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What do only the Pistons and Thunder have in common?

Just two NBA teams opened this season the same starting lineup they used most last year:

This makes sense. Both these teams were so successful last season, there’s no need to change.

  • Oklahoma City Thunder: 47-19 record, NBA Finals appearance
  • Detroit Pistons: 25-41 record, missed playoffs


Well, at least the Pistons’ starters are younger and therefore have more potential.

  • Oklahoma City Thunder starters’ average age: 25
  • Detroit Pistons’ starters’ average age: 26


Look, I don’t bring this up to say the Pistons keeping their starters the same in necessarily wrong. And it’s worth noting, if not for injuries, other teams – definitely the Memphis Grizzlies – would join this list.

But it’s discouraging how stagnant the Pistons seem. I think we all want to get encouraged about this team, but an 0-5 start from the same starting lineup as last year isn’t going to excite any fans.


  • Nov 8, 201211:05 am
    by Leftos


    We were using Andre Drummond as a starter last year? How the hell did I miss that?

    • Nov 8, 201211:10 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      Dan got a little ahead of himself. Fixed now. Thanks.

    • Nov 8, 201212:43 pm
      by tarsier


      So that’s why everyone expected the Pistons to draft Drummond. It would just be classless to use a guy for a year before he is technically in the league and then fail to actually draft him.

  • Nov 8, 201211:41 am
    by Ozzie-Moto


    As long as we use this same lame, to short, to un-athletic, un-balanced,  can’t shoot,  team as last year we are probably the worst team in the NBA 

  • Nov 8, 201212:36 pm
    by frankie d


    frank coached the same way last year.
    i got hammered for complaining about his reliance on predictable, though limited, scrubs like wilkins, and now that he is doing the same thing.
    it’s easy to see why he likes maxiell.  maxiell, like wilkins last year, will almost always be in the correct position defensively.   he is right where he should be, but the problem is that he cannot defend bigger, faster, quicker players, even if he is in the right position.  just like wilkins.  
    but, when frank looks at tape and the review of each play is done, maxiell will grade out well, because he is where he is supposed to be, even if he is not ultimately effective.
    suddenly, it is becoming crystal clear to most fans just what type of mediocrity frank is, as a coach.
    frank’s record as a coach is what it is: mediocre, at best.  i’m judging the guy on his wins and losses.  and he’s had a long enough career so that it is entirely reasonable to make judgments on his record.
    i’m still waiting for evidence, somewhere, somehow, that he is the good coach that so many pistons’ fans claimed he was when he was hired and as he struggled through his first year.

    • Nov 8, 20121:03 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      I have less problem with him doing it when the ‘prospect’ being held back by Wilkins is a guy who very clearly can’t play in Daye. When it’s Drummond/Maxiell, then criticize away. Drummond should be playing 25-30 minutes per game.

      • Nov 8, 20121:38 pm
        by frankie d


        definitely won’t rehash the whole wilkins/daye thing this year – it’s irrelevant now – but imho, it is the same type of coaching conduct. the same pattern.  
        (by the way, i would have been happy with JJ getting wilkins’ minutes.  my argument was primarily about daye, but any young player, imho, was  much more deserving of the minutes.  i even advocated essentially keeping the spot open and having a running audition where you brought in d-league guys on 10 day contracts to try and find a hidden gem. i just thought that having a guy like wilkins was a horrible waste of a roster and rotation spot for a supposedly rebuilding team.  i’m still waiting for someone to explain the purpose behind  having him on the roster and  playing him 15 minutes a game.)  
        obviously, drummond is a different “prospect” and a stronger argument can be made for drummond, but i just think that frank’s way of handling young players vs. vets has been clearly illustrated both this year and last year.    the issue is simply brought out much more clearly this year with drummond.
        i don’t think drummond should start.  i think it’s best that he come off the bench for a couple of months.  but he needs to play the minutes you indicate regularly.  i’d like to hear frank defend why he cannot play those minutes and why he thinks it’s a bad thing to play monroe and drummond together.

        • Nov 8, 20122:17 pm
          by Edgar


          I agree. It really does seem like Frank’s conservatism as a coach is ingrained into his DNA. It makes sense given how he got started: a veteran-laden, contending NJ team.

