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Andre Drummond practicing free throws while wearing a ‘modified bowling glove’

David Mayo of MLive:

Andre Drummond has tried a lot of things to improve his free-throw shoowing, and now he can add one more.  He wore a modified bowling glove to shoot free throws after Friday’s shootaround, a first-time experiment, in an effort to stabilize his shooting wrist.  The rookie center enters tonight’s game shooting 41 percent from the line.

I appreciate that Andre Drummond is trying unconventional methods, because conventional methods haven’t worked so far. If the glove is going to help, though, it didn’t show last night, when Drummond shot 1-of-4 from the free-throw line.


  • Dec 22, 20121:40 pm
    by frankie d


    he should go to a hypnotist.
    it could help him immensely.
    i hope someone close to him recognizes how effective hypnosis could be in getting him past what is clearly a mental hurdle.

  • Dec 22, 20121:50 pm
    by Travis


    I’m impressed that MLive has some great coverage of the Pistons this year, because the NHL strike.

  • Dec 22, 20125:56 pm
    by Ozzie-Moto


    Well 1 for 4 is a really small sample.. but yes he needs to get it up to 60% .  In general players with huge hands seem to have major problems shooting free throws.  My guess besides stabilizing his wrists the glove is to get the ball out of his palm and on to his finger tips with is natural for players with normal size hands.  it’s elbow. wrist, fingers not elbow, wrist palm the ball… He is very young and i do think he can make a reasonable improvement. 

  • Dec 22, 20126:51 pm
    by gmehl


    Hey if meant him shooting 75% then i am all for him shooting granny style (under handed). I know there is the whole ego thing about doing it but just imagine if Drummond was to do it and have success with it. The downside to it i guess would be if you shot that way and still missed.

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