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Pistons blow 11-point fourth quarter lead to Oklahoma City Thunder, fall to 0-8

Oklahoma City Thunder 92 Final
Recap | Box Score
90 Detroit Pistons
Jason Maxiell, PF 30 MIN | 5-10 FG | 3-6 FT | 7 REB | 1 AST | 13 PTS | +7

Maxiell was a real positive tonight. His defense and rebounding kept the Thunder at bay.

Tayshaun Prince, SF 40 MIN | 4-12 FG | 3-5 FT | 6 REB | 3 AST | 12 PTS | +3

He didn’t shoot that well, but he’s finally impacting game in more ways than just scoring. If he keeps this up, his shooting percentage won’t be such an issue.

Greg Monroe, C 34 MIN | 7-14 FG | 3-4 FT | 6 REB | 2 AST | 17 PTS | -2

It says something about Monroe’s development that he can have 17 points, six rebounds and two assists without it being one of his better games. I liked his defensive instincts, though, as Monroe took some well-timed gambles for steals.

Brandon Knight, PG 32 MIN | 2-13 FG | 2-2 FT | 4 REB | 6 AST | 8 PTS | -1

Shot terribly and made poor decisions down the stretch. I still think Knight can become an NBA point guard, but games like this will give his doubters plenty of ammo.

Rodney Stuckey, PG 41 MIN | 7-13 FG | 4-6 FT | 3 REB | 5 AST | 19 PTS | -4

This was Stuckey’s best game of the season, and he had a couple confident drives for baskets late that kept the game close. Still, he didn’t do enough to reverse what has been an underwhelming year so far.

Jonas Jerebko, PF 19 MIN | 1-6 FG | 1-1 FT | 4 REB | 0 AST | 3 PTS | -10

Missed a lot of shots and wasn’t terribly sharp defensively. This wasn’t his night.

Kyle Singler, SF 16 MIN | 3-5 FG | 1-2 FT | 3 REB | 0 AST | 9 PTS | -5

Played fine offensively in limited minutes.

Andre Drummond, C 13 MIN | 2-3 FG | 0-0 FT | 6 REB | 1 AST | 4 PTS | 0

Drummond might have had his best defensive game of the season and his athleticism helped the Pistons get a couple extra loose balls, which make it all the more curious he didn’t get more minutes. The reason was probably Jason Maxiell’s strong play, and Lawrence Frank was correct to reward Maxiell. But that’s why I wish Maxiell wasn’t on the team. The Pistons need to develop Drummond more than they need to use Maxiell to stay competitive in their eighth consecutive loss. Frank shouldn’t be in the position to decide between the two, because we all know he, like most coaches, will choose the more immediate impact.

Will Bynum, PG 17 MIN | 2-7 FG | 1-1 FT | 0 REB | 4 AST | 5 PTS | +2

Shot poorly, passed well. This was Bynum changing perception, but not altering the result.

Lawrence Frank, HEAD COACH

Think Frank wants to end the talk about his slow starts? He played his starters a combined 177 minutes tonight — more than any other game this season. The Pistons need a victory, but when you bet on it coming tonight and lose, it’s problematic. The Pistons’ bench is mostly comprised of young players who need experience to develop. They didn’t get that experience tonight, and Detroit didn’t get a win, either. That falls on Frank.

Most Valuable Player

Russell Westbrook. Though he will take flack for attempting a game-high 25 shots, Westbrook (33 points, 10 rebounds, four assists, three steals) was aggressive on a night most of his teammates lacked energy.


Kevin Durant scored 11 of his 26 points in the fourth quarter – and added four rebounds and four blocks in the period – waking up just in time to save Oklahoma City from an embarrassing loss.

Defining moment

The Thunder blocked shots on the Pistons’ first three possessions of the fourth quarter, and Oklahoma City opened the period with a 13-0 run to take the lead. The Thunder were cold most of the game, but when they buckled down, Detroit was mostly helpless.


