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Rodney Stuckey wouldn’t object to coming off the bench

For now, Lawrence Frank plans to go back to the team’s normal starting lineup Friday despite Kyle Singler‘s good performance in the team’s lone win of the season Wednesday. But, at least publicly, Rodney Stuckey isn’t as adamant about holding onto that starting shooting guard spot as … uh … a certain former Pistons shooting guard who loved to start. Via David Mayo of MLive:

Stuckey, who did not practice Tuesday and did not travel with the team to Philadelphia because of flu-like symptoms, said he would be amenable to becoming a go-to scorer on the second unit if Frank decided on a switch.

“I would love doing that,” Stuckey said.  “I have no problems, man.  whatever L wants me to do.”

Stuckey said he watched parts of the first half of Wednesday’s game until his son woke up and wanted to watch a children’s show, “Baby Einstein.”

“When I was watching, I thought Kyle played phenomenal,” Stuckey said.  “He did an excellent job.  I was just happy to see him go out there and play the way he did.  Like I said, if I need to come off the bench, I’ll do it.  Whatever coach wants me to do to help the team, that’s what I’ll do.”

Those are positive quotes from Stuckey, and contrary to the image of him portrayed by Chris Broussard’s anonymous source. Of course, it’s probably easier to say you’d be OK with not starting when it appears your starting job isn’t in jeopardy for now, but Stuckey went beyond just being professional in those quotes, he sounds like he might actually like that role. The second unit would certainly give him more freedom to be the centerpiece of the offense than he has in the starting lineup with the Pistons clearly trying to run things through Brandon Knight and Greg Monroe.


  • Nov 15, 201211:27 pm
    by Kerghan


    Should we risk getting excited about this??
    Oh the possibilities…..

  • Nov 15, 201211:33 pm
    by Moonchild


    This needs to happen, we would have better size, defense and a more versatile scorer starting.  Then stuckey can come in as the modern day Vinnie J and contend for 6th man of the year, 

  • Nov 16, 201212:30 am
    by Tom Y.


    Yeah, this really could be good. Stuckey has been a better player than either Singler or certainly English have shown so far, but it’s just a better fit in the starting lineup to have another shooter (and a better defender) to space the floor. Then Stuckey can come in and have a really positive impact off the bench.

  • Nov 16, 201212:44 am
    by xyu022


    I think this change would make the pistons so much better.

    • Nov 16, 20121:13 am
      by PISSED-ON!


      I agree the way the offense is built you got to have a guy spread the floor while one be the jaggernaut inside such as knight. Singler can pop the 3 or the mid range “J”, Monroe and hell even Max can stay down low and grab rebounds easier pretty much everybody can play their position right. Just have stuck come off the bench with Willy B and they can keep the offense going have them play with jerebko english and drummond I like it alot.

      • Nov 16, 20127:19 am
        by labatts


        The thing is, Stuckey plus Bynum will have the same problem that Stuckey plus Knight have.  They are both players who attack the rim.  Really what they need is to only have 2 of those three players active.  They need another body that can shoot.

        • Nov 16, 20129:03 am
          by CNA5


          Assuming Singler starts and plays at least 25 minutes, it’s likely Bynum would be an odd man out because Stuckey can play either guard spot.  There are 96 minutes at guard spots.
          25 to Singler (assuming he’d start, and not Maggette)
          32 to Knight
          30 to Stuckey as a combo
          9 probably to Maggette, who would also serve as Prince’s backup
          I generally prefer 8 man rotations in basketball.
          F  Prince
          F  Maxiell
          C Monroe
          G Singler
          G Knight
          Bench- Drummond, Maggette, and Stuckey [Drummond would probably play 30 minutes a night]  
          Singler, if he can prove to be athletic enough to play the perimeter, would be a nice wild card.  He can play either forward spots or the two. 

  • Nov 16, 201212:45 am
    by frankie d


    it should be a no-brainer.
    but i doubt that it will happen, as it makes too much sense.
    speaking of making sense…
    this is what david thorpe had to say about drummond  and the idea of getting drummond into the game with monroe:

    “This also helps him as a scorer with the ball in his hands. On multiple occasions he has finished a shot that appeared to use more “luck” than skill. But combine all those shots together and you can see that there’s some skill that is starting to peek out. Drummond is able to rebound better now too because of the more open game, and when combined with his ability to make shots, he has been the most pleasant surprise of this rookie class.
    Forget that his 23.85 PER is one of the best among his young peers. The better news is that his team is far better when he’s on the court than when he is sitting. He is playing only a third of the available minutes now, so we can assume that since the Pistons are off to such a horrible start they will soon begin focusing on developing Greg Monroe‘s future full-time post partner. ”http://insider.espn.go.com/nba/story/_/page/Rookies-121115/nba-rookie-watch-early-surprises

    in his view, drummond is the most pleasant surprise player out of college.
    gee…it’s amazing that everyone except frank seems to get the fact that playing monroe and drummond together should be something that happens sooner, rather than later. 

  • Nov 16, 20121:05 am
    by tarsier


    Now let’s see if we can get Max to say the same.

    • Nov 16, 20121:11 am
      by TheDude


      I really doubt Max even cares. It’s all Frank with the madness. Even with Stuckey making this decision so much easier, Frank refuses to respond positively to it. It makes no sense! What’s it going to take, a loss to the Magic? There are lots of winnable games this month, and the coach should put this team in the best scenario to win with his rotations.

  • Nov 16, 20121:54 am
    by Mark


    I think Stuckey likes coming off the bench better too. I don’t think he likes the pressure of being the starter, which is completely fine by me. Dice was the same way when he was here, no complaints if Stuckey wants to do the same. I think we are a more balanced team with Stuckey leading the 2nd unit. He can play how he’s always wanted to – uptempo. That works off the bench. The starters need to pace themselves and control tempo, but the 2nd unit is supposed to come in and change the pace. Its tailor made for Stuckey.


    That would be my rotation as of now. 

  • Nov 16, 20124:49 am
    by Roit


    put stuckey in the bench please!! 

  • Nov 16, 20126:10 am
    by Vic


    Those are really good words, sounds like they came somewhat from the heart. Doesn’t guarantee no problems, but it’s a positive sign. But we’ll have to see how courageous the coaching staff is…. If 0-8 couldn’t do it, what will? I doubt they possess the gonads. We already know Frank will go 0-16 or 4-20 before executing a strong decision of change. His failure tolerance is high

    • Nov 16, 20126:14 am
      by Vic


      And we already know that simple concepts like spacing, shooting guards that can shoot, and defined roles mean little anymore. It’s all about a jambalaya of wings, combos and stretch 4s embracing the process… Never mind that first win, let’s keep operation Shabazz on target!

      • Nov 16, 20126:17 am
        by Vic


         Singler can play the 4, he’s 6’8! (I read that on the Pistons site, right after they won their first gamewith him playing the 2).

  • Nov 16, 20127:04 am
    by Derek


    This is change I can believe in.  Give Stuckey a shot at leading a new Pistons bench mob.  Maybe leading the second unit is what he needs to get his mojo back to either be a significant rotation player for us or a valued asset for trade purposes.

    Whatever the case may be, I would like to see a functional line-up with developing players making smart effort plays resulting in more W’s.