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Tom Gores says he’s ‘impatient’

Pistons owner Tom Gores:

"Joe’s building a team. Lawrence is coaching a team, and I have to be the impatient owner that wants to deliver a championship here. I came here to win.  I’m a now person.”

The sentiment is probably accurate, but I think to a degree, Gores is just trying to set a tone more than he is actually impatient. Take his latest thoughts on his playoff decree, via Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

"There’s no ultimatum that says if you don’t make the playoffs, you are gone," Gores said. "We don’t work that way. The ultimatum is we have to get better."

There are truly impatient owners in sports, owners who interfere with short-term fixes at the expense of quality long-term plans. I hope Gores isn’t one of those, and there isn’t serious indication that he is.


  • Nov 1, 201212:55 pm
    by Domnick


    if he’s impatient then he has to spend more money to sign better players…

    • Nov 1, 20121:02 pm
      by Dre


      Right..open up that check book and sign good players and release or trade some of these bums on the team LIKE Charlie, Daye, Prince and Stuckey

  • Nov 1, 20121:04 pm
    by Dre


    He keep this roster this year the will probably win 30 games at most

  • Nov 1, 20121:45 pm
    by Otis


    Here’s what I think. You have a decent collection of young, inexpensive talent in Monroe, Knight, Drummond, Jerebko, Singler, English, etc. This would be a great team to surround a legitimate All-Star caliber player with (not talking about Greg Monroe here) maybe a big, well-rounded shooting guard who can actually shoot. But you’re not maximizing that flexibility by having guys like Tayshaun and Villanueva and even Rip still on the books at like $24M, or almost half the salary cap.

    With that core, you have miscellaneous pieces you can actually do something with: Tayshaun (who may be of value to a team like the Lakers who have stumbled out of the gate and would maybe ship us World Peace and picks); Stuckey (who could stick around with that core and be the Microwave and never make more than $10M/yr); Maxiell (who could definitely help basically any contending team as a third or fourth big and would be worth a late first rounder). I don’t even feel like discussing Maggette says a lot, but if they actually played him (which I hope they don’t) and established value he might fetch something (but they’d never trade him anyways, like they didn’t trade T-Mac, Tayshaun at previous deadlines).

    Starting next season they get all that cap space from the trade where they sold off our first round pick, but no sane person thinks we’re going to lure one of the four or five marquee free agents who are left, so you’re going to have to make some trades to use that space, and those trades may as well happen mid-season. There’s no reason they can’t. And if Joe Dumars can’t use that flexibility and his current assets to make a truly exciting team poised to threaten in the East, he needs to go. For real.

    • Nov 1, 20122:07 pm
      by frankie d


      very nice analysis and one i’d basically agree with.  
      i do think, however, that a true point guard would be a more important addition.  scoring wings, while necessary are probably the easiest cog in a very good team.  and if you don’t have that one guy – a ginobli, a wade – you can always use a couple of players to fill that role, like dallas did when jason terry filled that role off the bench.
      i really like knight and think that he can still develop into a very good guard, but i am slowly starting to believe that his best position might ultimately be as a 3rd guard, like terry, a guy who can play both positions.
      (unfortunately, stuckey is the same type of player, imho.)
      but i do agree that he needs to take all of those vets, move them to other teams for picks and expiring contracts, and throw the young guys out there.  
      when the young players were on the court last night, you could see the pace and the energy and the movement pick up noticably.  and then tay and max would come back out on the floor and things would slow back down.  if the team is going to make any movement forward, it will be because those young players step up and push the team forward.  this is one fan that frank actually allows them to do so and that dumars is smart enough to allow the old guys to be be pushed right out of town.