The Pistons played fine for the first three quarters – and for Detroit, fine is divine – but the Thunder were playing their second of a back-to-back and fourth game in five days. It was impressive that the Pistons could build a double-digit lead on Oklahoma City in any circumstance, but it’s not terribly surprising that they blew it. The Thunder are simply a level or two above Detroit right now.


  • Nov 12, 201210:31 pm
    by Al


    Great effort, dont like the rotations!! Maxiell was great defensive wise and he sits while Jerebko is in for a long stretch in the 4th qtr. The entire second unit sits until the start of the 4th when they played so well early on. Drummond sits super early in the 4th after impacting the game!!!!!!!!! And does not come back in. Where’s English all of sudden??????? I mean wow man, just wow. Why not gradually sub hot players that help put you up instead of letting them get ice cold and throw them back in when you are down, what gives….?

  • Nov 12, 201210:32 pm
    by menten


    we lost this game because of frank and jerebko

  • Nov 12, 201210:36 pm
    by domnick


    fire coach frank.. but seriously… we almost won man!

    • Nov 13, 20127:51 am
      by Coach Frank Postgame


      What would firing me do? Yeah you might hire another coach thats taller than me, he might even make better use of the talent on the team, he might even command more respect from the players, heck he might even had played the game on a college or professional level…. But HE WONT HAVE MY PROCESS!!!

  • Nov 12, 201210:36 pm
    by vic


    English could have helped on Westbrook, being a defensive specialist and all. I would have sat Knight for a bit. 
    I know its armchair coaching, but hey… he’s on the team for a reason. We all know the tools that are available to the team, so its kinda reasonable if not easy. 

  • Nov 12, 201210:39 pm
    by tarsier


    But hey, Stuckey had his first good game of the season.

    • Nov 13, 20128:45 am
      by apa8ren9


      Do you think that had anything to do with his arch enemy/nemesis Russell Westbrook?  /s

  • Nov 12, 201210:39 pm
    by Rodman4Life


    Very enjoyable game (except that early stretch in the 4th).  Loved the effort, the ball movement, and even the resilience later in the fourth when the Pistons fought back.  If that late three goes for Knight, who knows.  But one complaint:  I know this and no future team is the Bad Boys, and I don’t expect them to be.  But when he keeps barreling down the lane time and time again, can somebody put Westbrook on his back?  You don’t have to try and maul the guy, but let him know you’re there.

    • Nov 12, 201210:44 pm
      by theicon77


      I agree with the Westbrook comment. I can’t be that upset with the outcome though. We are young and it shows for stretches. That first 4 minutes of the fourth was pretty bad. 

    • Nov 12, 201211:15 pm
      by Vince


      This! I was expecting Big Ben to appear from nowhere and just knock him down. This team needs some toughness. Knight had a bit of it tonight, but as a whole, this team needs to be mean.

  • Nov 12, 201210:41 pm
    by kamal


    For the life of me, I don’t understand why he kept Maxiell in the game so long.  He was obviously making a difference on defense and Jerebko was doing absolutely nothing but watching Westbrook run down the lane and score.
    I don’t see why he continues to give Bynum the greenlight to shoot away leads.  
    He doesn’t make adjustments at all.  No matter who sticks Monroe down low, he continues to let the guards run the same motion offense.  Collison was on him and he barely got the ball.  Then, I almost had a cow when Brooks put Durant on him down the stretch and he barely touched the ball.
    I can take losing.  I was around during the teal years.  But this is ridiculous.

  • Nov 12, 201210:41 pm
    by domnick


    0-8… grab the top pick on 2014 season :D

    • Nov 12, 201210:43 pm
      by 0-8...


      Wouldnt even get PT under WTF (what the Frank)

      • Nov 12, 201211:02 pm
        by Vince


        I like that. Can that be a new thing? Like, a section dedicated to What The Frank every game of something?

