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Video: Andre Drummond getting back to his forte, throwing down a lob against the Denver Nuggets

Andre Drummond surprisingly hit a 3-pointer agains the Denver Nuggets. But he also had a more Drummond-style first half highlight as well, finishing this lob pass from Will Bynum, who continues to be great at looking for and finding Drummond when they’re in the game together.

Hat tip to YouTube user GrantHill for getting these videos up so quickly.


  • Nov 6, 201211:55 pm
    by jacob


    This man-child needs 30 minutes a night.

    • Nov 7, 201212:23 am
      by Jay


      I don’t know about that. Don’t be fooled by his highlight plays. He looked very lost on defense many times..but then again, so did all the pistons. Jerebko and Max had better games than him and have been playing much better than Drummond.

  • Nov 7, 20126:07 am
    by Roit


    He needs 30mins per game!

  • Nov 7, 20128:07 am
    by Vic


    25-30 mins a game

  • Nov 7, 201210:20 am
    by tarsier


    So why is no other Piston looking to hook up with Drummond for such easy baskets?

  • Nov 7, 201210:21 am
    by swish22


    He should be starting period!!!  after watching the lack of talent on this squad. This would also take some pressure off Monroe if he were playing alongside JJ and Andre.  Prince needs to come off the bench or be traded.  A few other thoughts,  Hard to expect Knight to have much success playing alongside Rodney Stuckey.   Stuckey’s game has obviously peaked and is now tailing off!!   Like many of us have reiterated He is just an average/below average guard in this league with ZERO upside!!! He should have been moved when they had a chance to move him.    Charlie V-  are you kidding me, hes only on the roster because Joe D won’t admit he made another mistake!!!!     Time to go JOE!!!!!  Take Charlie V, the princess and Stuck with Rodney with you!!   GEEESHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!     This IS the worst starting 5 in the league right now!!    Our only hopes lie with Drummond, Monroe, Singler, JJ, Knight and English   If you were the coach what would you do with the starting lineup!!   When is the draft and who will be our next GM are the main questions that need to be answered.  

  • Nov 7, 201210:46 am
    by tarsier


    So tonight, for the first time all season, Detroit will play against a team that has won a game. How crazy is that?!?!! The Pistons have given four different teams their first win of the season. And, to date, it has given all of them save Houston their only win. I mean, I know we are only 4 games/1 week into the season, but still, that has to be pushing for some sort of record of futility against teams that can’t beat anyone else.

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