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Pistons-Rockets opener among the best NBA games from the first week of the season

In a feature I really hope continues all season, Andrew Unterberger of The Basketball Jones ranked all 40 NBA games from the first week of the season. Here are where the Pistons’ games stacked up:

37. Phoenix Suns 92, Detroit Pistons 89 (Friday)

Not a particularly bad game per se, just not a particularly compelling one — a sloppy game between two bottom-five teams, in both League Pass watchability and likely NBA standing. When the fate of the game is being decided by the likes of Jonas Jerebko and P.J. Tucker, chances are you’re not going to be terribly invested in the final result.

Best Moment: Goran Dragic and Michael Beasley hooked up on an alley-oop at some point. Should’ve been more resounding than it was, but still.

26. Los Angeles Lakers 108, Detroit Pistons 79 (Sunday)

Nobody goes 0-82, I guess.

Best Moment: Kobe behind-the-back to Pau, alley-oop to Dwight. See guys, was that so hard?

9. Houston Rockets 105, Detroit Pistons 96 (Wednesday)

The Rockets debut of James Harden, which you’ve probably heard something about by now. He scored 34, handed out 12 assists, grabbed seven boards and cured two infants sitting in the first row of a nasty case of the croup. Watching it, it didn’t even seem all that surprising. James Harden was just doing James Harden things, only more of them, and with a point guard in Jeremy Lin that was making it easier for him do them. If you’d told anyone that this wouldn’t even be The Beard’s best game this week…

Best MomentYour call.

Well, the Pistons helped NBA fans that the sky isn’t falling for the Lakers and that James Harden is a legit franchise player. A pretty eventful first week, if you ask me. Maybe they can work on some positive accomplishments that don’t involve making other teams look good in week two.


  • Nov 6, 20121:55 pm
    by tarsier


    What I took away from this:

    Sheed’s PER is 52.7 

  • Nov 6, 20126:32 pm
    by Vic


    I’m done complaining about the Pistons. I get it now, I’m behind coach Frank and the front office. I know it sounds sarcastic, but I’m serious. Why compete to join a bidding war for Josh SmIth when you could draft Shabazz Muhammad or Tony Mitchell and pay way less for real all star talent,
    .  There’s no need to discuss Trey Burke or Michael Carter Williams when you can be in the combo for Shabazz Muhamed and Tony Mitchell. We’ve already got our big’s, so while everybody else is looking at Nerlens Noel and Cody Zeller, will be able to snag the best shooting guard or small forward in the top five picks of the draft.
    Drafting is the best way to get cheap talent, plus if we don’t change anything we can avoid rocking the boat with our veterans, and build up their possible trade value. Then when the vets expire or are traded, will have three star players and five excellent role players ready to make some noise in the playoffs.

    Definitely a smart plan, I apologize for all my all caps comments out of frustration with the Pistons losing winnable games.


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