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Last person in world not ready for Andre Drummond to play more: Drummond should now play more

Lawrence Frank, via Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

"We’re trying to find more time for Andre

I guess this is encouraging. Andre Drummond, for many reasons, should play more.

Perhaps, there are rotation concerns and questions about which players fit best together, but this seems unnecessarily complicated. It’s not like finding your keys when you misplace them. If Frank wants to play Drummond more, he can just play him more.

Really, I don’t care much whether Frank says Drummond deserves more minutes. I want to see it actually happen.


  • Nov 23, 20121:42 pm
    by L Boogie


    Coach Frank, really has no excuse not to play him, every excuse he ofers is straight BS. tere needs to bea shake up, team shake up and coach shake up; we need a new starting line upand he needs to go deeper in the bench pa 10 players, you need to see what Kris and Kim and Slava can bring; Daye / Charlie are done, finito, charliecame in he oter nght and bricked everything he tossed up, thy are done, but their needs to be a shake up. Joe D, Tom Gores, make it happen in order to gain the fan base back an to ensur a better turn out at games. Coach Frank, this is your lats chance tomake a line up change or else, C YAAAAAA

  • Nov 23, 20121:46 pm
    by MrBlockedShot


    Ok coach, this night you have your first chance to give more minutes to Drummond, up to you…

  • Nov 23, 20122:00 pm
    by vic


    The minutes are not hard to find, its called put him on the floor.

    So what he’s really saying is what losing unproductive older players will I have to sit on the bench to play my supertalented productive answer to all our defensive problems?

    If you have to ask that question, to me that proves you are coaching for politics, not coaching to win. Yeah its a players league, but your record and your name is on the line, there’s no excuse for not coaching to win. (unless you have been told by management to tank)

    This needs to be the lineup -

    As needed for energy/rebounds/fouls:

  • Nov 23, 20122:34 pm
    by bugsygod


    Just Stupid.  The more i hear frank talk, the more i REALLY dislike this guy.  Did Drummond do something to him??  I mean “find mintues”???  He is the number 1 draft pick that is EXCEEDING expectations…hello?!?  Sit maxiel earlier and reduce his minutes down to 20 from 26.  That is 6 extra minutes for drummond.  Gets him up to 21mins a game.  Hell take some of JJ minutes too.  Get drummond up to at least 25mins.   Ok now if i can do that, but the head coach cant figure that out?? 
    We got Toronto tonight, will be funny to see us play Drummond alot and he performs well and we win. Frank after the game “well andre certainly helped and played well, we will have to take this on a game by game basis, but we cant lose sight of the contributions that maxiel has provided this team, where we are going we are going to need guys like maxiel to continue to play well.  The toughness and professionlism that he plays with is just unbelievable”  Um coach how bout more on drummond “well he’s young and he has a lot to learn, but with a player like jason maxiel on the team, to show him the right way to play, with energy, toughness and ability to bring it everyday, i cant say enough about the contributions that jason maxiel has provided for this team”.  but coach he played less minutes and you won..”well yes, that is because the way that jason maxiel starts games, bringing that energy and toughness, thats what really got us rolling, jason in those first 5minutes of the game was really impressive, its a shame i couldnt get more mintues for him, will have to do better the next game” NOOOOOOO!!!   

  • Nov 23, 20122:37 pm
    by Dan


    I’d see that thought through properly and sit Tay and Corey as well. Mediocre long time vets aren’t going to create a prosperous future, only limit risk and thereby also limit potential reward… Please Have Singler, JJ and English get those minutes. Make it or brake it. if they ain’t good enough, get rid of them as well. (ok, give em a chance to prove themselves.)

    And please stop using JJ as a 4. He’s a NBA 3 body. We have two 4 bodies – Monroe and Maxiell. JJ can serve as a top gap 4 when the 4 valid and true 4/5 bodies we have (Max, Dre, Moose, Slava) need a rest.

    I do enjoy the 12/13 Pistons more than the 11/12 or the 10/11 Pistons. Frank is a step up, and Singler, English, Dre are fun to watch. Gimme more Dre, and less slow play (read vets..). It’s supposed to be fun.


  • Nov 23, 20123:10 pm
    by Derek


    Sit Prince, remove Bynum from the rotation, and reduce Maxiell’s minutes to around 20, he seems to be better in spurts.  With that surplus of minutes get Drummond on the floor. 

    Let Stuckey run the second unit and pair up next to English/Middleton (divide the numbers up).  Get Kravtsov out there in some sort of 12 to 15 minute blast so he can prove his worth.  When you’re tempted to play Daye or Villaneuva, put English or Middleton in.  

  • Nov 23, 20123:24 pm
    by Otis


    I know I’ve said this before, but the only reason to play Maggette at all is to build some value and trade him at the deadline. With Maxiell I won’t go so far as to say it’s the ONLY reason, but it’s the only reason he should be starting and playing major minutes. Wins and losses are as irrelevant to this team as the team itself is to the NBA. The easy solution is to gradually increase Drummond’s minutes, trade Maxiell at the deadline to a contender in need of a third or fourth big man, and then insert Drummond into the starting lineup with Slava backing him up at center.

  • Nov 23, 20124:06 pm
    by Ozzie-Moto


    For the last 5 years of so the fans have been ahead of the management:  JD and his band of clown coaches, an amazing bad sign.. no leadership what so ever. very poor judge of talent on JD part.    OK so I don’t like any of the Detroit guards that we have at the moment (Though English might be an answer at SG if we ever get to find out )  Knight Might develop into a good point  but why is it we always seem to have player that don’t fit what we need.  But given what we could have now or soon that would actually might be worth watching ….