        • Nov 13, 20122:48 am
          by Piston Heel


          Yeah better than Frankly Speaking on FSN lol

    • Nov 13, 20127:26 am
      by Coach Frank Postgame


      0-8 doesnt mean we are giving up on this season and looking towards the draft.last year we started 4-16, and once before I started 0-16. I could very easily put a balanced rotation on the floor but then what? After we win some games and the team feel good about themselves, what they have really learned?

  • Nov 12, 201210:42 pm
    by 0-8...


    I’m sorry but Frank needs to adjust his rotations.  Drummond needs to start despite Maxiells contributions in the starting lineup.  Maxiell always seems to have a good stat line but after watching some games I can see that he would be better coming off the bench.  Prince looks completely unmotivated at times and needs to go to a contending team.  Let Charlie and Daye expire and let them go.  Continue to develop Knight Stuckey Jerebko/Singler Monroe and Drummond.  This team looks completely helpless its so sad what a fall from greatness

    • Nov 13, 20127:32 am
      by Coach Frank Postgame


      It starts in practice, thats when the rotation and minutes are won. Maxiell during his contract year has worked really really hard, thats not normal effort from guys in their contract year, and although Prince is limited offensively and defensives, but he is reliable. I trust him on the floor plus he has the BEST PUMP FAKE IN BASKETBALL, those are the things you cant replace. Along with his production  4-12 6rebs 3ast in 40 mins, that type of production is not easily replaced 

  • Nov 12, 201210:45 pm
    by starlight0997


    Initial thoughts on the game.
    1. Front court defense could be stout as the season progresses. Maxiell played very well on the low post with those three blocks. The back court defense on the other hand, I’m just about to say it is a lost cause. Although Westbrook shot 25 times, he was able to blow by the Piston guards at will most of the time, only to be bailed out by the front court defense.
    2. Fourth quarter is this team’s Achilles’ heel, for both performance and coaching. Frank was masterful with the Pistons doing basket cuts all day in the second and third quarters, but backed away once the Thunder started playing defense. Then the Pistons turned into the 0-something team we all know and love. That said, it’s good that they found something going on offense (basket cuts).
    3. Stuckey finally got his season going with this performance. However, some of his shots he took looked absolutely awful and he was still very sloppy with the ball. Hopefully he will shrug that off as the season goes on.

  • Nov 12, 201210:53 pm
    by Mel


    Game could have been won if Drummond and Monroe played the last 5 minutes together. Rebounds are important in the last 5 minutes and we have max and jonas in together. I’m going to lock Frank in a storage room somewhere in the Palace which will force them to hire a NEW COACH. Go Pistons!!!!!

    I also agree with the English thought too. Should have been on Westbrook sometime during the game. Bynum is killing me.

  • Nov 12, 201211:01 pm
    by bugsygod


    so what was the point of getting drummond if your not going to play him?   you say because durant was at 4 well, he has to guard at the other end.  On defense go to zone if your worried whose going to guard durant.  Why does he continue to not play drummond and monroe together??  I want Drummond in before Jerbko!  the comes in and immediately changes the game and energy with a two hand dunk.  blocks shots, steals the ball, runs the floor and rebounds.  He is more talented than jonas and maxiel, plays just as hard but still cant get any more time??  Just Dumb!  This gives the Pistons and advantage for a change with the size of monroe/drummond brings.  So now we draft the guy we have been looking for the last 2yrs and now say “oh i cant play him because the other team is playing there small forward at power foward”.  DUMB!

  • Nov 12, 201211:12 pm
    by Vince


    I’ve been a bit of a Negative Nancy the past few days, and before I continue with my negative nancy-ness I’d like to say that that was the first time I enjoyed watching the Pistons play in a while, they were good in Sac-Town but tonight, wow, the first was horrendous but they played to solid quarters where they took it to the Thunder! It was great.

    Now back to character.

