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Maggette strikes again: Pistons official nicknamer has one for Kyle Singler

Now you can scratch two Pistons rookies off of the list of players Corey Maggette has nicknamed this season. After it was reported that Maggette dubbed Andre Drummond ‘Pimp Juice’ over the summer, David Mayo of MLive says that Kyle Singler picked up nicknames from both Maggette and Greg Monroe after his performance last night:

Greg Monroe has taken to calling Singler “Bucket Man.”

“I call him ‘K-Smooth,’” Maggette disclosed.  “K-Smooth played tremendous.”

Although I certainly appreciate Maggette’s willingness to hand out nicknames and I would never question his expertise on such matters, I have to say, I think Monroe’s is better here.


  • Nov 15, 201212:01 pm
    by Al


    I like them both lol, he does get buckets and when he shoots his 3′s he’s def smooth with the stroke. Id hate to be Frank, do you sit the guy who plays so well or do you bring back Joe D’s favorite in Stuckey, who by the way has been awful as of late..

    • Nov 15, 201212:12 pm
      by MIKEYDE248


      It’s a shame that the only way the fans will get to see their Pistons dream team is by having player either get hurt or get sick.

      • Nov 15, 201212:38 pm
        by rick


        Speak for yourself buddy. I’m a realist and know that Philly sucks and if Stuckey had played they still would have won. You should be mad the record isn’t better based off the results of this game instead of pin pointing one individual player. Boils down to coaching and if getting the players to play defense.

        • Nov 15, 201212:39 pm
          by rick


          Boils down to coaching and getting the players to play defense.

  • Nov 15, 201212:11 pm
    by Vic


    Playing two combos only works if they both can shoot – ie Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters. Otherwise floor spacing doesn’t work out and it’s hard for the pg. if Frank is interested in winning he’ll keep Bucket Man out there getting buckets with Brandon Knight and bring Stuckey to be the Microwave off the bench…

    • Nov 15, 201212:17 pm
      by MIKEYDE248


      I would rather see Bynum as our Microwave than Stuckey.  Stuckey seems like he’s afraid to drive to the basket anymore and ends up taking way too many bad shots or 3′s.

  • Nov 15, 20121:55 pm
    by Mel


    It’s not a matter of whether the the team would have won with Stuckey  last night. And by the way 76ers couldn’t have sucked that bad because they were 4-3 coming into the game. Someone who’s not a fan of either team would say we sucked. But back to the point, when Stuckey plays you’re not guaranteed whether or not he’s going to give you his all during the game. He’s been like that his whole career except last year when he went on that little streak. This dude works out the whole summer talking about how him and Knight are going to work together to form a better chemistry only to come back during the regular season and stink it up and make excuses. Singler on the other hand is just a smart player, I was glad when we drafted him because we need more smart players on or team. He knows how to play within the game and not force things like Stuckey does. Also he doesn’t stand around with the ball and wait for someone to get open before he passes it. Now don’t get me wrong I was the biggest Stuckey Fan until this 8 game loosing streak. I guess I’m tired of the excuses, I hope Joe Dumars is too.  I do agree the coach is the blame but Stuckey is to. This could have been his coming out party this year, but he only came out to disappoint. Such a waste of talent.

  • Nov 15, 20123:22 pm
    by T Casey


    “K-Smoot”h is a good nick name. “Bucket Man” sound a bit too custodial.

  • Nov 15, 20123:24 pm


    It seems like all the Pistons key players actually like each other other than Stuckey…I know him and Knight worked out during the summer but you dont see it on the floor

  • Nov 15, 20124:20 pm
    by frankie d


    i’ve hated singler since he was a high school legend out here in oregon.  singler and kevin love played back to back high school championship games back when they were juniors and seniors.  my singler-hate was only solidified when he went to duke.  have to say i am surprised that singler has turned into such a nice player.  i’d always thought he was very overrated.  
    guess i was wrong about that. 
    and as long as he is a piston, i’m a huge singler fan.
    it is pretty obvious that singler, with his shot and ability to move and play without the ball, is a better fit with this current starting team and offense, than stuckey.   i’ve always thought that the offense should run through monroe, and if it did, stuckey’s lack of a consistent shot, with range, could be compensated for.  and the backcourt could provide decent spacing, by way of knight spotting up for 3′s.    and stuckey and knight being PG1 and PG1A
    but if, as seems to be happening, knight is going to be set up as a ball-dominant PG, stuckey is definitely a bad fit.  he is simply one of those guys who needs to pound the ball and he is definitely not a spot-up 3 point shooter, which is the role he’s been thrust into this season.
    last year, philly put up with the ups and downs of jodie meeks because they needed his outside shooting for spacing.  it’s why louis williams, despite being a better ball player, was coming off the bench.  this year, nick young – and his…eccentricities – is there for the same reason meeks was there.  
    it will be interesting to see how frank handles this issue.  
    will he, as i anticipate, simply stick stuckey back out there as a starter?
    or will he show some gonads and coaching smarts and keep singler out there with the starters?
    (obviously, not 40 minutes a game, but with a substantially increased role?)
    based on his past pattern, i think it’s pretty clear that stuckey gets his job back. 

  • Nov 15, 20125:13 pm
    by gmehl


    While everyone is disputing what nickname he should have i will re-post these for those who haven’t seen them yet:

    Kyle gets buckets 1.0


    Kyle gets buckets 2.0


  • Nov 16, 20122:51 am
    by joel


    seems bucket man is more sensible especially because of the videos. but haha it started to sound custodial when i read it. haha

  • Nov 16, 20129:28 am
    by XstreamINsanity


    I don’t know why, but hearing Monroe refer to him as Bucket Man makes me go all Elton John-y:

    “Bucket Maaaan, hittin’ all those threes at the road or home.”

    I know, corny, but catchy.  :) 

    • Nov 16, 201211:43 am
      by Crispus


      My first thought too.

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