        • Nov 8, 20124:28 pm
          by rick


          Nice to see you Frankie (My nemesis)D . I want it to be known that this is why I wanted Woodson as a coach and would have even settled for Kelvin Sampson. Frank does not have a clue and his rotations are garbage. My problem is with Frank and his bonehead decisions in the final quarter. Why would you leave Maxie alone to guard Cousins in crunch time and take Drummond off the floor? He played him from 8:42-7:50 and had Singler,Jerebko,Bynum, Knight and Maxiel, who ended up getting beat on up and under move by Cousins. That was dumb. He does not lead me to believe that he knows what it is he is doing. You telling me we should’nt be 4-1 right now? With better coaching and subbing we are exactly that and maybe more. I mean we could have went into LA 2-0 and who knows. If anyone gives him credit for the better shooting tonight they are delusional because he surely was not getting the blame when they were missing them. The players just made shots and it was left up to him to put them in position to win, and he didn’t. Once again he failed. Im looking at 0-8 after OKC on Tuesday. What a shame. Get this man out of here!!!!! Normally I am patient but when I see the same damn thing over and over again, its get to be a bit redundant. 

          Closing in on that 0-16 record,only 11 more games to go.  

    • Nov 8, 20124:18 pm
      by brgulker


      I agree. Lots of coaches do this to try to win games. But it isn’t winning games so he should scrap the idea.

  • Nov 8, 201212:42 pm
    by tarsier


    So the Pistons are starting Knight, Stuckey, Prince, Maxiell, and Maxiell? I mean, it looked like that until last night given Monroe’s struggles in the first four games. But I don’t think that is quite theoretically possible.

  • Nov 8, 201212:47 pm
    by koz


    These young pistons would respect a guy like Laimbeer more than that nobody Frank. Not disrespecting him as a person but as an NBA player, he hasn’t done it and Laimbeer has. I think that would mean something more to them then Frank offers.

    • Nov 8, 20121:09 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      These young players were barely alive when Laimbeer was playing in the NBA.

      Not saying they necessarily wouldn’t respect him, but playing in the NBA is an overrated quality in a coach. Popovich, Spoelstra, Thibodeau … none of those guys played, and all are very respected. Plenty of good players have become coaches and been disasters at it. 

      • Nov 8, 20123:56 pm
        by Quin


        Spoelstra is respected? Ha. Seriously, though, not at first (or by D-Wade). Spoelstra worked hard to earn his respect. A guy like Woodson, his moustache DEMANDS it. I don’t care what your background is, he looks like your daddy.

        • Nov 8, 20124:16 pm
          by Patrick Hayes


          If Spoelstra wasn’t respected, he would’ve been fired by now considering the expectations that team has. He’s one of the smartest coaches in the league and he has three superstars who buy into what he wants to run offensively and defensively.

          • Nov 8, 20125:00 pm
            by Quin

            He also has “three superstars” who carry the weight of the world on their own shoulders when they lose. Much different than a coach who players look to for guidance and direction. Plus, the respect issues were visible, but the approach of the stars was to work together. I see “buy into what he wants to run” as an understanding of personal responsibility and maturity from the players. A dream situation for a young, intelligent, and talented coach …

  • Nov 8, 201212:56 pm
    by Julien


    What does it take for Greg Monroe to get recognised? Despite the numbers, Pistons fans don’t even think he’s a starter. (I’m kidding, love your work, but look over that list of starters again).

    • Nov 8, 20121:06 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Dang, that’s embarrassing. How many writers does it take to edit a blog post around here? Apparently more than we have on staff.

  • Nov 8, 201212:58 pm
    by koz


    As a follow up about Frank he’s a Virgo. Virgo’s are slaves to order, routine, systems, and a have some degree of perfectionism. Say what you want about astrology, diss it if you must but this is how the man operates whether he’s aware of it or not. This might help explain why he has stuck with the lineup from last year and will probably be very reluctant to stray too far from it in the future. Order makes him feel safe and comfortable, otherwise fear and anxiety set in and cause him too many worries.

    • Nov 8, 20121:05 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Haha … I have to say, this is definitely the most unique analysis in the history of PistonPowered comments.

    • Nov 8, 20121:23 pm
      by frankie d


      lol.  thanks for the astrological analysis.
      i’d argue the same points, though definitely not from that perspective.
      very interesting.

  • Nov 8, 20121:14 pm
    by Dr. D


    There are TWO major reasons why they aren’t starting Drummond:

    1. They have to do it on merit, because this makes the entire team play harder. If it is simply the most talent you get lazy players. If you do it on merit then everyone including vets have to play hard. Sometimes vets get lazy too.