    - Too many fouls early on
    - Bynum is making it harder for me to like him, when you think he’s turned a corner he plays like his old self again
    - Drummond had what, 13 minutes?
    - Drummond was a huge difference maker in the second quarter, why not keep him on the court!!?
    - Drummond and Monroe should’ve played together during the end of the third/fourth
    - Maxiell was great today, but one good game every 8 isn’t exactly what this team needs
    - Knight needs to slow down and control the ball
    - Prince seemed a bit more engaged this game, just a bit
    - Monroe was solid. No beef on him.
    - Jerebko, I love you man, but you have no business being the defensive stopper in the fourth, seriously, wth Frank?
    - Singler, another solid performance!
    - On today’s episode of “Wheres English gone?” we look at why a solid defender and perimeter threat is riding the pine
    - Daye and Villanueva, keep up the good work, loved your stuff tonight! Charlie, Moose almost acknowledged you in a timeout! Keep it up buddy.
    - Middleton. Isn’t he supposed to be in the D-League?
    - Kravtsov, I feel for him man, he doesn’t seem to be part of this team, adjusting to Western life and the NBA must be hard, but having to rock up in civies every night and not even sitting with the players and chilling by yourself in the back, thats just cold. Someone please look out for him.
    - Was it me or was Maggette not at the game tonight? 

    • Nov 13, 201210:26 am
      by sebastian


      And, Vince, please help me to understand … Why in the hell did Joe and Gores offer the Ukrainian $1.5 million per year, before he even crossed the Atlantic and the guy doesn’t even dress out?
      Not to mention the $3 million Daye is being pay and the $8,060,000 sorry ass Charlie V. is getting, both or rather all three are not contributing in any tangible way.
      That’s $14,500,000 million in salary, plus Magette’s $10,000,000 … $24,500,000, easily 1/3 of the team salary that hasn’t contributed anything, during this 0-8 start.
      Mind blowing!!!

      • Nov 13, 20124:29 pm
        by labatts


        Right there with you.  I feel like Dumars should coach his own mess.

  • Nov 12, 201211:19 pm
    by Whoneedsastar


    Three quick points:

    1) What the Frank?!? (I’m on board)
    2) Drummond vs. Maxiell – Please remember that Maxiell is on a contract year and there is a locker room hierarchy to consider. We, armchair coaches, do not have to fret but “WTF” has to worry about locker room morale, and benching a serviceable (rotation) big man in this situation on a 0-8 team is a tough pill to swallow from a young team’s perspective.
    3) Drummond needs to earn his way to a starter’s spot sooner than later.

    • Nov 12, 201211:58 pm
      by T Casey


      Any coach who has to worry about starting a more productive player because he’s afraid of upsetting another one and losing the team probably doesn’t much of that team’s respect or trust to begin with. Just my opinion, though.

  • Nov 12, 201211:21 pm
    by Troy


    Good effort by the Stones tonight, they played hard. I think Frank can shoulder a good amount of the blame for the fourth quarter collapse. At the start of the fourth with OKC coming on strong the lineup of Bynum, Stuckey, Singler, Jerebko, and Drummond were together. They were getting KILLED, no one could create a shot. Why keep that particular lineup on for so long, esepcially when OKC obviously wasn’t going to lay down?

  • Nov 12, 201211:29 pm
    by Mel


    Nothing against Max, but common sense would argue, if you have a bigger quicker player who plays better per minute you would start that player. If their minutes were switched , with max playing the way he is now we would have won a couple of games and talking about how much better Max is playing now. Instead Max play is not getting the true credit it deserves considering how he’s playing now.

    Also Drummond will make mistakes, he’s a rookie but to act like he’s one of those rookies that needs to be pampered is BS. Even when he plays poorly it’s better than alot of others players when they play poor. AD1 played with more poise than his fellow classmate Lamb tonight. Dude looked totally lost.

