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Pistons release mobile app

The Detroit Pistons have released a new mobile app to follow all games on your phone. From the team’s press release:

Follow in-game action LIVE. Stay up to date with the latest breaking news from the Pistons. See what to watch for in tonight’s Match Up. Select from one of our video channels and watch everything that goes into making a Pistons season. If you want VIP access to the Pistons, this app is for you!

Features include:

  • Live In-Game updates with Box Score / Play-by-Play / Player Stats
  • Pistons player bios with personal info, action photos and updated stats
  • Video from the Pistons lockerroom, behind-the-scenes features, plus pre and post-game reactions
  • Up-to-the-minute Pistons News, Photos and Standings
  • Photo galleries from Pistons games and events
  • Interactive game Schedule, allowing you to buy Pistons tickets from within your app
  • Access to Pistons Promotions, including tickets, merchandise, concessions and more
  • Social media: Aggregated Pistons Twitter timeline and follow everything #Pistons. Sign-in with your Twitter or FB and join the conversation all within your app
  • Custom Settings: Set your own Preferences for In-Game and Pistons notifications, provide Feedback on the app, and check out our FAQs

It’s available for iPhone right now and the news release says it will be available for Android soon. I downloaded it and used it a little during last night’s game. It has some cool features (unfortunately no features that could hide the ugliness of following last night’s stats though), definitely worth checking out.

Hat tip, Sean Corp of DBB


  • Nov 5, 20129:51 am
    by tarsier


    We should get some sort of an e-petition to Frank/Dumars/Gores/whoever might do something to play Drummond more, especially with Monroe. I mean, what do the Pistons have to lose? Even if the season is a mess, fans want something to cheer for. And a dark horse ROY candidate would be just that.

    • Nov 5, 20125:19 pm
      by labatts


      Yeah, I agree.  It isn’t a real compelling argument right now to say the Pistons are a better team with him not playing much.

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  • Nov 5, 20123:21 pm
    by MIKEYDE248


    Sounds like a great APP.  Let us know when it comes out for the Droid.

  • Nov 5, 20124:17 pm
    by Gareth Masters


    It’s really good!

  • Nov 6, 20129:16 am
    by Derek


    It really is a nice app!

  • Dec 8, 201212:40 pm
    by Eric


    I’ve been using the pistons app for a while, looks really good. They should consider submitting it for an award on <a href=”http://www.bestmobileappawards.com/open-award-contests/”>The Best Mobile App Awards</a> website

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