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Video: Andre Drummond hits a 3-pointer against the Denver Nuggets

Just when you thought Andre Drummond is only about flashy dunks, blocks and rebounds, he showed off a little more in his repertoire in the first half against Denver Tuesday with the shock clock running down. He might already be a more reliable 3-point shooter than a couple of Detroit’s guards who shall remain nameless.


  • Nov 7, 201212:21 am
    by Anthony


    Well, now theres REALLY no reason for villanueva and daye.. lol. we’ll just have Drummond shoot threes haha.

  • Nov 7, 20123:34 am
    by gmehl


    Maybe he should shoot his freethrows from there :-)

  • Nov 7, 20128:04 am
    by Vic


    I like how he plays with confidence even though he has a short hook 

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