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Talking Pistons with Portland Roundball Society

If you’re looking for some pregame listening before tonight’s Trail Blazers-Pistons game and don’t mind listening to my cold-ravaged voice, Sean Highkin of Portland Roundball Society and Hardwood Paroxysm was kind enough to have me on his Podcast.

We talk about whether Lawrence Frank is the next Rick Carlisle, Jason Maxiell‘s career-season, Charlie Villanueva breaking out of his slump and whether Austin Daye can earn some minutes at small forward. Just kidding. It’s mostly just talking about how crazy it is that Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe can’t get minutes together. Sean is as confused as we all are.


  • Nov 26, 20125:42 pm


    I was ready to say “Next Coach Carlisle” wouldn’t you have to be respected by your peers to start with?

  • Nov 26, 20126:18 pm
    by Jodi Jezz


    Dumars wanted Woodson, Gores wanted Frank…The coaching issue isn’t on Dumars…

    • Nov 26, 20126:46 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Source? There is zero evidence, other than your always reputable opinion, to support this.

      • Nov 26, 201210:29 pm
        by Jodi Jezz


        But my so called “opinion” is always true…Let me guess, you got your evidence from the media…

        • Nov 27, 201211:17 am
          by tarsier


          “But my so called “opinion” is always true…”

          That’s why BG and CV returned this team to contention.

          “Let me guess, you got your evidence from the media…”

          Where else do you get evidence from? Watching games? That’s media, unless you can afford to go attend them all (and that would still only give you half of the Pistons games). Box scores and recaps? That’s media. Analysis from those whose very job is to give good analyses? Media again. Heck, how do you even know who is on the team? The freaking media!!! So tell me, oh self-proclaimed great and wise Jodi, where the heck do you get any information?

  • Nov 26, 20127:00 pm
    by Scott Free


    Woof that was depressing.

  • Nov 26, 20127:27 pm
    by ZekeKhaseli


    Thanks Patrick. I can understand the situation with Joe Dumars and Frank much clearer now. It’s good being realistic but I cant stop venting my heated opinion about Frank on this board. Clearly Frank is just a mediocre coach, but Dumars has to be put to trial as well for all the mistakes after the championship year. It’s a mess :(

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