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Video: Thomas Robinson elbows Jonas Jerebko’s head, gets ejected

Hat tip: Reaction


  • Nov 8, 20121:40 am
    by chris



  • Nov 8, 20122:09 am
    by Mel


    I’m born and raised in the “D”, What pissed me off about this is that the team didn’t take it upon themselves to win that game for Jonas. The kid put his heart out there every night. We schooled Sac-town in Sac-town last year. We have better talent this year just not being used properly that’s all. Pistons history will tell you this would not have happened with out a fight of some kind either with fist or by winning the game. Then after getting your butts kicked you want to go hug and be boys. Naw Bra it’s personal now and when you come to our place you’re going to know about it. We need a hard nose coach like Chuck Daly, and Larry Brown who instilled toughness. I’m just saying.

  • Nov 8, 201211:27 am
    by Reaction


    No problem :) 

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