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Andre Drummond on his playing time: ‘I like what they’re doing with me so far’

Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press:

As he walked through Philips Arena on Wednesday morning, Drummond said he didn’t know anything about fans clamoring for more playing time from the rookie center from UConn.

But even if was aware, Drummond said he is in full agreement with being brought along slowly.

"Who wouldn’t want to play more?" he said. "If you love the sport, you love to play, but it just isn’t my time.

"I’m a rookie, they’re trying to ease my way in and I like what they’re doing with me so far in terms of me being prepared for what I need to do. I’m just really excited about that."

That last quote shows an unselfishness that many young players trying to establish themselves in the league don’t have. Ironically, makes me even more confident Drummond has the savvy to play more right now.


  • Dec 27, 201211:08 am
    by ryank


    Hopefully Joe can find a good trade for these expiring deals.  Moving Max, Maggette, Daye, and Bynum for quality defensive minded veterans Would put us in position to do something next season.  Trying to append

  • Dec 27, 201211:09 am
    by Scott Free


    I know its frustrating as a fan, but I’m not 100% sure this won’t be for the best.  The Pistons remained competitive against some pretty good teams this season (but for youth) they can’t finish it in the final seconds.  This ensures the team gets a good draft pick, but also demonstrates the team is capable of playing playoff level ball (they just cant seem to find any consistency beyond Tay’s 14 ppg)  

     That said, its clear the Pistons arent TRYING for this, and thats worrisome (specifically concerning our coaching, even if Frank is incapable I expect more from Brian Hill).  And I think the Pistons most pressing concern is getting people in seats.

    A lot of jumbled thoughts, but this season has me scratching my head looking for ANYTHING i can point to as a positive. 

  • Dec 27, 201211:13 am
    by brgulker


    But really, what is he going to say? Is he going to complain about his minutes and criticize the coaching staff? 

    • Dec 27, 20125:19 pm
      by gmehl


      ^^Ben hit the nail right on the head and can see through all the company spin. Complaining about minutes is a good way of making yourself look like a whiny little kid. If Frank was using his so called ‘earn your minutes’ system then no one on this team deserves more than Drummond. I was one of the people that wanted him to brought along slowly for the 1st 20 or so games and then judge if he was ready for more. I didn’t want a starting role handed to him and i also don’t want him being taught that just because your a veteran (Maxiell) you’ll get minutes based on seniority. It is time within the next 10 or so games to see what he can do against the savvy veteran starters in this league. Also due to the fact that we haven’t been playing Kravtsov this season it would of been better IMHO to have rather given the veteran minimum to Wallace. Imagine the tricks to the trade he could of been teaching Drummond.

      • Dec 27, 20129:52 pm
        by Chris H


        I agree with what you guys are saying, but how many young knuckleheads in teh league are not smart enough to even figure that out?  More than a few.  Given his age and talent I’d say that is at least a decent sign. 

      • Dec 27, 201210:11 pm
        by sebastian


        gmehl, you’re right. I am still trying to to understand why Joe (or whoever it was) went all the way over to the Ukraine to force Kravtsov to sign a two year, $1.5 million per contract and then get this–the guy only has played 6 minutes so far this season (31 games). Most nights, he has his warm-ups on over his street clothes.
        I agree, the return on investment of a veteran-minimum salary contract for Big Ben would had been a bargain and the Pistons would not have been on the hook, next season.
        Big Ben would had been able to teach Dre Drummond (and Moose, too) the subtle techniques needed to being successful in this League.
        Poor (or should I type: a richer) Kravtsov can’t teach anybody about the game at this level. He, himself, is even rawer than Dre.
        Just another, dumb move by OUR GM, Joe Dumars.

  • Dec 27, 201211:16 am
    by Derek


    I like it.  Drum came from a college scene where everything was topsy turvey and he never really got what he needed to help him grow and develop.  It’s sort of like their trying to back up and cover some things that were unfortunately missed at UCONN.  Incidentally the kid is surging and Max is running out of steam.  He will overtake Max for the starting spot soon.  It just a matter of when (before or after the all star break).

    • Dec 27, 20129:56 pm
      by Chris H


      Given how well he has played, I’m really ok with Drummond not starting, I’d just like to see his minutes per game average to jump up to at least 28 minutes.  That should give him plenty of time with Monroe and give him some time to see how the pace of the game is going. 

      • Dec 28, 201210:33 am
        by Derek


        @Chris H  Good point Chris.  If Frank steadily increases Drum’s minutes maximizing his opportunities to be paired with Moose I would be absolutely fine with that.  I hope the kid maintains his refreshing receptiveness attitude.  Dwight Howard had the same kind of attitude prior to his commercials, dunk contest appearances, and finals appearance. 

        Somewhere down the line, Duh-white started to feel like he’d arrived.  Hopefully Drum is shielded from that entitlement foolishness.  Drum has a ton of potential.  He could be the next big thing for the Pistons and for the league among big men.

