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Pistons London game tickets are on sale for our European readers

Thanks to PistonPowered London-based reader Gareth Masters for pointing out that tickets for the Pistons-Knicks game in London on Jan. 17, 2013, are now on sale. I know we have a handful of European readers who have commented and expressed an interest in going, so just wanted to pass the link along to them.

And also, if you haven’t checked out Gareth’s great guest post on what it will be like for a Pistons fan overseas to get to see the team live, make sure you check it out.


  • Nov 2, 20128:16 pm
    by Nickkey33


    I am an English Piston fan for the last 18 years and have just booked courtside seats for January 17th.  It’s been almost 7 years since I last saw the Pistons play live (funnily enough against the Kninks at MSG)

    I can’t wait.

    Andre Drummond better be starting by then!

  • Nov 3, 20126:03 pm
    by GaryN


    Managed to get courtside seats to, can’t wait!! :-D

    Paid waaaay over the odds, but had to make sure I was there – was bidding on so many different online sites that I actually even ended up with a couple of spares! Can hopefully get rid of them and get my money back. Not expecting to see many Pistons fans on the night, seems to be plenty of Knicks fans over here though…

    Despite following the team for 20 years now, only ever managed to get to 3 Pistons games previously – @Utah back when I was visiting a friend there a few years back, and then the following season managed to get to two in a row vs Memphis and Miami at the Palace - all 3 blowout losses… Hopefully the cursed run can come to an end now in my home town!

  • Nov 6, 201211:56 am
    by Andrea


    Damn, only £120.00 and $110.00 tickets are left as of now..looks like all the other tickets are already gone.

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