    2. This is all about building Drummonds confidence. Two mistakes coaches make is by not playing young talent at all (i.e. Darko) or playing them too early and dashing their confidence. Drummond is young and his ego is also young. By playing him against other people’s backups it builds him up. 

    This is about making the team better for the long haul. I for one am glad they aren’t forcing anything…we have time. If we don’t make playoffs then we get another young player.         

    • Nov 8, 20122:04 pm
      by Mark


      1. No one on the team plays hard consistently, so that theory doesn’t seem to be working.

      2. Frank has done the exact opposite of building up Drummond’s confidence. You don’t build up confidence by being benched for every little ticky tack mistake. He had confidence in the preseason and should’ve been rewarded with PT for his good play. Thats how you build confidence. Not by taking away PT the better you play.

      3. I applaud your patience, but this is the 4th yr of the rebuild and they appear worse than when they started. I have no more patience. Like Gores said, the only ultimatum is needing to see improvement. If they were steadily improvement, I could be patient with you, but they are regressing, and I’m not interested in waiting through another bad season, just to get another young player who won’t play next year, and repeat the cycle all over again.

      Gores needs to hold true to his word and hold these guys accountable now if they aren’t improvement. 

  • Nov 8, 20121:59 pm
    by T MC


    That’s a silly reason Drummond should be on the 2nd unit.
    Playing against better players makes you better!!
    Him playing starters won’t destroy his confidence. Because it’s not like guys are getting it done and he’s the one holding us back lol.

    You can sometimes tell which bloggers played on a organized sport team by silly theories.

    • Nov 8, 20122:06 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Oh wow, I’m honored to have your keen insight as a famous and accomplished athlete down here.

  • Nov 8, 20122:11 pm
    by Mark


    Its really a joke that the Pistons are the only team besides OKC returning the same starting lineup. If MIA who won the championship can make changes to the starting lineup, how the **** is a lottery team going to say their starting lineup is untouchable??

    It should’ve been changed in the off-season along with the other 28 teams who changed theirs. Did the Pistons not realize that if every other team changes, that our lineup probably won’t work the same as it did last year? Just because this lineup went ,500 for 40 games against last years starting lineups around the league, what does that matter now if every starting lineup is now different?

    And to be 0-5 and still refuse to change it is just unthinkable.

    • Nov 8, 20122:13 pm
      by Mark


      Every other team upgraded their starting lineup in some way. We have the same one that was avg at best to begin with, and they wonder we why we can’t win any games.  

      • Nov 8, 20124:39 pm
        by tarsier


        Every team upgraded their starting lineup? Either the draft must’ve added a ton of talent to the league or there must have been an inconceivable amount sitting on the bench last season.

        So tell me this: how did Orlando improve it’s starting lineup? Atlanta? Phoenix? Philly? Dallas?  

      • Nov 8, 20124:40 pm
        by tarsier


        Change is not always improvement. That said, yes, the Pistons should use a different starting 5.

  • Nov 8, 20123:10 pm
    by Big Rick


    Yes, George Blaha was amped up last night after JJ got elbowed. Hilarious! It came as a shocker becuase he rarely if ever loses his cool. Blaha is a class act.

    Is it just me but does anyone else notice that “Greedy” Greg Monroe is doing a lot of whining and complaining to the officials? I know he gets a lot of contact down low but sometimes just shut up and play ball. Last night it got so bad (whining) that he actually took himself out of the play and had our defense at a disadvantage. Like we really need that. That being said I am a Monroe fan and a Pistons’ fan, but I just wish he would toughen up just a little bit. I’m not asking him to transform into Rick Mahorn, but take some pointers. lol

  • Nov 8, 20124:09 pm
    by Quin


    I just realized something.  What if Frank has personal issues.
    (In my Richard Castle writer/detective voice)
    “He was given loads of responsibility at a young age … All seemed to be going well … But suddenly, he found himself horribly overwhelmed and was forced to “sit the bench” as an assistant. Now, given a miraculous second chance, he’s using his position to ensure the same doesn’t happen to anyone under his tutelage. Never again … not if he can help it.”

  • Nov 8, 20129:01 pm
    by domnick


    5-game losses… still an egg… hopefully we can steal some thunder and get a win…

    do you think coach frank sensed the urgency? we need to adjust obviously but what he said about last night is defensive commitment… they will do that and i feel that next month is gonna be a good record…

    i’m still positive about this… 77 games left!

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