      • Nov 1, 20122:10 pm
        by frankie d


        my post should have read that “this is one fan who hopes that frank actually allows …”

      • Nov 1, 20122:27 pm
        by swish22


        Agree with both of you guys.  Very difficult to get excited watching the same veterans that uninspired me last year!!   Pulling a trade off with Prince should be right there for the making.  Oklahoma City would probably take Prince for the championship run and they have  picks to work with!!  C’MON MAN!!!!!     Somebody do something!!!    Couple more thoughts.  WHY is Charlie V still wearing a pistons jersey!!! Austin Daye!!   C’MON MAN!!!!       Watching the D last night made me think some of these guys are sporting medical marijuana cards in Michigan!!!  C’MON MAN!!!

        • Nov 1, 20126:13 pm
          by Desolation Row


          Whoa, whoa… let’s not jump to conclusions and blame medical marijuana for the subpar D.

          Although it may be the cure to improving Daye’s appetite and, therefore, weight problems….

          • Nov 1, 20126:38 pm
            by frankie d

            slightly off-topic, but the pistons could use a true point guard, maybe even a young one.
            just saw lilliard go off against the lakers last night.  something like 22 points, 11 assists.  he looked like derrick rose with a real outside shot.
            boy, the pistons could use a guy with his point guard mentality. 

  • Nov 1, 20121:46 pm
    by Jodi Jezz


    If he’s impatient he needs to allow Dumars to make trades for quality players!..

  • Nov 1, 20122:18 pm
    by Mark


    I think if you read into Gore’s last quote, he’s basically saying if they don’t improve this year then he may make changes.

    By saying the ultimatum is to get better, thats another way of saying I want to see improvement this year or else.

    • Nov 1, 20122:21 pm
      by Mark


      In other words, it may not be playoffs or else, but if we have a similar season as last, then thats not going to be acceptable.

      Frank’s last 2 seasons as a HC his teams started out 0-16 and 4-20. If he gets off to another start like that again this year, which is very possible given the schedule, he might not be around mid-season to start Drummond he is waiting for. 

      • Nov 1, 20122:21 pm
        by Mark


        *like he is waiting for

      • Nov 1, 20122:31 pm
        by vic


        wow I never connected that. Like I said in another post it seems like he hasn’t struck the balance between coaching to teach and coaching to win.

        As a coach you have to teach in practice, but execute to win the games with your most talented players, not your most studious teacher’s pets.

        We can’t afford half a season of losing before we get it together by fielding the most athletic and talented players on the court.

        Last year you pair Monroe with an athletic big man, and all the sudden we’re .500. This year you have an athletic and super talented big man to pair him with. Its an upgrade, use it! Don’t out coach yourself and lose the game. 

  • Nov 1, 20122:26 pm
    by RationalSportsFan


    Gores is one button away from respectability.  I’d like to see less of my billionaire owner’s chest.

    • Nov 1, 20122:33 pm
      by Patrick Hayes



    • Nov 1, 20126:43 pm
      by bvpiston


      The way I see it, he can leave that button alone if he makes this team into a playoff team. Hell, if he makes us into a championship contender, he can wear a tank-top for all I care.

  • Nov 1, 20122:45 pm
    by kingdetroit


    If we can sign Josh Smith in free agency, I think that’ll be the perfect fit for the Pistons (having Josh Smith playing SF)

    • Nov 1, 20124:56 pm
      by Jodi Jezz


      I wouldn’t mind that…We also need a SG that knock down a jump shot…

    • Nov 1, 20125:17 pm
      by Chris N


      I don’t think the Pistons are going to strike it rich in free agency next year, simply because the guys worth a max contract are going to stay put and the ones that aren’t won’t be worth getting into a bidding war for.

      But, depending on how the season shakes out, there’s probably going to be at least one or two teams looking at having a fire sale before season’s end.  A team like the Nets or the Knicks that has a high payroll, older players and are an injury or two away from having a roster that doesn’t work and completely inflexible cap space.  I think that’s where interesting deals are going to take place.

      As the salary cap penalties are so much more punitive than they’ve been in years past, teams looking at being in luxury tax realm are probably going to look at making deals that they probably wouldn’t have made a couple of years ago. 

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