  • Nov 12, 201211:31 pm
    by Vince


    Also, Langlois’ article on pistons.com was interesting, heres an excerpt that got the comment section agitated:

    “Pressed almost daily on his thinking about the timing of playing the two lottery picks together, Frank has tried his best to be vague. But it’s pretty clear he wants Drummond to earn a bigger role, not be handed it.
    “You’ve also got to make sure that it’s warranted,” he said. “You can’t, in game six of a season, just throw guys out there and experiment if it’s not based on effort. When guys are working hard, that’s why you do it. There are a lot of things that have to align for it to happen.”
    That’s makes perfect sense, especially when the two players who would be most directly affected by Drummond’s elevation are Jason Maxiell and Jonas Jerebko, as highly respected and well liked as any two players in the locker room. That’s not to be taken lightly. Teammates respect their toughness, coaches their reliability. The fact they’re so well liked, on top of that, means a coach would risk tainting team chemistry if the move was based on anything other than pure merit.” 

    One of the main criticisms drawn from this article is whether Frank is really allocating minutes to the best players or just the ones with a bit more weight around the locker room.

    • Nov 13, 201212:08 am
      by Mark


      I noticed they removed the comment section from Langlois blog. lol Pistons are probably tired of fans speaking the truth about their team.

      • Nov 13, 201212:12 am
        by Mark


        Twwet from Langlois during the game:

        Keith Langlois ?@Keith_Langlois
        Before I get bombarded about why no Monroe-Drummond lineup, understand Durant is playing the 4 for OKC.

        • Nov 13, 201212:13 am
          by Mark


          LOL, the media guys are feeling it from the fans

          • Nov 13, 201212:50 am
            by Vince

            Damn it! Some of those comments were really to the point. I liked a lot of the points they brought up… guess they can’t handle the pressure ahah 

          • Nov 13, 201212:52 am
            by Vince

            Oh wait. No I can see the comments hahaha all 64 of them hahah

          • Nov 13, 20121:56 am
            by Mark

            yeah they left those comments up on that article, but tonights article has no comment section. I think they maybe did away with it 

        • Nov 13, 20127:39 am
          by Coach Frank Postgame


          Its about match-ups, and as a coach I have to adjust and play to the other teams strength. So i’ll play our bigs and be physical ONLY after the other team has made the adjustments, its a MORALE belief that I have, because I respect the game

      • Nov 13, 20122:51 am
        by Piston Heel


        He midas well trash that pistions mail bag he’s gonna have more letters than the US postal service

  • Nov 12, 201211:34 pm


    We need to be patience with Frank and his process …slow starts are normal and to be expected…No need to complain…. We will win later!!!

    • Nov 12, 201211:37 pm
      by Vince


      How long is later?

      • Nov 13, 201212:04 am
        by Mark


        Brick by brick, my friend. Have some patience

      • Nov 13, 20127:14 am
        by Coach Frank Postgame


        Its not about “HOW LONG IT TAKES TO WIN”….Its about “HOW WE WIN” …. we have vets in that locker room, and I cant have them believing that im willing to abandon the integrity of my Process just to win some games…

  • Nov 12, 201211:44 pm
    by MrHappyMushroom


    Only a C for Drummond?  Something like 11 points and 17 boards per 36 and you said he played his best defense of the year.  Given that Frank didn’t seem to notice, giving him a D+ (really only a bit lower than Drummond got) was a mistake.

    • Nov 13, 201212:03 am
      by Mark


      I agree. A C for Drummond almost as puzzling as Franks rotation. Drummond dominated the game on both ends during his 10 min run in the 2nd qtr leading us to a 12 pt lead. He got benched 3 min into the 4th for no sensible reason and that was it for him. How does amount to an average performance? I’d give him an A-, B+ at worst.


  • Nov 13, 201212:02 am
    by solidsnake


    some of you guys may be thinking that drummond should start over maxiell but i suggest you think back to 2010. greg monroe was drafted that year but he didn’t start, he came off the bench. he earned his spot eventually in the starting lineup (replaced austindaye or maxiell) and started to thrive. it’s only a matter of time until drummond starts. maxiell is a veteran for this team and the pistons have always been known as a respectable organization. we’ve played some very tough teams so far this season but I see promise in this team. i don’t care if we’re 0-8, i still think this team has plenty of room to grow and thrive this season

    • Nov 13, 201212:16 am
      by tarsier


      Monroe also didn’t play very well for the first month or so even though in the second half of the season, he was clearly the team’s best player. Drummond is playing well right now. That’s a crucial distinction.

