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Your daily dose of ‘Everybody Loves Kim English’

We’ve written a few times about all of the love for Kim English over the past few months since the Pistons drafted him, and since there is little positive to write about right now, we might as well keep going with it. Here are a couple more reasons showing why he’s so easy to like. Via Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press:

Late in the Pistons’ 108-79 loss to the Lakers, Kim English got tangled with Kobe Bryant and the rookie was whistled for the foul.

Bryant looked at English, patted him on the back and told him to keep playing hard.

And via Steve Finamore, the basketball coach at East Lansing High School (and a great basketball guy to follow if you’re on Twitter):


  • Nov 5, 20125:34 pm
    by DasMark


    I find it odd that a post about Stuckey’s poor shooting has 60+ comments, and this has none. 

    I guess the readers around here naturally gravitate towards the negative.

    This is a fun nugget or trivia. English is going to carve himself a great spot on a roster in a season or two. Hopefully, it will be in Detroit’s starting rotation.  

  • Nov 5, 20128:09 pm
    by ryan


    It is a shame that people here seem to go so negative so quickly. I’m glad Kim English is out there hustling and drawing respect from guys like Kobe Bryant. As for Rodney Stuckey players and teams are going to be up and down it’s natural and I don’t sweat it. Hopefully he’ll bounce back.

    I also hope that Kim English will be there as an effective back up when Rodney needs to sit down. We need his hustle and toughness on the team.

  • Nov 5, 20129:08 pm
    by zdwtr


    The man with the mean looking game face

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