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Struggling Jonas Jerebko, Will Bynum could both lose rotation spots

Charlie Villanueva used his minutes in a blowout loss to the Knicks Sunday productively, and that performance gave him another crack at the backup power forward minutes against Portland. Villanueva once again took advantage and played well.

With Jonas Jerebko struggling since early November, it looks like that backup spot is now Villanueva’s to lose, reports MLive’s David Mayo:

“We’ll continue to look, barring (mismatched) matchups, at playing Andre and Greg together,” Frank said.  “You’ve got to look early.  And then, when we have to get Greg out, we’ll sub Charlie in for Greg and keep Andre in.  This is all, again, based on performance, foul trouble, all the other variables that come into play.”

I would much prefer that those minutes Villanueva is getting go to one of the team’s young players, but if Villanueva joining the rotation means Drummond and Monroe play together more, as Frank is suggesting, that’s fine with me.

Jerebko is not the only player in danger of falling out of the rotation, however. Mayo also reported that Will Bynum could be losing backup point guard minutes to Rodney Stuckey, who played well in that role against Portland:

“Yeah, we’ll look at it,” Frank said, when asked directly if Stuckey is his backup point guard.  “Will has obviously been playing those spots but just trying to find minutes for Rodney on the floor, whether it’s at point or two, whatever we need to do, and we just kind of read the game and see who’s playing well.  And if you’re playing well, you get more minutes.  If you’re struggling, then you don’t.”

You probably won’t find a bigger Bynum fan anywhere on these internets than I am, but as Sean Corp of Detroit Bad Boys ably pointed out, dude is struggling this season.

The Pistons are at a point that any veteran player with no long-term future here losing minutes to younger players is a positive. Of course, that’s not exactly what is happening here yet — Jerebko and Bynum out of the rotation seem to be just opening up opportunities for two more veterans with no real future in Detroit, Villanueva and Maggette, to get playing time. The preference would obviously be to bench under-performing veterans in favor of guys like Kim English, Khris Middleton and Slava Kravtsov, all of whom have received scant playing time this season. But considering how hesitant Frank seemed to make changes to his rotation, I guess any change is a good change for now.


  • Nov 27, 20129:32 am
    by Vic


    I’m not worried about Jerebko because Maggette will be gone next year. JJ is not a 4 at all.  For nowthurlow 2nd unit should be Stuck Kim JJ CV Drummond… But like you said half the change is better than no change

  • Nov 27, 20129:34 am
    by Crispus


    They have a future if they gain trade value!

  • Nov 27, 20129:42 am
    by DasMark


    Singler knocking down shots, and rebounding and playing defense really squeezes Frank to find time for Stuckey, Bynum and English in the back court. The only part I care about is that English isn’t getting enough minutes. I’d like to see him get a game where Frank plays him 20 minutes or so, just to see what kind of impact he or can’t give you. 

    Stuckey and Bynum? I could care less. They’re dead to me.  

  • Nov 27, 20129:42 am
    by tarsier


    I would be shocked if CV can keep up even this mediocre level of play. Two games does not turn over 3 years of evidence.

    • Nov 27, 201210:12 am
      by labatts


      That’s what I was thinking last night.  Congrats, CV!  You just proved that you can (sometimes) provide a couple of productive minutes off the bench.

    • Nov 27, 20126:13 pm
      by Tyrone


      Again, CV played a good game so we should give him his props when earned.  I have said many times there is no reason why CV can not come off the bench and give up 10 -15 points per game.  We need his scoring ability.  I also must say that Stuckey found his legs in the second half and played good.  

      Knight, Singler, and Monroe all played good games.  Tay and Max played good and they let the young bucks step up and shine.  I like how we have competed in the last few games.

      • Nov 27, 20126:43 pm
        by andyf


        ” I have said many times there is no reason why CV can not come off the bench and give up 10 -15 points per game”
        He always “gives up” 10-15 points a game.  That’s why he’s at the end of the bench!

  • Nov 27, 20129:52 am
    by Scott Free


    And I thought Frank said players don’t lose their spot, other players earn it.  2 games is a pretty small sample size to suggest CV31 is doing anything more than benefitting from his lineup.

    With all the focus on Andre Drummond’s declining minutes, Jerebko’s mishandling has gone unnoticed.  We’ve all watched what Jonas can do for years.  He’s a hustle player that plays the passing lanes, makes steals, gets rebounds, and is quick with the putback… (a perfect backup to the methodical and lethargic Prince), and he has just reliable enough of a long midrange jumper to keep defenses honest.  

    Being typecast as a stretch 4, Jerebko has been forced away from the basket and limited to only hoisting 3′s (which sounds a lot more like a job for CV) on offense, and displaying his limitations with man-defense when isolated against bigger/stronger PFs on defense.  Jerebko was thrust into a no-win scenario (and of course Charlie Villanueva was there to benefit).

    Not to mention, with the author’s favorite point guard Bynum on the floor, Jerebko has been forced to create his own shot.  (Btw whats with all the fans clamoring for a “REAL POINT GUARD” with Knight?  He’s averaging the most assists of anyone under 22, while Bynum forgot how to distribute the ball after preseason)



    • Nov 27, 201210:17 am
      by labatts


      Last night gave me hope for Knight, and I hope it continues.  Having said that, he had 2 assists and 5 turnovers.  I know that great point guards are hard to find, but surely at least asking for a decent assist to turnover ratio is in order.