  • Nov 13, 201212:14 am
    by Roit


    fire coach frank. why not use moose-drummond? why use JJ33 so long time? why we lost?

  • Nov 13, 201212:14 am
    by YesSir


    The pistons gave it there best shot and okc played ok and still won the game what does that tell you. not the right pieces and a stubborn coach, i would have like to see daye in a game like this because whatever you say about him games like this he plays well in. passing was terrible shooting terrible no cohesive nothing about this team. Frank im sorry people i know some of you guys like him but he is no chuck daly or larry brown.

  • Nov 13, 201212:42 am
    by Mel


    Yeah, Monroe couldn’t even get his shot off in his rookie year for about a month then he figured it out. Whats interesting is he still has those issues during the beginning of each of his seasons. Because he’s not a true center, he can play center but it’s not his true position. He’s too thin at this stage of his career. With more experience I see him with a Al Jefferson style of play with Chris Webber passing ability. When I see Drummond play he reminds me of Lebron at the center position. I think he took some of Lebron moves when he was younger. That’s why he’s  not as aggressive around the rim like he should. That will change once he gets more comfortable and learn the NBA game more. But technically Drummond is ready now. On defense he’s no more lost than Monroe and were still allowing Knight to make his mistakes. I feel Drummond makes less mistakes than Monroe. But that’s my opinion. Oh yeah, The team finally played with some effort. But still dumb coaching moves. He even mentioned it on Pistons.com Coaching Grade D- (for showing up)  

  • Nov 13, 20121:19 am
    by Pistons87


    Questions I’d ask if I were at a post game press conference and not a suck up beat writer:

    For Coach Frank: In your previous game against OKC your best front court featured Monroe and Drummond. Since they didn’t play at all tonight together should we assume your stubborn or incompetent?

    For Will Bynum:  Will what’s it like forcing 3 straight shots by attacking the OKC frontline at the rim and coming up empty?  Do you think it bothers your teammates?  Do you go back and watch film of these games and think “if I was 6″ taller I would be unstoppable” or do you think you’re already unstoppable? 

    For Coach Frank:  Rodney had a decent game tonight. However you’ve stated previously that playing time is based on merit. By that reasoning why is Rodney still starting and getting all the minutes. What kind of message does that send to Kim who didn’t get any PT tonight but based on his previous performances is deserving?

  • Nov 13, 20121:30 am
    by Scott Free


    I’m just going to say it, that was an entertaining game!

  • Nov 13, 20121:38 am
    by Scott Free


    I don’t get the Maxiel hate.  Sure he aint Andre, but tonight he played his heart out and stuffed it in one of the league’s bests faces.  I agree that the lineups don’t make sense, but that doesn’t stop me from rooting for the Pistons as a team.  

    • Nov 13, 20127:19 am
      by Coach Frank Postgame


      Max is my guy, he can score, he can rebound and defend the basketball. He is going to be a force in this league and he has a bright, bright future in this league and he is only in his 9th year? so he hasnt even scratched his potential just yet

  • Nov 13, 20122:24 am
    by Pete


    What I don’t understand is.. This team isn’t going to make the play offs we all know that. This should be a year for developing the young players.. win or lose. Tayshaun, Maxiell, Bynum, CV, and even Maggette are taking up space. Knight needs to play with a ACTUAL shooting guard. Imagine him playing with Kevin Martin(a guard who can actually SHOOT),  Monroe is a PF(he skill set just says PF all day), Bynum is a CHUCKER(SMH). Its a SHAME ALL THE FANS CAN SEE THE PROBLEMS WITH THIS TEAM BUT THE MANAGEMENT DOESN’T. I don’t think Frank is a Bad coach(aside from his team lacking heart and some type of competitive meanness ) BUT I DO think hes been given a BADLY ASSEMBLED TEAM. I wish Joe D would stop double talking and STRAIGHT UP TELL THE PISTONS FAN BASE  WHAT IS IT THAT THEY ARE TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH AND BUILD BECAUSE I FOR ONE DON’T SEE IT! I know they are treating AD like they did Monroe in his rookie year but at least that team had a little bit of playoff hopes. I’m a true blue Pistons fan but these games are getting harder and harder to watch..

