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Your dose of ‘Everybody Loves Kim English,’ assistant coach edition

It has been a while since we’ve had a chance to sing the praises of lovable Pistons rookie Kim English, what with him disappearing from the rotation despite making 47 percent of his 3-point attempts and playing solid perimeter defense. Thankfully, Detroit Bad Boys writer, friend of PistonPowered and unabashed Kim English fan Sean Corp pointed me to this comment on DBB, which certainly qualifies for our ELKE series:

Hey guys, I was at the game yesterday sitting about 15 rows behind the Pistons bench. There was an awesome sequence I wanted to write about. During crunch time towards the end of the fourth quarter, there was a great play where Monroe left his man and came out to help and whoever the Raptors guard was that was being double teamed passed it to whoever Monroe left and Drummond anticipated this and accordingly rotated and had a very very huge steal that led to our win.

What’s great about this was about 1 minute before this happened, Kim English who was sitting on the floor with Charlie V, randomly got up and went to talk to the coaching staff very animatedly. My friends and I were joking about it. Well, RIGHT after Drummond made this play, Kim English SPRUNG from the floor and literally went and high-fived the coaching staff. He was so excited it was cool to see that whatever he said had an impact on the game.


  • Nov 26, 201210:39 am
    by NickB


    Kim English will be Dumar’s 3rd best draft pick behind Drummond and Moose at this rate. I really wish he’d get some more minutes because he just seems smart. But I suppose that everyone would like to see more of English, just like they’d love to see more Drummond, Kravstov, and Middleton.
    Please Frank, figure it out, we know you can. Play them more!

  • Nov 26, 201211:48 am
    by DreDrum


    FREE English! FIRE Frank”
    This is what the rotation should look like
    Drummond 30 min /Monroe 13 min/Slava 5 min
    Monroe 23 min/Maxiell 25 min
    Prince 28 min /Middleton 15 min
    Singler 30 min/English 15 min
    Knight 33 min /Stuckey 22 min
    DNP: Bynum, Maggette, Daye, Charlie, Jonas

    • Nov 26, 201212:24 pm
      by Justin


      You have singler playing at the 2. Yes, he is playing there now and doing okay, but he would excel much more at the 3. Singler is a 3 playing out of position right now.

    • Nov 26, 201212:46 pm
      by tarsier


      You don’t want JJ playing at all.

      • Nov 26, 201212:47 pm
        by tarsier


        That was supposed to be, “You don’t want JJ playing at all?”

    • Nov 26, 201212:53 pm
      by jake


      lol please don’t advocate firing frank if you can’t even count to 48…

      • Nov 26, 20121:59 pm
        by XstreamINsanity


        Hey, he did alright on two of them.  :)

        • Nov 26, 20124:41 pm
          by tarsier


          I don’t think he was going for 48 with each position (sometimes you have three guards on the floor). But his numbers were a little off in sum. There is one minute of PT remaining for someone.

  • Nov 26, 201212:38 pm
    by 19880607


    I absolutely LOVE this story. Thanks for posting it. Sounds like English needs to skip a (probably) frustrating mediocre NBA playing career and go straight into coaching.

    • Nov 26, 20122:33 pm
      by MIKEYDE248


      When should we start our rant to replace Frank with English?

  • Nov 26, 20121:19 pm
    by Travis


    It’s sad when a rookie bench player can draw up a play better than the head coach. Just sayin’.

  • Nov 26, 20123:37 pm


    English could be a Player Coach!


    But serious the guy was shooting like 6-12 for 3′s in the first 5 or 6 games of the season, was a strong part of the rotation…. Played great defense and hustled … But we bench him to find minutes for maggette ….

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