then it harder to get their minutes together
    2: Don’t under value your players to the other teams, refs, your own fans..  Confidence effects how things play out. You don’t want to over extend what you have in a players potential, OK error on the side of caution but if he already running with the ball don’t hold him back … some players get sort of “handled” to death .. they loose their MOJO … 
    3  Work on and feature you most devastating players together to set the tone … OK if you limit him in the first half minute wise but start him  then have the minutes when it counts in then 2nd half. 
    4 People might realize that you realize you got something going and SHOW up to see you play
    5 Play what you see as your wining hand in the future because where you are now is obviously not good enough … 
    Detroit has not been the spot fo natural stars. You like and mold the hard working or me against the world kind) So the organization sort of takes the “Shine” of them when it not really necessary.

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