  • Dec 27, 201211:20 am


    Drummond says all the right things…and he is humble…

    He has had everything given to him, the same way Cousins has as a High School star big but his attitude towards the game is amazing… 

  • Dec 27, 201211:37 am
    by tarsier


    Drummond may just end up saving this franchise. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is the best player on the team… next year.

  • Dec 27, 201211:40 am
    by tarsier


    Off-topic, but what do you suppose it would take to pry Granger from the Pacers? I think he could be a great fit with this team.

    • Dec 27, 20125:34 pm
      by Mrshourite


      Probably Prince, knight and a 1st rounder for Granger. I wouldn’t really want him though, he’s too injury prone and kind of soft. I’d prefer Rudy Gay instead.

    • Dec 28, 20122:14 am
      by gmehl


      @tasier Granger for Prince, Maxiell and a lottery protected 1st rounder would get it done. If Granger could stay healthy and play like he did prior to injury then that would be a step in the right direction for us. The Pacers would get to battle hardened vets and they could let Maxiell go after the season if things don’t work out with him. The lottery protected 1st rounder is just icing on the cake.

    • Dec 28, 201210:36 am
      by Derek


      I hope we don’t attempt to pry Granger away at all.  He’s a faux tough guy.  He’s a poser who wants to pretend he’s on the level of the top tier 3′s in the league.  He isn’t a prolific scorer or a top flight facilitator.  His defense is unimpressive.  He isn’t much of an upgrade over Prince.

  • Dec 27, 20121:24 pm
    by Mel


    Shoot Drummonds the best player on the team now in my opinion. Monroe is not playing with that dominance that he played last year. He lets opponents steel the ball from him and he needs to improve his jumper as well as his defense. Drummonds athleticism alone helps him until he develops his game. Once that happens he’ll become the franchise. 

    • Dec 27, 20121:43 pm
      by tarsier


      Drummond is certainly the best player some nights. But he has yet to take over a game. Monroe has had some bad games, but he’s also the only guy on this team with the capacity to drop 35-10 or 21-12-11. Monroe faces tougher competition than Drummond (typically playing against starters, not backups) and he still outpaces Drummond in points, assists, and steals per minute. And he’s not far behind on rebounds. Drummond owns him on blocks, I’ll admit.
      The most disappointing aspect of Monroe’s game this year is how much his FG% has fallen off. But I’d still say 47% FG and 70% FT is at least marginally better than 57% FG and 41% FT. Especially given that both have about a 0.4 FTA/FGA ratio (league average is between 0.25 and 0.30). 

      • Dec 27, 20129:59 pm
        by Chris H


        True, but league average includes lots of guys who aren’t supposed to make a living in the paint.  What is that ratio for top tier PF/Cs?  Guys like Duncan, Howard, Gasol, Randolph?  If this is who we want Monroe to be like we have to compare him to them, not the average. 

        • Dec 28, 201212:29 pm
          by tarsier


          The part about league average is just saying that they both shoot lots of FTs. So their FT% is relatively more important than it is for some random player.

          Apart from that, no attempt to compare them to average players. 

          • Dec 28, 20127:17 pm
            by Chris H

            Can’t really argue with that too much, I was just pointing out that there have been plenty of nights where Dwight, Shaq, and all of the current and former major bigs would get something like 14 FGAs and 14 FTAs. That means they were getting fouled on half their FGAs, which is huge.  I think it was Shaq that nearly fouled out an entire teams frontline beacuse they just hacked the hell out of him figuring it was better to just make him shoot FTs. 

          • Dec 28, 201211:43 pm
            by tarsier

            Oh, sure. And if Drummond develops a formidable offensive game, he’ll get fouled like that too. Monroe won’t as long as he shoots free throws so well. Forcing defenses to try to defend him without fouling is valuable for his offensive output, his ability to play long minutes, and his ability to stay uninjured. For the first of those reasons, his FT% significantly contributes to why he is still a better player than Drummond. The other two are icing on the cake. 

  • Dec 27, 20122:07 pm
    by Lorenzo


    I was watching the Atlanta broadcast of last night’s game. And Nique’ and his colleague (name eluding me at the moment) who were calling the game were blown away by the kids’ raw talent; they felt Dre’ was going to be a starter in this league very soon and a star in time. That being said the one thing Nique’ kept harping on was that despite all his physical talents the kid didn’t know how to play basketball yet. I think it’s interesting and useful to sometimes take an outsiders perspective, shaves through some of the bias’ we as everyday followers may have. Even with a snapshot it’s apparent the kid is raw and needs to work on his fundamentals, his playing time will eventually grow (without a doubt)….I don’t think our coaching staff is out of bounds for bringing him along slowly, perhaps I’m a lone voice on this, but you give him bits of info to chew on and let him learn to be more than just an athlete, make him a basketball player. You can’t let him go out there, get heavy minutes, and let his bad habits get ingrained; you squander something special. Perhaps not a popular opinion, but patience might be a good thing with Dre.

