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Rodney Stuckey to start Friday against Magic

Keith Langlois of Pistons.com:

Rodney Stuckey practiced today and will start vs ORL on Friday, LFrank says

Never mind.

Unless Frank plans to leave Kyle Singler in the starting lineup and pull Tayshaun Prince

OK, never mind.


  • Nov 15, 20122:55 pm
    by Al


    To bench Tay after he seems to be playing better and start Stuckey and he has not played better would be the wrong move.  Even tho I feel starting Stuckey is the wrong move, at least for the next game. By all means, let Stuckey rest ;}

  • Nov 15, 20123:16 pm
    by T Casey


    I’d like to see Singler get another crack at starting tonight too. I think it works out fine diplomatically speaking too. If Stuckey was so racked by the flu that he couldn’t play at all last night, we may as well bring him off the bench and have him play more sparingly and see how Kyle does in consecutive starts. That will give the team a better feel for who’s the better option to have out there (and assuming Singler can consistently play like that night in and night out as a starter, I think he adds considerably more to our offense).

    What I really don’t like about starting Stuckey tonight is that, on the flipside, if we lose tonight, or even if we win, and Stuckey plays poorly, then there’s always the excuse of how he’s still recovering from the flu which gives Frank more of a reason to keep the lineups as they are even longer.

  • Nov 15, 20123:20 pm


    welp … that was short lined…

    Who wants a fluid offense anyway?

  • Nov 15, 20123:20 pm


    “short lived”

  • Nov 15, 20123:54 pm
    by Fennis


    Idea: Stuckey as 6-man
    This idea isn’t new, but I don’t think people have spent much time considering the benefits of Singler at the 2. If Singler can plausibly start at shooting guard, Frank can bring Stuckey off of the bench for a menu of objectives.
    1. Stuckey can come in to guard an opposing PG that’s eating B. Knight alive (happens often).
    2. Stucket can aggressively attack the basket from the PG position when the offense is stagnant.
    3. Stuckey can come in to play the 2 when Singler is struggling to defend quicker guards.
    4. Stuckey can come in an play the 2 when Prince is struggling (happens often), which would shift Singler to the 3, his natural position.
    Singler is not a better player than Stuckey, but he may be a better fit in the starting lineup. And given all of the features Stuckey could offer from the bench, Frank should opt for better chemistry in the starting lineup and a dynamic, game-chaning option from the bench. 
    I do wonder how well Singler can keep up with 2 guards, but at 0-8, it’s time to try something new. Frank’s “stay the course” attitude may get him fired.

    • Nov 15, 20126:53 pm
      by gmehl


      I will add another point:
      5. Stuckey coming off the bench might actually get him playing decent again. As a 6th man he will more than likely be coming on when there are 4 or 5 team fouls on the board so with the way he plays he will more than likely be shooting free throws by the time he draws a foul.

  • Nov 15, 20124:43 pm
    by Desolation Row



  • Nov 15, 20125:18 pm
    by Mel


    What king of flu was that miss one day. Wow, he’s soft as Cottonelle. I don’t believe in this guy at all. You get paid all this money and don’t put it out there for your team. You can’t say he was worried about teammates catching his symptoms cause he’s right back with them today. He’s worried about Singler now. At least he better be.

  • Nov 15, 20126:04 pm
    by Jodi Jezz


    Stuckey will prove you all wrong tomorrow…

    • Nov 15, 20126:16 pm
      by Mark


      You’re probably right, considering he always shows up big when ppl start to doubt him, and esp against a team like ORL. The problem is once ppl stop doubting him he goes back to average at best Stuckey for the next 8 games after, until ppl start doubting him again. We can’t have a player who only plays good when he wants to.

  • Nov 15, 20126:12 pm
    by Mark


    This is a joke. Frank can never just leave well enough alone. He always has to overthink eveyrthing.

    If they don’t win tomorrow with Stuckey, Frank is going to look like a complete fool. 

    Odds are they can beat ORL at home with Stuckey or Singler, but for the longterm its obvious who is the more consistent player and will help us win the most games over time.

    This dedication to players based on salary needs to stop. 

  • Nov 15, 20126:45 pm
    by L Boogie


    I agree what kind of flu was this to miss one day, and come back?? something is up, its just like me calling in sick one day for work, because it was inventory, but I am back the next day; this is straight BS! bench stuckey period…. hell if Micheal Jordan can play dam near exhaustion and about to pass out from the flu, because of the competitor in him, not to say stuckey is like jordan, but to play sick for 1 day, L Frank should be fired if does not change this right away; stuckey is struggling and he knows it, he just took a day off to get his mind right so to speak, he was never sick. Tom Gores I think a meeting is in order..

    • Nov 15, 20126:58 pm
      by Georgio


      Right dude, he’s gonna pretend to be sick after playing his best game of the season, I don’t think so. Frank is doing the right thing, you miss a game because you have “flu like symptons”, nobody said he had the flu, you come back to your same role, every coach in the league would have done the same thing.

  • Nov 15, 20127:52 pm
    by DasMark


    With Singler starting- undefeated Pistons

    With Sluggy starting- 0% winning percentage.

    Am I missing something here?  

    • Nov 15, 20128:44 pm
      by tarsier


      When Rudy Gay hits at least half his shots and attempts more than 2 free throws, the Grizz are 0-1. When he doesn’t, they are 6-0. Does that mean that Gay scoring efficiently hurts the team? No.

      There is some merit to what you are saying, but it is not an open and shut case as you would like to present it. 

      • Nov 16, 20122:30 am
        by John V


        Gay scoring or straight scoring is irrelevant to the Stuckey argument. ;)

  • Nov 16, 201210:23 am
    by apa8ren9


    I think everything will be fine, but hopefully if its not falling for Stuckey then Frank will have the guts to give whoever comes of the bench (singler) extended time if they are playing well.   The 2 guard spot is too important for how the offense runs to have a bad night.  We have a 1 game sample size but that position(SG) having a good night leads to the Pistons having a much greater chance of winning the game.  You could say that about every position, but we dont have talent at the other positions other than Monroe that could have a monster game that could lead to an easy victory.

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