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Greg Monroe questions intelligence of Brandon Knight, who claims Monroe watches ‘Happy Feet’ in robe and slippers

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

Knight is often the target of Monroe’s playful ribbing — and he gives it right back.

"They say he was a 4.0 student in high school and college," Monroe said. "That has yet to be proven."

Knight’s response.

"This is what he does," he said. "He instigates. Did you know he watched ‘Happy Feet’ (a 2006 animated film) with a robe and slippers?"

This Pistons team just might be getting fun. After years of droll play and droll personalities, we might finally be seeing some life from this group. That this example comes from the team’s two main building blocks – Brandon Knight and Greg Monroe – is just a bonus.


  • Nov 1, 20122:14 pm
    by sebastian


    C’mon OUR roster, 2012-2013 season, and coaching staff are at a crisis-level and juvenile foolishness about Moose watching a child’s movie leaks to the public.
    Damn! OUR Pistons are in far worst shape than I thought.

  • Nov 1, 20124:23 pm
    by Chris N


    “C’mon, OUR roster, 2012-2013 season, and coaching staff are at a crisis-level and juvenile foolishness about Moose watching a child’s movie leaks to the public.”

    What was your impression of the 2012-2013 Pistons Sebastian?  Were you expecting a group of stoic, grizzled veterans that never flinch, eat granite for breakfast and are show no emotions other than anger?

    Brandon Knight is nineteen years old.  Greg Monroe is twenty two years old.  They’re going to act like juveniles sometimes because…well, they are.  Even on the most veteran of rosters, there’s going to be pranks, jokesters and a fair amount of goofing off.  The trick is to do that once the work is done.  From what I’ve read, these young Pistons seem to be about the business of becoming better basketball players and a better basketball team.  There’s  still a lot of work to do, but I think they’re headed in the right direction.  

    Just out of gnawing curiosity, what are the things that you see as harbingers of the roster and coaching staff being at a “crisis-level”? 


    • Nov 1, 20125:02 pm
      by sebastian


      Well, Chris N. since you asked:
      Harbingers of the roster:
      B. Knight OUR starting PG, who is really not a starting PG in the League. He really should be cast as a third guard.
      Stuckey OUR starting SG, who can’t shoot. How  many potential And-1′s has Stuckey not completed, since entering the League? Just think how his .ppg would affected, if he made the shoot, when he has bulled his way to the basket. Now, I admitt Stuckey is a very good FT shooter. And, truth be told Stuckey is a third guard, too.
      Tay, OUR starting SF, can’t check no other starting SF in the League. He is weak, slow, and not a starting SF in League, today.
      Moose, OUR starting PF/C continually is outmatched, as he is placed in the starting line-up, without a frontline mate, night after night, after night. Moose does look better conditioned, though.
      Maxey, OUR staring PF. Maxey is an eight or ninth-man getting starter’s minutes. Maxey is who WE, think he is as he enters his 8th season in the League.
      Jerebko could be a very effective player, if his role was more clearly defined. Meanwhile, his true value is being wasted.
      Charlie V. and Daye represent 1/6 of the roster (and roughly .18% of the team salary) and neither player ever takes their warm-ups off. The both of them are essentially 13 feet of dead weight.
      Drummond, a potential crowd pleaser; the player who could play alongside Moose; OUR 19 year old rim protector and rim racker gets pedestrain minutes and is being handled, like a baby.
      Conan O’Brian (Kyle Singler) should be OUR 11th-man, but he was the only guy who played like he ever saw a basketball, before.
      English is nice, but spot minutes will not help his production.
      The Ukraine wasn’t even introduced, during the over-top Intro, at last night’s home opener.
      And, Corey Meggette’s expiring salary should be moved for something far more tangible.
      The Coaching Staff
      WE are be coached by a jockey. What NBA coach wears a 3-piece suit, while coaching an NBA game. Answer L. Frank. Why is Brian Hill still on the coaching staff. Brian Hill hasn’t won anything, Shaq was a young phenom and L. Frank hasn’t won anything, since his 16th game as the Nets coach.
      Chris N., if this roster and rotation stays the same, WE will only probably be better than the Bobcats come April 15, 2013.

      • Nov 1, 20125:26 pm
        by Chris N


        I do have another question though: if the Pistons finish tenth in the Eastern Conference instead of fourteenth, will the crisis have been averted?

      • Nov 1, 20125:36 pm
        by Scott Free


        Settle down Sebastian, you don’t even sound like a true Pistons fan.  Lions fans support their teams during entire LIFETIMES of poor play… but we basketball fans want to trade away our entire core for a ‘grass is always greener’ mentality.  

        You want the Pistons to be the Lakers… buying up talent whenever it comes available, constantly competing for championships due to an endless parade of All Stars.  Creme of the crop at every position, 12 men deep, just isnt going to ever happen in Detroit.  Thats not Detroit basketball.  

        Granted, this is a hilariously unbalanced squad, but their problems aren’t merely ones of talent.  Knight and Stuckey do not play well together.  Knight could double his assists each night if he were paired with a shooting guard that can spot up occasionally.  Monroe is too soft of a defender to handle the larger centers and Maxiel is too short to take up that responsibility… that doesn’t mean we should just dump them or relegate them to a spot at the end of a bench.  For crying out loud, Singler is one of our most versatile players off the bench and you want to send him to Charlie V duty at the end of the bench!

        There’s a line between complaining about a squad… and complaining about a teams identity.  You’ve crossed it… go watch LeBron if all you care about is winning.

        • Nov 2, 201210:23 am
          by sebastian


          Scott Free, thanks for bring me in off of the ledge. But, I can’t help it, man. OUR guys looked awful and WE are becoming butt of every joke throughout the vast, NBA universe.

  • Nov 1, 20124:23 pm
    by Josh B


    Ummm, calm down there champ

  • Nov 1, 20125:15 pm
    by jerrific


    you gotta love all these people proclaiming doom and gloom for the Pistons when we’ve barely started the season. Chill out, we’re a young team. No everything isn’t perfect, but for the first time in four or five years we’re at least headed in the right direction. 

  • Nov 1, 20125:24 pm
    by Chris N


    I think we see things very differently Sebastian…

    • Nov 2, 201210:25 am
      by sebastian


      Chris N., if you are referring to the juvenile angle of the report, then you are 100% correct in your analysis.

  • Nov 1, 20129:37 pm
    by koz


    kris middleton can shoot the ball y’all. Why he no play? Too much macho crap in sports, give the dude a chance, he’ll deliver.

    • Nov 2, 20128:26 am
      by XstreamINsanity


      The Pistons played 10 players on opening night, most teams only play 8-9 guys at all during a game.  Who’s minutes would he have taken?  Singler’s?  He had a TS% and eFG% of 1.000, had a block, made two three pointers, and was so-so defensively. He’ll get his chance this season (hopefully before Daye or Villanueva ever get a minute of playing time).

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