    Center:  Clearly Drummond could be the real deal at this position. Kravtsov should get a chance at some point to back up the front line and Monroe can slide over … Not bad potential.  A vet back up at the position would be great as well 

    Power forward:  Monroe will be great here but it may take some time to get settled.  Now Max or hopefully someone bigger with a lot of hustle will back him up. A stretch 4 would be nice also but CV is  now a lost cause (mostly his fault but the organization deserves part of the fault as well) JJ can play here against smaller second team players… (JJ problem is that he some where between a PF and SF but ideal at neither ) …

    Small Forward:  Here the beginning of a lot of a lot of problems:  Prince would be OK under other situations but his lack of energy demeanor is not helping and he should have been traded long ago as a vet to to back up a star would be natural.  K Singler is better fit as a 3 than a 2 so he may make this work but a player with true talent here would make a great potential front line .. in the long run Singler might be a great back up at this position.  We have no real idea about Middleton. Daye probably another lost cause (like CV mostly his fault but i say he was jerked around and could have been better developed)   

    Shooting Guard:  Now the real problems start. The only player with that really fits that bill is Kim English and so far we really don’t know if he can fill this spot soon.  Maggette in his younger days might have been an answer but not on a building team.  Arron afflolo would be great but we gave him away for nothing, Shoots the 3 and defends good balance for a penetrating Point.    Stuckey can combo off the bench just not starter quality.  Knight could play here as well (in some ways better than the point at the moment.) 

    Point Guard:  Well more problems. IF knight can get there soon Great if not more problems. we need one starting or off the bench PURE point guard to get this team speeded up.  W Bynum has some of the right instincts (great ally ooops with Dru in pre-season)  but he seems to look good one day and horrible the next.  Forget Stuckey here. 

    Shopping list:

    So we need a Scoring 3 (to start and replace Prince) a Shooting guard (unless English develops into starter here ) A banging hustler at to back up at Power forward )  and a real point guard to replace the W Bynum  CV / DAYE / are seemingly over .WB maybe as well …    JJ and Max are OK but should not be seen as major parts..   Dru / Monroe are the only real solid building blocks going into the future 


  • Nov 23, 20124:09 pm
    by DasMark


    Coach Frank, I have an idea of where you can squeeze those minutes, bench Maxiell! Your interior offense and defense will dramatically increase!  

  • Nov 23, 20124:37 pm
    by Corey


    Maxiel doesn’t need to be benched. 

    Start Max (28min) and Monroe (35). Drummond plays 25 minutes as backup C with Monroe at PF when they play together. 10 big man minutes left- either JJ if the physical matchup is ok, or Kravtsov if we need size. Trade Max by deadline then the C rotation is Drummond/Kravtsov and PF is Monroe and JJ.

    Bench Maggette. He serves no future purpose. Prince can still have 24 mpg unless my Xmas wish comes true and they trade him for a parrot that says “Buffoonery!” a lot.  Rest of the “3″ time can go to JJ and Singler.

    At the 2, play Singler, English, and Stuckey in some combination.  At the 1, Knight and Stuckey, with more minutes to whoever is doing it better that day.  They could squeeze Middleton in a little to see how he does. 

    This would help them develop all their young players, and probably win more games too.  All the guys with no future with the team- CV, Daye, Maggette, Bynum – should never see the floor.


  • Nov 23, 20126:54 pm
    by frankie d


    it is only surprising that detroit fans are surprised at how frank is handling drummond and other young players.
    it is essentially the same pattern from last year.
    different players, yes, but the same pattern.
    last year it was hard to understand how tay could lead the team in minutes and shots considering how poorly he played and how many young guys the team had at the wing positions who were dying to get on the floor.
    or how max was simply penciled in, once the team began playing at a .500 level, as though he was the second coming of karl malone.
    or how guys like wilkins and big ben took the 8th and 9th spots in the rotation when they should have been emergency players who came in against certain players if, or when, a weird matchup favorable to their skills presented itself.
    and how the team could even think about keeping a guy like walker russell around all year when they should have been looking at young guys – like jeremy lin – who were also on the scrap heap and who just might have come in and made a difference.
    imho, what is happening this year is exactly the same as happened last year.  it is simply a bit more obvious because drummond has been that spectacular. 
    however, the damage done last year, when the team effectively maintained a weird status quo with retreads and vets, for the joy of another lottery season, was just as great.
    the pistons leader is a mediocre, embittered vet in the middle of a pretty steep decline, who is only around because he couldn’t get a better deal anywhere else.  can’t blame him for taking the money and running.  it does, however, make you wonder what the management is thinking when they place a guy like that in such an important position.

  • Nov 24, 20129:16 am
    by Tyrone


     I think that coach Frank is holding Slava back to protect the #1 draft pick durmmonds growth.  Slava has more playing experience than drummond and I believe that he will adjust quicker to the NBA than Drummond when given a chance to play.  I believe that Drummond up side is much larger than Slava.
    My question is simple, has coach Frank been told not to play Slava by JD, or is coach Frank putting his marker down and saying Slava has yet to earn his playing time?  I feel that we the fans deserve an honest answer.
    I don’t understand why if CV and Daye have not earned playing time and that kills any trade value that could have brought to the table, why not sit them out of the line up and develop another young player in Slava as our 4th big (Moose, Max, Drummond, Slava)?  
    My final point, I like what I have seen in Drummonds play so far, but the season is not even 1/4 (20 games) completed.  I say that Drummond playing time is ok where it is at for now because we are a very young team trying to find its way.  Drummond is still very raw skill wise so Im ok with bring him along slowly.  He docent need the added pressure and expatiation of being the here and now change agent for this young team IMO. 

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