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Thomas Robinson apologizes for elbow to head of Jonas Jerebko

Thomas Robinson’s unprovoked elbow to the head of Jonas Jerebko last night resulted in an ejection, a likely fine and possibly a suspension, depending on how the league reacts. It also sounded like George Blaha was ready to jump over the announce table and go after Robinson — ‘GET HIM OUTTA HERE!’ was my favorite part of Blaha’s rage.

Robinson, to his credit, I guess, apologized on Twitter:

Apologize for my actions mistakes happen I take full responsibility lost my cool will never happen again!

As Dan mentioned in the recap, Jerebko took a beating last night and just kept playing.


  • Nov 8, 201210:40 am
    by Derek


    Taking to social media to apologize to fans as opposed to going to and addressing the one you wronged, is not much of an apology.  What fans?  Your a rookie who has had a forgettable start to the season.  How is it you have fans?

    Anyway, I would have more respect for him if he didn’t apologize to one at all, just tried to stay thugged out (sarcasm).

    JJ was a constant flurry of activity, he got under Robinson’s skin so dude popped him in the throat.

    I miss the days when if you did that to a Piston, you could expect to get floored or one of your teammates got floored.  Meh.

    Kudos to JJ for being one of the few bright spots on the team.

    • Nov 8, 201212:48 pm
      by tarsier


      I’m sure he has a lot of fans in Kansas. And he probably has Sacramento fans much like Drummond has Detroit fans. And Drummond’s start to a rookie season has been beyond forgettable. More like forgotten (by his coach).

  • Nov 8, 201211:26 am
    by frankie d


    jj takes a lickin and keeps on tickin.  
    someone else, i think it was johnson, had poked him in the eye a few minutes prior.  you just know opponents hate being shown up by a guy who never stops.  rodman was the same way.  and like rodman, jj just shrugs it off and keeps doing his thing.
    immediately before robinson popped him, jj had made a sneaky little veteran move where he subtly grabbed him around the waist to get into better rebounding position.  you could only see that jj did it on a certain angle of the replay.  it irritated the heck out of robinson and he jerked back with that elbow.  
    now, if jj could just see 30 minutes a game, who knows how effective he could be.  and i’d love to see him using his size and length and quickness to dominate small forwards.  what a shame the coach is so wedded to tay.
    btw, i was watching the kings’ broadcast, and you have to credit them for immediately slamming robinson and not trying to sugarcoat what he did.  they immediately described it as an heinous offense that would should get him ejected and that should lead to  him missing the next game.  very, very professional and somewhat surprising for them to be so hard – though accurate – on one of their own guys.  especially their brand new lottery pick.

  • Nov 8, 201211:39 am
    by Matt


    Was it just me or did it look like JJ gave Robinson a very quick kidney tap (it wasn’t really a punch) right before Robinson elbowed him?

    Obviously, even if JJ did hit him, it didn’t deserve an elbow to the chops, but I don’t think that Robinson was completely unprovoked there.

    Also, I can’t be the only Pistons fan who was a little embarassed at how over-the-top Blaha was acting. It almost felt like I was listening to Tommy Heinsohn for a couple of minutes (and that is NOT a compliment).

    • Nov 8, 201212:10 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      I think Jerebko is most definitely an irritating player to opponents who picks his spots to get in little shots, and you’re right, he was clearly messing with Robinson a bit there.

      And yeah, Blaha sounded like a maniac. 

      • Nov 8, 20125:00 pm
        by bvpiston


        I love JJ, he always lays it all on the line. I feel kind of sad for Robinson though, he’s a young dude taking care of his little sister…he’s got a lot on his plate. But, you can’t do that!
        It would have been nice to see a reaction from our guys because that was a cheap shot. But in the end it’s better this way, we get to avoid any future suspensions. I loved how Frank jumped off the bench and headed straight for JJ. This guy cares, I really hope he puts it together and coaches better, because I like him as a person, he’s a class act.
        Patrick, is there any audio or video of Blaha going off? That’s something I gotta hear.

  • Nov 8, 201212:38 pm
    by MNM


    twitter apologies are very lame.

  • Nov 8, 201212:47 pm
    by frankie d


    as a pistons’ fan living in portland, i only get the pistons’ feed maybe…1/3 of the time.  most often, for whatever reason, the feed i get for games features the broadcast team from the opponent.  have to say that i much prefer that to listening to blaha.  while i appreciate kelser’s calm presence, blaha is an embarrassment.  unlike the kings’ announcers, i cannot imagine blaha taking a piston to task for doing what robinson did.  if, say, drummond had committed the same foul, i doubt that blaha would have made any comment on it.  to the kings credit, they’ve at least put a professional pair of broadcasters in their booth.

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