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Kyle Singler, with his confusingly good production, has become more intriguing than Andre Drummond

Me at the Free Press:

Using win shares, a decent measure of a player’s contributions, Portland’s Damian Lillard leads all rookies. No. 2 and No. 3? Singler and Andre Drummond. To call the Pistons’ first-year players pleasant surprises would be an understatement. They’ve been so good, they have a chance to give Detroit multiple all-rookie first-team players for the first time since Isiah Thomas and Kelly Tripucka in 1981-82.

With Drummond, the main question is: when? Nobody doubted Drummond’s potential. Many questioned how quickly he could reach it or whether he would get there. But nearly everyone could at least imagine a day when Drummond was a significant contributor. Possessing a 6-foot-10, 270-pound frame and incredible athleticism will do that.

But with Singler, the main question: how? Or more accurately: how in the world?

It can be tough to articulate exactly what Singler does so well, but while we’re trying to describe it, he’s turning around the Pistons’ season (from historically bad to regularly bad, but still).

Singler, with or without the ball, is constantly doing something to help his team score on each possession. That’s really valuable in a league with a shot clock and on a team with so many players prone to dribbling the life out of the offense.


  • Nov 30, 20123:23 pm


    nothing has surprised me, im just waiting for Singler to start posting up more and drop 30….and for Drummond to get his first 20-20 game this season

  • Nov 30, 20123:41 pm
    by labatts


    I may have said this before, but I didn’t think that Singler met his potential when he was at Duke.  So, yes, he has been a pleasant surprise to me.

  • Nov 30, 20123:42 pm
    by Scott Free


    We’re always talking about players Peaks and performance on this blog.  What is Singlers?  If he’s met his professional peak, I think he’d be a rotation player on most teams in this league… if he hasn’t, then what can we expect?

    • Nov 30, 20126:02 pm
      by Desolation Row


      Is the question: assuming he hasn’t reached his peak yet, how much higher can his peak foreseeably be above where he is right now? If so, I’d say fringe all-star.

  • Nov 30, 20124:46 pm


    Trade Idea:
    Mo Harkless, Turkoglu, Harrington, 1st round pick
    Kyle Singler, Daye, maggette, maxiell
    I think this trade would be great for us, as much as kyle singler is turning into a fan favourite at this point he could help bring great value back to be included in a trade. I like mo harkless and harrington could replace what CV does by next year. Turk would be great for drummond as someone who can throw great lobs and get to the rack, along with great shooting. on top of this if their pick this year turns out to be a top 10 we will be looking great for next year
    what do u guys think

    • Nov 30, 20125:43 pm
      by Bullshit Trade Police


      Actually not a terrible trade for Orlando considering they’d cut a ton of cap in the next few years. Depends on whether they’d want to essentially sell their 1st rounder for close to 20 million in cap. Harrington and CV are pretty much a wash. Turkoglu looked pretty worthless a couple years ago but decent now, Harkless has a lot of upside as a defender. Great trade for the Stones, decent trade for Orlando if they’re in cut cap mode, though that 1st rounder is a hefty price.

  • Nov 30, 20125:03 pm
    by vic


    That’s remarkable, that 2 of the top 5 rookies in the league this year play for the Pistons. Along with the top 3rd or better player from the 2010 draft (Monroe), and a supercompetitive pg in Knight who’s trying his best to outperform his peers. 

    That’s really good. Now its time to get let the vets sit back like Stuckey did, change their role a bit for the betterment of the team.

    Doubt it’ll happen now, but we can hope  

  • Nov 30, 20125:26 pm
    by Jodi Jezz


    Singler is still a bum…

    • Nov 30, 20125:55 pm
      by Desolation Row


      Yeah, we’ve only been 5-3 since starting him. We’re way better with someone else getting those minutes. Out of genuine interest: is there an actual reason you dislike him?

      • Nov 30, 20128:09 pm
        by Patrick Hayes


        There isn’t. He’s just trolling again.

      • Nov 30, 201211:31 pm
        by Jodi Jezz


        Thanks Pat, you educational background is showing again…
        @Desolation: I don’t like him because he does nothing for our team…He can’t play defense, he doesn’t assist, and he always gets beat off the dribble…All Singler can do is hit a jump shot, and his shot isn’t even consistent…I’m embarrassed Frank has him in our starting line-up bro, I think Singler messes up our image…Everything about the Pistons is the complete opposite in Singler…If Singler wants to start tell him to go to the Suns, Warriors, Jazz, or Raptors…He just needs to get out of the Pistons starting line-up…

  • Nov 30, 20125:48 pm
    by Nathan


    Singler’s success is not surprising.  He wsa misused and sold out so hard for that Duke program that it hurt his stock at times.  I think the guy played more minutes, more defense, and set more screens than all of his teammaes combined in his successful four year stint at Duke. 

    Singler is nearly 6′ 9″ in shoes and he can shoot it well from 27 feet.  This combination along with great defensive effort and wondlerful instincts equals a 10 year career as some sort of role player with a few years as borderline star, but always steady and good for his team.  He is like Kyle Korver but way better at defense and rebounding and offense prowess.  Good start and we’ll see if he can sustain for the long season.  

  • Nov 30, 20126:37 pm
    by DG


    Singler is a pleasant surprise beyond a doubt.  It is debatable that he is more intriguing than Drummond though because most people would probably still think that Drummond has more potential.  Still an absolute steal of a draft pick though.

    • Nov 30, 20128:10 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      By ‘intriguing’ I think Dan just meant that he didn’t know Singler could be this good or better. With Drummond, even with the question marks, everyone knew that he could be really good, so his initial success is not all that surprising.

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