  • Nov 13, 20122:57 am
    by Piston Heel


    Nice write up about drummond you spoke the truth on that I wish maxiel was gone too just for the fact that he is slowing the growth of drummond and other future big men. If he (maxiel) was on any other team he would be a energy guy coming off the bench. You have to give drummond his shot he’s doing a good job so far and he deserves the starting spot.

  • Nov 13, 20124:02 am
    by Joe Dumars


    I take it no one realized the Thunder went small in the 4th? That didn’t exactly work in the Pistons favor when the Rockets did that against the Drummond/Monroe pairing.

  • Nov 13, 20126:45 am
    by ryan


    There were several defensive plays tonight that were just beautiful to see. Jason Maxiell’s blocks were right up there, even though I wish he’d been traded by now. Tayshaun Prince’s block on Kevin Durant made me think it was 2004 there for a minute. Also Brandon Knight’s tie up of Kevin Durant on the break was a play that showed great skill and effort.

    And you can now add Russell Westbrook to the list of guys I wouldn’t mind seeing run over by a car. Cheap shots right and left with that guy.

    Kevin Durant on the other hand is just incredibly skilled and improving.

  • Nov 13, 20126:48 am
    by Greg


    because the pistons can´t play to their strengths, instead they try to adopt to the playing style of other teams…and going small isn´t exactly the strenght of the Pistons…they need to lern to force the opponents to adjust to their playing style and their strenghts and that should be going big!

  • Nov 13, 20127:21 am
    by Derek


    This seems to be a different team from the one that met and worked out together during the offseason.  There were reports of cohesiveness and energy. 

    Players were being accused of…being committed doing the dirty work.  Now we hear of players who need more touches on offense and because they lack the requiste touches they are confused on defense (what they buffoonery?!?!?). 

    Drummond’s questionable motor and focus were said to be put to rest.  Now we hear he lacks comprehension in practice, which he has shown in some games (hey there will be mistakes).

    Stuckey was said to have turned the corner.  Stuckey was said to have worked on his game harder than at any other time in his natural life this past summer.  He was said to have benefitted greatly from therapy.  Now it looks like he has made a 180 back around that same corner of mediocrity.  It looks like the book has been written on him and he’s no better than a midrange to below average baller.  It looks like therapy has failed.  NOTE: These are the frustrated musings of a big Stuckey supporter, apologist, fan club decoder ring owner…

    Can we agree that Prince does not do well in the role of veteran voice leading the youngin’s?  He complains.  He face palms.  He throws his coaches under the bus.  He fails to guard.  He shoots questionable shots.  He is a frontrunner who only does well when the team wins otherwise he is a cancer (not a cancer patient).

    Bynum does not appear to be able to guard anyone.  We are not seeing fullcourt Lindsey Hunter-esque ball pressure.  He cannot run the offense…so why are we playing him.

    Max for all his limitations is playing hard.  Jerebko is ineffective guarding the bigs, but he’s giving maximum effort.  Singler is a wet behind the ears rookie, but he is smart and capable and gritty.  English has his limitations, but he makes up for it in toughness, energy, and touch from the outside. 

    Slava… I’m ready to start the free Slava telethon.

    I still love my Pistons.  As weird as it may sound I think Frank is a sharp coach.  For some reason we are getting inconsistent effort from players who are more concerned about individual numbers than the letter at the end of the game.

    Take a hint Pistons,  Isiah Thomas could have led the league in points and assists several times, but he subjugated his game in favor of the team style of play and the personnel.  Billups could have been a prolific scorer but he ran the team and efficiently picked his spots.  Sheed could have gone down as the best PF ever, yet he was content to be a footsoldier.

    We need to commit to grinding games out, gobbling up rebounds, putting opposing players on their backs, etc.