      • Nov 27, 201211:34 am
        by Scott Free


        He’s averaging more assists per game than Kyrie Irving this year (with fewer finishers).  He’s a Sophomore point guard trying to find balance between helping his teammates and finding quality looks himself… not an undersized shooting guard.

      • Nov 27, 201211:38 am
        by I HATE FRANK


        Im ready to go in HOMER MODE!

        he had only 2 ast…but he made several great Hockey Ast that led to easy scores….

        5 turnovers….isnt good…BUT 3 came in the first quarter and you can argue one of those wasnt even his fault….

        His next turnover doesnt come until they were up 15 pts at around 6 minute mark, when the pass was too low for Greg…and then last one probably should have been Maxiel turnover..when they pressed and trapped Knight and he passed it to Maxiell who wasnt ready for the pass…and that was at the 1 minute mark….

        So from the final 2 minutes of the 1qrt to the final 6 minutes of the 4th qrt:

        *He had NO Turnovers
        *Shut Down Lillard/outplayed Lillard
        *Scored 20pts
        *Shot better than 50% most of the game
        *Had 6rebs

  • Nov 27, 201211:47 am
    by Delray313


    Great lineup adjustment it works better with Cv because his 3 point shoot opens the lanes for a man like stuckey, maggette can go away he sucks now more than ever. Knight plays a whole lot better without stuckey, and bynum should be out the rotation i prefer stuck over him. we need to make a trade i think prince is playing good but he slows us down sometimes.

  • Nov 27, 201211:48 am
    by mixmasta


    Just happy to see our Big 3 (Moose, AD, and BK7) start to figure their roles out. Let’s support them more.

    • Nov 27, 201211:51 am
      by I HATE FRANK


      and singler…Some people had no expectation for him..but I know that the year previous to us Drafting him he was considered a lottery pick

      • Nov 27, 20125:01 pm
        by mixmasta


        I forgot how Kyle just blends through any set of players on the floor.
        Then we just need a good SG or SF that can create his own shot, Shabazz Muhammad perhaps?

  • Nov 27, 201212:10 pm
    by RalphHau


    I believe Coach Frank is justified for taking Bynum out of the rotation because the number of turnovers.  Jerebko however is definitely playing out of position.  I believe he would have shined last night with the quick pace offense.  The Pistons are going nowhere walking the ball up!

  • Nov 27, 201212:51 pm
    by apa8ren9


    Let me see if I can understand this “big picture” Frank has created.  You’ve sacrificed 11 games or 1/10th of the season to come to understand that you need to sit Will bynum and play monroe and Drummond together more???  Duhh!! 
    At the same time, Stuckey convinces you to make a change in the rotation with Singler that you would have wasted more games with since Stuckey wasnt playing well.  And also at the same time you have wasted Jerebko’s talent because you cannot devise a scheme that allows him to play backup 3 and take the 12-15 minutes a game there and spot him occasionally at the 4. (cause your game management sucks).   The trial time for any player in the rotation should be 5 games not 10 or 11 and 5 is too generous.   Im glad you are making these changes Frank but lets get on the ball a little quicker here.  The playoffs were a stretch to begin with but now that you blew that out of the water right away, do what needs to be done.

  • Nov 27, 201212:57 pm
    by dtmfr


    Drummond’s back to back 1 for 6′s have put a temporary end to the “Drummond’s minutes” articles. THANK GOD!!!

    CV has remembered how to play again. I’m very happy for him.  Knight and Stuckey have been very solid of late as well. 

    • Nov 27, 20121:50 pm
      by Vic


      All that means is that they have been successful in making him timid and over analytical on offense. I knew this was going to happen if they Kept treating him like a retard and not making him a part of the offense.
      But his real value is on defense anyway, and he still shines there, so I’m not worried about a little offensive slump, he still deserves more minutes! 

      • Nov 27, 20122:28 pm
        by dtmfr


        He’s 19.  Don’t put wear on the tire treads when you don’t need to.  He doesn’t look timid or like he is over-analyzing anything. 2 of 12 means nothing.  But it has stopped Dan and Patrick from writing another “Dummond minutes”article which nobody is interested in (at least for now).

        • Nov 27, 20122:29 pm
          by Patrick Hayes


          “But it has stopped Dan and Patrick from writing another “Dummond minutes”article which nobody is interested in (at least for now).”

          Haha … the page views say differently, my friend. 

    • Nov 27, 20122:49 pm
      by Scott Free


      Yeah because getting CV involved is more crucial to the teams success than Drummond.

    • Nov 27, 20123:28 pm
      by I HATE FRANK


      im not worried about his offense…

      last 3 games….30 rebs and 15 of those OFFENSIVE REBOUNDS…5blks and 3stls…. the kid is a monster on the boards and he does it in under 20 minutes most games….

  • Nov 27, 20124:29 pm
    by jerrific


    i already said this in another thread, but i just don’t understand why jj didn’t get a fair shake as the backup sf/sg. he could produce at least as effective as maggete, if not more so. 

    • Nov 28, 20124:19 am
      by gmehl


      No one probably responded because you called Jerebko a SF/SG. Seriously if you think Jerebko is a SG then you should go see a doctor right now.

  • Jan 7, 20134:30 am
    by Lincon


    For real put Jerebko in the rotation, hes been hurt last year and now you put the most hardworking guy without playing time? It is the guards fault for the Pistons being so bad, probably the least exciting team to watch, no fun players except jj. 

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