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Thomas Robinson suspended two games for elbowing Jonas Jerebko; says “I’m not that type of person”

The NBA suspended Kings rookie Thomas Robinson two games for his flagrant foul elbow to the neck of Jonas Jerebko in Wednesday’s game. Robinson already apologized via his Twitter account, but he also talked to Jonathan Santiago of Cowbell Kingdom and was very apologetic:

I feel pretty bad today. I feel worst today after the aftermath. You know I knew I was wrong. So as a man, I have to take responsibility with that and I’ll take my consequences and move on. And hopefully this doesn’t stick with me because I’m not that type of person. I’m not a bad kid, you know I just made a mistake and it won’t happen again.

It’s important to note that everything we know about Robinson should back that up — he has an incredibly tragic back story and is one of the easier guys to root for in the league.


  • Nov 8, 20129:24 pm
    by Reaction


    Yeah I am still a huge fan of him and hope he + Cousins can have a huge rivalry with Monroe + Drummond in the future. 

  • Nov 8, 20129:39 pm
    by gmehl


    That kind of stuff happens on the court and sometimes the adrenaline/frustrations take over but it would of been nice to see Robinson see if Jerebko was ok  straight after he did it. As the old saying goes ‘you reach…i teach’ :-)

  • Nov 8, 201210:05 pm
    by dvs33


    any response from jonas??
    Jonas was grabbing him, but that elbow wasn’t called for. it wasn’t pretty, but i guess these things happen.
    Jonas was a warrior in that game. First his eye then this. He’s been good so far.

    • Nov 9, 20129:22 am
      by Scott Free


      Jonas said it was just a basketball play.  I don’t think if phased him very much.

  • Nov 9, 20123:35 am
    by Tiko


    I’ve been a fan of T. Rob since I first heard of who he was last year and while that elbow was pretty vicious, my perception of him hasn’t changed.  Clearly out of character.

  • Nov 9, 20128:02 am
    by Alejandro


    Have to agree with the posts. Won’t pass judgement on a kid based on one play in the heat of the moment. He sounds genuine in his response and it sounds like he knows he messed up.

  • Nov 9, 20129:37 am
    by John V


    He didn’t apologize to Jonas and said he feels really bad now that he is suspended…

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