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Kyle Singler, Andre Drummond make David Thorpe’s ‘Rookie Watch’ for ESPN

David Thorpe of ESPN.com released (Note: Insider required) his first ‘Rookie Watch’ after the season’s first week, and two Pistons were mentioned. Kyle Singler came in at eighth place in the rankings:

Detroit might be the league’s worst team right now, but the Pistons have to be happy with the play of Singler. His play thus far screams “steady” and, since he has significant upside as a shooter, he looks to have a real chance at being a solid rotation player. He leads all rookies in true shooting percentage (.686) thanks to excellent shot selection. Singler is going to be part of the solution in Detroit, not part of the problem.

Andre Drummond was listed among Thorpe’s ‘five guys who look ready to start playing better soon’ section:

He’s doing a nice job of rolling to the rim after ball screens and just hanging around the paint, giving him a chance to make a play at the rim thanks to his size and wingspan. Given Detroit’s rough start, we might see significant playing time for Drummond relatively soon to help jump-start his learning curve.


  • Nov 14, 201210:06 am
    by MIKEYDE248


    Why is it that it seems like everyone that watches Drummond thinks he should be playing more minutes except Frank?  Hopefully they are playing Max to showcase him for a trade.  Although he has been playing pretty good lately, he will never have the upside that Drummond does.

  • Nov 14, 201210:28 am
    by Shawn


    To be fair to Frank, he does know that locker room better than the spectators, so, if he thinks that Andre should be brought along slowly then this makes sense because I must assume that he doesn’t want to lose the respect of the players.  However, part of me can’t help but wonder if this is some rerun of Rudy playing in Frank’s head.  Where he’s trying to reward effort and merrit at the expence of talent and the future.

  • Nov 14, 201210:49 am
    by Biff


    Who cares about wins on a team like this? Best case scenario is they fail into a top 2 pick, broom the garbage off the roster in the offseason and start fresh next year. 

  • Nov 14, 201210:55 am
    by D_S_V


    I really, really, reallllllllyyyyyyy hope a Maxiell trade is in the Pistons’ future. It makes too much sense – he’s been one of a few bright spots in this so far winless season, and if he can net the team an asset they can use in the future rather than letting him walk for nothing, pull the trigger! Joe D needs to be sending Maxiell mix tapes to all contending teams. He can’t really be planning on handing Max a new multi year contract this offseason. 

    Wait… Oh please, no… 

    • Nov 14, 201211:04 am
      by MIKEYDE248


      We did see them throw new contracts at Prince & Stuckey.  Let’s hope they don’t think that because Max is playing well right now, that he deserves a new contract.

  • Nov 14, 201211:40 am
    by vic


    Look at this chart at the end of this link. 
    Andre Drummond has one of the highest PERs for the lowest average minutes in the league.


    • Nov 14, 201211:47 am
      by David


      that sample size is way too small to be useful. right now kyle lowry and jimmer fredette are ranked 2 and 4 in PER in the league. Jason Smith and Anthony Morrow are in the top 10. And yes, Drummond is ranked 14. That’s just not going to stay like that. 

      Drummond is for real, I’m fully on board. But he’s not going to end the season in the top 20 in PER. 

      • Nov 14, 20121:24 pm
        by tarsier


        It is a small sample size but 14th in the league in PER, 13th in rebound rate, and 8th in TS% (which accounts for free throws!) is ridiculous. Heck, the man is top 60 on EWA in spite of playing 15 mpg for a zero win team.

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