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Kim English continues to endear himself to Pistons fans

Plenty of things went wrong for the Pistons in Wednesday’s season-opening loss to the Houston Rockets. I don’t think anyone had a single thing to complain about from rookie guard Kim English in that game, but here’s English taking the blame for something via Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press. English had a layup attempt blocked by Houston’s Omer Asik in the fourth quarter, and he apparently felt really bad about it for a couple of reasons:

English conceded it was a great play by Asik, but said: “I’ve been playing with NBA guys for three months now, so I should have went off two feet. That was a great play by him. I didn’t think he could that. I tried to go quick to the basket, but he got there.”

English also said maybe it wasn’t wise to try to score considering the lineup.

“When I’m in the game late with Greg and Tayshaun and Brandon, I should be facilitating to them, so that’s why I count it as a mistake,” English said of Monroe, Prince and Knight, respectively. “If it doesn’t go in when I’m in with that lineup, then it’s a mistake.”

It’s certainly not hard to root for that guy to be a very successful NBA player.


  • Nov 4, 20129:21 am
    by Tom Y.


    I didn’t see the game or this move specifically, did he force that shot? I hope he doesn’t mean to say he shouldn’t shoot at all late in games with more experienced guys in the lineup. If the opportunity’s there, take it!

    • Nov 4, 20129:25 am
      by labatts


      It wasn’t a force.  He just underestimated Asik.  As I recall, there were several blocks in this game.

    • Nov 4, 20129:31 am
      by Ben Fridsma


      i agree, if your open take the shot, dont just give it away b/c tay is on the floor ect. only way to build confindence is by taking shots good ones or bad ones. i like English so far, nothing wrong with him from my eyes. Would love to see him some more, i wanna see how he does against an “elite” team.

  • Nov 4, 20129:30 am
    by DasMark


    Don’t feel bad, Kim. Monroe, Tay and Knight would have missed their shot anyways. 

  • Nov 4, 20129:44 am
    by jake


    if i remember correctly, a nasty crossover by kim made that block possible

    • Nov 4, 20129:52 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      Yeah, Asik just made a great play. Not many players would’ve covered that much ground to get to English’s shot. Not a bad shot by English at all.

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