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Two ESPN writers pick Andre Drummond for Rookie of Year

Henry Abbott and Scoop Jackson picked Andre Drummond for Rookie of the Year in a panel of 35 ESPN experts.

Of course, Anthony Davis received a majority of the votes, but Damian Lillard was the only other rookie to get more votes than Drummond.


  • Nov 1, 201211:16 am
    by Pratik


    This can only happen if he gets to play more then 12 minutes a game. Was really disappointed by the coaching staff in the season opener. Everyone is blaming the players and execution, but hey it’s the first game, everyone was nervous and anxious to perform. You can see that the Pistons wanted this game badly. They had a 11 point lead, that’s where the coach needs to make timeouts when the other team makes a run, and get in the head of his players. 

    But again, I’m sure it’s a learning process for even Lawrence Frank, will be interesting how he’s going to use his rotations on this 6 game west road trip. Great experience for everyone. Pistons need to make a statement and come out of this road trip with a winning record. 

    • Nov 1, 201211:27 am
      by Vic


      Agreed. That’s the only way for the coaches to redeem themselves after giving away the game last night.
       Point blank – if Drummond plays the 4th quarter, we win. Maxiell has always been great in short bursts, that all fine and good. But Drummond and Monroe are the Pistons only competitive advantage. Your not going to win if you don’t feed the Beast and the Monster. 

      • Nov 1, 201211:32 am
        by Patrick Hayes


        “ if Drummond plays the 4th quarter, we win. ”

        How so? I mean, was he going to guard Delfino? He was overall not good last night in the minutes he did play. I want him to get big minutes as much as anyone, but I don’t see how Drummond playing or not playing in the fourth had any impact on that particular game. The Pistons lost their lead because their guards got abused by Harden/Lin/Delfino. Maybe more minutes from Drummond would’ve prevented them from getting in the paint so much, but the bigger problem was the good ball movement and open perimeter shots. 

  • Nov 1, 201211:56 am
    by Vic


    Protecting the paint from drives makes it easier to protect the perimeter. Drummond is bigger, longer, quicker, with great foot speed. 
    it’s harder to hit 3s when you can’t threaten the paint. That’s why they were alternating between layups and 3 pointers. Plus taking the paint away makes the perimeter defenders stay closer to their man, they are not afraid of being blown by.
    1 simple change, the game is totally different…Instead we teach Drummond a lesson while we lose. 

  • Nov 1, 201212:05 pm
    by Gregoire


    The Main Problem is that Coach Frank reacts to the playing style of the other Team instead of playing his Style…if the Rockets go small why do the Üistons go small too? He should´ve gone Big, because thats what the Pistons want to do, at least the accuisition of two virtually 7-footers admits this…you have to get your opponent to adopt to your playingstyle! Just because the Lakers play two 7-footers the Heat won´t react by puuting two bigs out there and moving LeBron to Small Forward…they stay on their course, play LeBron at Power Forward and plsy at their strengths instead of trying to match with the strengths of the other Team…

    • Nov 1, 201212:25 pm
      by Vic


      Right… It’s like their playing chess For intellectual strategy lessons instead of playing to win. Teach all you want at practice. Win the games. If you have a competitive advantage, you use it to win, period. It’s not like Drummond is slow and can’t run with small ball lineups.

  • Nov 1, 201212:30 pm
    by Vic


    Plus, when you don’t play your best players and coach to teach instead of to win, the players know it. Even if they don’t say anything, it changes how they play and their motivation. Watch the energy of the team change when Drummond and Monroe play together.

  • Nov 2, 201212:28 am
    by tarsier


    I’m surprised nobody chose Valanciunas.

  • Nov 2, 20122:55 pm
    by frankie d


    i am going on the record right now to say that damian lilliard will win the award.
    point guards always have the advantage because they have the ball in their hands so much.
    and lilliard is good
    saw him dismantle the lakers with a double double and he made nash look older than he usually does.  no one else could keep up with him, either.
    i’ll go out on a limb and say that he is better prepared for the nba than derrick rose was when rose came into the league.
    he is almost exactly the same size, he’s a much, much better shooter and he sees the floor much better than rose does.  (if you look at their respective combine numbers, they are eerily similar.)  even now, rose gets tunnel vision on the hoop when he drives and lilliard does not have that problem.
    not saying, mind you, that lilliard will be as good or better than rose, just that he has plenty of the same skills and talents and that he has one big one – his 3 point shooting – that rose cannot match, even today.
    as a pistons’ fan living in blazerland, i have to say that i’m excited about being able to watch a young guy who has a chance to be really special. 

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