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Rodney Stuckey’s terrible start partially due to attempting too many 3-pointers

Rodney Stuckey shot just 1-for-23 in the Pistons’ first three games this season, and Kevin Pelton of Basketball Prospectus analyzed how likely a stretch like that is for a player of Stuckey’s caliber. Hint: extremely unlikely. But Pelton went a step further:

For Stuckey and the Pistons, what’s more important than the low likelihood of his shooting to date is what it indicates about his performance going forward. It’s worth noting that even if Stuckey was making twos and threes at his projected rate, his shooting percentage (38.8 percent) would be the lowest of his NBA career, and substantially worse than the 42.9 percent he shot last season. This reflects a troubling change in Stuckey’s shot selection. More than a third of his shot attempts have been threes, up from about 1 in 6 in 2011-12 and 1 in 9 the year before that.


  • Nov 8, 20124:33 pm
    by Mark


    Aside from Drummond not starting despite leading the team in rebounds per 36, the Stuckey situation is the other completely baffling decision by Frank.

    It appears Frank has changed his offense this year to feature the PG dominating the ball and the SG spotting up for 3′s. So if he were going to change it like that, then why would he choose Stuckey for the spot up 3 role, and not English/Singler? And if he wanted to keep Stuckey in the lineup, then why would he change the system and make him into a 3 pt shooter, knowing he’s not good at it?

    btw where the **** is Middleton. You tell me he can’t make those open shots thay Tay is taking and not making?

    Inability to make open shots and not get rebounds has been the main problem this year. Yet Middleton and Slava who could help in both have yet to play 1 min, and your leading rebounder is avg 14 mpg.


    • Nov 8, 20127:16 pm
      by gmehl


      Mark you make valid points about Frank’s offense and how it doesn’t suit Stuckey’s game and i totally agree with both. I think once more losses build up and this becomes more clear to Frank there is going to be a major overhaul in either the rotation or Frank’s offense. I guess the question is what will change first (the rotation or Frank’s offense). If Frank decides to start Drummond, Singler or English and sits Maxiell, Prince or Stuckey it could cause a lot of issues. Out of those 3 guys the only one i could see that would be content coming off the bench would be Maxiell. Stuckey and more so Prince i feel would be unhappy in coming off the bench but at the end of the day if the losses keep piling up then a change has to be made. I think there is more of a chance of a change in rotation than Frank changing his offense.

    • Nov 9, 201212:44 am
      by Piston Heel


      Yeah Mark you right if thats the case why not give the better shooter (english) more time in the rotation the only reason that stuckey is starting because he’s making starter money… period. I think the coaches and upper management especially Joe is scared that if stuckey misses one game he will not be in a starting line up again in detrot english will run that spot once stuckey sits. Why you think hes playing “hurt” he (stuckey) knows that.

  • Nov 8, 20125:22 pm
    by DasMark


    I really hope that Detroit either trades Stuckey or buys out the final year of his deal.

    It’s a situation we’ve seen a lot over the last few years, especially with Rip. Players can’t accept a lesser role and become useless as a result.  

  • Nov 8, 20128:25 pm
    by Pistons87


    I don’t buy that Franks offense is the problem. Stuckey touches the ball plenty and simply never attacks anymore. Other then the 1st game he has not attacked the basket. His defense is simply not there. He’s bringing no energy to the floor.  It annoys the hell out of me that Stuckey and Prince went to the media to be critical about the offense. They have been our 2 worst starters and its time they both hit the bench.  

  • Nov 8, 20129:23 pm
    by Talan


    Your right that Stuckey hasn’t been attacking. Knight has been giving him good looks, but he just isn’t a shooter. When he went on that tear last year he was getting to the line because of his attacking style. 

    I can’t tell what our offensive style is. The first four games, Knight is running the team pretty well averaging 7.3 assists but not looking for his own shot. We lose by double digits each game. Then Frank decides to run the offense through Monroe, we do much better but still lose. We can’t expect to play through Monroe every game with success. 

    It’s hard to pinpoint the problem. The reserves aren’t necessarily outplaying the veterans, they just seem to have more energy on both sides of the ball. For the future of the team, I think you need to distribute minutes to show the front office what you have and what needs to be changed. Give more minutes to english, singler, drummond, jerebko, and middleton and see what you have. 

  • Nov 8, 20129:50 pm
    by Talan


    We just need to keep in mind that we are a lottery bound team playing on the road. We are supposed to lose these games. Stuckey is not the player he has been these first five games. Drummond will get more minutes. Frank seemed to have already cut Prince’s minutes. Knight has learned how to be a point guard. We will not be the worst team in the NBA when the season ends. The only thing that really has me concerned is our lack of defense. 

    • Nov 9, 20121:11 am
      by Piston Heel


      Yeah Talan I agree we are for sure a lottery team but are we a 1-5 or a 5-14 position in the lottery? My thing is if we are a lottery team why not put your future out there on the court either now or by mid season. let them play together learn to win/lose together max, tay and hell even stuckey are stunning some of these guy’s growth to be that player just like rip did stuckey in the past when rip was here and now at this point stuckey is confused on what kind of player he is, he dont know if he should be a scoring SG or a situational one that just post at the corner and pop 3′s like ben gordon suppose to do when he was here.

      Trade this guy give him a change of scenery and give us back a guy thats ready to take over a team with scoring and bring some kind of excitement to this bore of a team. The thing about the pistons is that they are mediocre they not good at all and they dont know how to lose enough to get you a stud in the lottery. It will be the same 25-30 win team that we will see try to push and win their games in mid march early april and finish 10th in the east just kissing the 9th spot, so say hello to your 9th pick in the draft.

  • Nov 8, 201210:08 pm
    by Indonesianpiston


    I see a trend of us not exploiting the missmatch on the O. Or maybe its the new stuckey that dont hv that instinct anymore. With fredete in the game the offense should bring a lineup that makes him guard stuck. This is minor though compare to our D problem and not hitting the board like last year. Im dissapointef cos now we got the player who are the answer to our solution but frank doesnt develop him the right way. Prince is way over the hill even on D. No reason to keep him a starter

    • Nov 9, 20121:16 pm
      by MIKEYDE248


      I agree with you totaly on the not exploiting missmatches.  The Pistons seem like the only team that never does that.  The other thing they never seem to do is ride the hot player either. 

      Bynum had a great first have in one of the early games this year and rode the bench most of the rest of the way.

  • Nov 9, 20123:20 pm
    by jamesjones_det


    Dude can’t shoot and looks slow this year.  Nothing else to say, this guy has been a joke for a long time coming.
    I gave up on this dude mid way through his 3rd season and have been arguing with fans ever since.

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