    • Dec 27, 20122:23 pm
      by Frankie d


      I have generally supported frank’s go-slow approach.
      i think he is trying to keep Drummond from hitting the rookie wall, affect seems to hit just about every rookWhilst hat has been smart.
      what has not been so smart has been the refusal to play Monroe and dDrummond together for long stretches.  Those two will be the team’s big man combo going forward and the sooner they begin playing together the better.
      have to say that Drummond as a piston has been a dream come true for this fan.  Had thought that, from the start of his freshman year,  there was no way the team could get him if they fell out of the top 3, so it was great to see so many GMs have brain freeze and succumb to conventional wisdom and pass on Drummond.   Always thought that, for this team, he was an even better fit than Davis.

      • Dec 28, 20123:48 am
        by Lorenzo


        Yeah that I can understand, count me as one that also would love to see those guys get more PT at the same time. Frank seems to be fairly strict/rigid in keeping the starting and reserve unit distinct from one another….perhaps he wants each of the respective units to build chemistry amongst themselves…at least that would be my guess? But yeah, without a doubt they should play together more.

  • Dec 27, 20122:13 pm
    by jamesjones_det


    Forget all this high school crap!  Fire Frank now, bring in Avery baby!

  • Dec 27, 20125:31 pm
    by DG


    It will be interesting to see what changes take place now that the schedule slows down a little for the Pistons and they have more time to practice.  My guess is we will see some of the changes we have been looking for.  Monroe getting some time in practice as the PF.  Drummond getting more time with the first team in practice, etc.

    • Dec 27, 20126:21 pm
      by revken


      I agree.  I think the fact that we’ve played more games than anyone else and been on the road so much has been a factor in Drummond’s playing time.  That’s a much different environment than college ball for him to adjust to.  I think we have a lot to celebrate with this kid’s attitude and ability.  I’m glad Dumars picked him in spite of all the nay-sayers (me included!). 

  • Dec 27, 20128:57 pm
    by Vince


    Sooooo Avery is now back in the coaching pool… Not saying we should pick him up at the expense of Frank… but it is Avery… 

    Also I agree with Gmehl, its time for Dre to get the nod to start, he has consistently out-played Maxiell and if we take Frank to his word, he should be starting soon based on merit.

    Mel had a nice point about Moose, I’ve been pretty disappointed by his performance this season, his TOs are up, and his FG% is down compared to last year, I was – and I don’t think I was the only one – hoping he would be averaging 20 – 10 – 4 this season, he is coming close, but he has proved to be pretty inconsistent this season.  

  • Dec 27, 20129:09 pm
    by Corey


    I am starting to think that much of what the pistons are doing makes a lot of sense. Drummonds minutes are going up. They are playing Maxiel, CV, and Daye. These are three guys whtrade trade bait, and the pistons also need to decide whether to keep them after this season. So they all need to see the floor. Lots of fans want to see more of some set of Kravtsov, JJ, English, and Middleton. But those guys are all under contract and the pistons can keep them next year. Max, CV, and Daye all need to play now for trade value or “last chance” reasons. 

    I have my complaints (e.g. Starting knight over Stuckey at PG, not playing JJ at all) – but I can see a rational case for most of the decisions they are making. They may even make long term sense (like letting BK learn PG while they will mostly lose anyway). Could it be that the people running the franchise are NOT total morons? 

    • Dec 27, 201211:52 pm
      by rick


      The people running the team ma ynot be morons, but dont assume all us fans are clamoring for the aforementioned Krastov,English, and Middleton to be playing. I think that would be mornic. The OKC blueprint worked for them but that aint working here. You may find a diamond in the rough here and there but to think that every one of those guys(we drafted) will bring something is not really reliable if you ask me. I like the sure thing and many of the Pistons options are far from it. Out of that rookie group you named English would be the exception. The contracts wont prohibit them from doing anything they dont want to.. 

  • Dec 28, 201212:54 am
    by Juan


    Why work @ OKC   here an no the diference it the coaching. He is to put his players in a position to give their best. Singler IMHO is a good to average player in his natural position Sf @ Sg it not in position to be susesfull soner or later he will be frustate and his confience erode. If Frank need a Sg why not tried first a real one give chance to Kim. because is a rookie? Because he need Singler to stretch the floor and cant play Singler  in front of Prince? I like Prince we need Prince but we need more a balanced team. Why the second unit Play better tha the starter it non only for Andre it because it a best balanced unit with two agresive gards and two 3 point shoter that stretch the floor and above the rim finisher and protector that on the coach. He need more character in his decision on who play and when. he is the coach he decide whos best for his team no matter his name or if is a rokie or vet.

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