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Pistons owner Tom Gores gives players ostrich-skin Pistons hats

David Mayo of MLive:

The Detroit Pistons’ visit to play the Los Angeles Lakers came with an added benefit — a chance to visit Platinum Equity’s Beverly Hills offices and meet with owner Tom Gores.

The visit lasted a bit more than an hour Saturday evening.  There was food aplenty, football games to watch on television, and a custom-made gift for each player: Ostrich-skin Pistons caps.

"I love that hat," Greg Monroe said.  "It’s a really nice hat.  It’s unique.  It’s definitely a great thing to have."

I heard Andre Drummond knows a guy with ostrich shoes, so maybe he can hook up Greg Monroe with a matching pair.


  • Nov 9, 201210:42 am
    by am


    He should of gave Stuckey a Larry Bird instructional DVD video entitled “how to shoot a basketball”

  • Nov 10, 201211:18 am
    by Scott86Free


    Soon he will have a music video out there called Love me sexy..

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