  • Nov 13, 20128:11 am
    by Coach Frank Postgame


    “The bottom line is, let’s compete every night,” Frank said. “We will get our fair share of wins if we compete.”

    From The Detroit News: http://www.detroitnews.com/article/20121112/SPORTS0102/211120439#ixzz2C6kdh5F1 - cant make this stuff up… Commits like that MOTIVATE A CITY!!!

  • Nov 13, 20129:30 am
    by danny


    shabazz here we come

  • Nov 13, 201210:00 am
    by PistonManiac


    I havent posted here in a while- How’s everybody doing?
    Everyone on here knows me as a Joe D supporter and appologist- There is absolutely nothing that anybody can do to denigrate Joe’s past contributions: 3 Finals appearances and 2 championships as a player, and 2 Finals appearances and a Title (including 6 straight ECF appearances) as a GM. The GM of a team that he completely rebuilt-The players on our ’04 championship team were all acquired by Joe D.

    So it hurts me to read silly posts comparing Joe D to the likes of Matt Millen and Micheal Jordan as a GM. I actually enjoyed the Pistons winning a title so much that I chose not to overlook that fact as an inconvenience when I criticize Joe D today.

    But here goes.  Joe cannot continue to preside over the building of the Pistons if this team continues down the path that it is currently on. It seems that, now that he has finally found his touch in the draft, he lost it in signing free agents.

    Tay Prince? Why is he still in Detroit? The Stuckey thing should’ve ended once they were sure he couldn’t become a PG- Stuckey has gone from a jumbo PG who can’t shoot from the perimeter to a smallish SG…who still can’t shoot. CV and Austin Daye- Two weak, tall 3-point shooters. J-Max- Not the worst, as some people would believe, but not a starter, and should really just be trade bait.

    With four productive drafts in a row 09- Jerebko, 10- Monroe, 11- Knight and Singler, 12- Drummond and English, this team should be showing improvement, with the right veterans to accompany this young talent…But, it’s been proven that these veterans are not the right ones. I’m not delusional enough to believe that a healthy Magette would’ve contributed enough to win more than just the Sac game.

    My expectations for this team were not huge, but I at least expected a lower-tiered playoff team.  This team, if they were where they should be, should look like Indiana or Philly did the year before last (2010): The 7th or 8th seed that gives the #1 and #2 teams some first round trouble ( a couple of wins and some close games). That, IMO would consititute progress.

    Joe D. had the magic touch for years, but he lost it when he traded for AI, and subsequently and disasterously signed CV and BG as free agents. Unless this team turns things around and shows some improvement, I’m joining the “Joe must go” crew

  • Nov 13, 201210:16 am
    by HardyHar


    I personally thought Drummond looked a little scared when he was in during the 4th. Did anyone else notice that? His productivity (and energy) went way down. Not sure if it was the cheap shot Westbrook gave him or what. I’m wondering if his mental state is a bit unstable and that’s the reason for the slow integration into the rotation. 
    Either way, Max was a straight up beast and Monroe had a good game as well. It’s going to be hard to get mins when they play well AND it’s a tight game with a top tier team AND you’re trying to get your first win. I probably would have done the same thing. 
    As far as the rest of the rotation, we needed the best and most experienced in there in the early mins of the 4th. We looked helpless out there. We really missed Maghette tonight. I think he and Stuck would have been an ideal tandem to attack with to rack up fouls and get easy free throws in the 4th given how much the Thunder’s defense disrupted out offense. 
    Just saying. 

  • Nov 13, 201210:34 am
    by Lisa


    What the Frank!

  • [...] Dan Feldman of Piston Powered: “The Pistons played fine for the first three quarters – and for Detroit, fine is divine – but the Thunder were playing their second of a back-to-back and fourth game in five days. It was impressive that the Pistons could build a double-digit lead on Oklahoma City in any circumstance, but it’s not terribly surprising that they blew it. The Thunder are simply a level or two above Detroit right now.” [...]

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