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Greg ‘Curly Fries’ Monroe records triple-double against DeMarcus Cousins, but Pistons lose again

Detroit Pistons 103 Final
Recap | Box Score
105 Sacramento Kings
Jason Maxiell, PF 34 MIN | 5-9 FG | 1-2 FT | 6 REB | 1 AST | 11 PTS | +1

Maxiell deserves a nice, positive ‘"meh" for this performance. Maxiell has his limitations, but more often than not, including tonight, he meets most of his capabilities.

Tayshaun Prince, SF 27 MIN | 4-10 FG | 2-2 FT | 3 REB | 1 AST | 10 PTS | -8

Prince moved better without the ball tonight, and after Kyle Singler played solid defense off the bench, Prince responded in kind. Isn’t that one thing we all want with this roster, for the younger players to push the veterans? Singler and Prince made that happen tonight.

Greg Monroe, C 40 MIN | 8-15 FG | 5-7 FT | 12 REB | 11 AST | 21 PTS | +7

Greg "Curly Fries" Monroe had the Pistons’ first triple-double since Chauncey Billups in 2004. Detroit finally ran its offense through Monroe, and the results were encouraging. Monroe is the Pistons’ best offensive player, and the more he’s involved, the better. Because he’s such a good passer for a big man, it’s possible for Monroe to take so much responsibility, and I hope the Pistons keep giving it to him. Only his so-so defense on DeMarcus Cousins, admittedly a tough cover, kept him from earning an A+. Most importantly, Monroe still hit the offensive glass hard while distributing

Brandon Knight, PG 33 MIN | 6-10 FG | 4-5 FT | 2 REB | 4 AST | 21 PTS | 0

Because Monroe and Rodney Stuckey ran the offense for so much of the night, Knight had a chance to play more off the ball. Right now, that suits him best. Unfortunately, for these Pistons to grow in the coming years, Knight probably must become their point guard. Games like this are good for Knight in the short term, but if he plays this role every night, I’m not sure that’s best for his development. At this point, I’d make developing Detroit’s young players the No. 1 priority for this season.

Rodney Stuckey, PG 34 MIN | 2-6 FG | 0-0 FT | 0 REB | 4 AST | 5 PTS | +8

The good news is Stuckey shot twice as well percentage-wise as he did in the Pistons’ first four games. The bad news is Stuckey shot 33 percent tonight. Stuckey’s ability to take on some point-guard duties freed Brandon Knight to play off the ball, which helped the Pistons. That’s a positive, I guess, but Stuckey’s lone value can’t be serving as Knight’s crutch.

Jonas Jerebko, PF 15 MIN | 3-6 FG | 0-2 FT | 2 REB | 0 AST | 7 PTS | -4

Jerebko got poked in the eye, shot two free throws while he could barely see, got leveled by a Thomas Robinson elbow (that caused Robinson to be ejected) — and stayed in the game. Jerebko has played better this season, but no Piston has shown more heart so far this year than Jerebko did tonight.

Kyle Singler, SF 25 MIN | 3-8 FG | 5-6 FT | 4 REB | 0 AST | 12 PTS | -1

Singler earned the nod in the fourth quarter over Tayshaun Prince because of his defense. Singler didn’t shoot well, but it was nice to see his defensive effort reward.

Andre Drummond, C 6 MIN | 0-0 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 0 AST | 0 PTS | -4

Drummond would not have been the answer tonight. The Kings were scoring inside because of DeMarcus Cousins’ strong footwork in the post and their guards getting into the lane and dumping off the ball before Detroit rotated. A raw defender like Drummond wasn’t going solve those issues. That said, Drummond deserved more playing time — especially in the second half, when he played just 51 seconds. He needs minutes to develop, even in unfavorable situations, and although the Kings might shot better with him in the game, Drummond would have prevented a few offensive rebounds when they didn’t.

Will Bynum, PG 15 MIN | 4-6 FG | 6-7 FT | 0 REB | 1 AST | 14 PTS | -4

Bynum got his own offense tonight, which is fine, because he did it efficiently.

Kim English, SG 10 MIN | 1-3 FG | 0-0 FT | 3 REB | 1 AST | 2 PTS | -5

English didn’t contribute much tonight, but he leaped over the front row going for a loose ball. Keep that effort up, and he’ll help the Pistons more games than he doesn’t.

Lawrence Frank, HEAD COACH

This was Frank’s best-coached game of the season. Having Rodney Stuckey play on the ball more boosted Brandon Knight, and running the offense through Greg Monroe is obviously a good call. But Frank can’t be afraid to play Andre Drummond. The franchise’s future depends on Drummond, and he needs playing time to develop. As stated above, I also have questions about how playing this off-ball role will affect Knight’s progression.


  • Nov 8, 201212:52 am
    by jacob


    I can’t beleive Frank won’t play drummond and monroe together.

    • Nov 8, 201210:03 am
      by sspiridigliozzi


      Sorry to say but the problem starts at the top….. Its time for JOE to GO!!!! I’ve been a Pistons for well over 30 years, and Ive seen a lot greats come and go and Joe was my all time fav. Now with that said, Joe is the problem here with this team. Now he has made way more bad moves then good one’s. Everything from bad trades to not trading to over paying bad players to coaches to drafting. The list goes on and on…. I love Joe, but it just seems like the last four-five years he’s slipped.

  • Nov 8, 201212:52 am
    by Vince


    Saw this comment on the Pistons’ FB post about tonight’s game “0-5, lets try go for the perfect season!”. Pretty much sums up my attitude towards the team as of now.


    The game was awesome! Knight, Singler and Monroe’s games were amazing, Knight with the clutch 3s, Monroe with the most deserved triple double, Singler for just being amazing, and Frank for screwing up what could’ve been our first win of the season.

    GOD DAMN FRANK. Get your shit together man, Drummond needs to play, he needs to get his confidence up, he needs to play with the starters, heck the Pistons needs him because he can protect the paint, now get your hand out of Maxiell’s shorts and play Dre! Its frustrating when you’re giving up offensive rebounds, letting players go straight down the lane and struggling on the offensive glass when you know theres a guy on the bench who can rectify all of that.

    Kravtsov was active tonight as well! Why not pair the two 7 footers during that stretch where we led in the fourth? Twin Towers down the middle to solidify the D, and have Singler English and Knight for the shot making, its really not that hard to do good smart coaching Frank!!

    Got to give Frank some credit though, the offense was much better, defense was still a bit shaky but as a whole it was a much better game by the Pistons. 

    • Nov 8, 20121:03 am
      by Piston Heel


      Somebody gotta wake up and smell the coffee soon! put that boy Dre in the game he just gotta learn the hard way learn as you go!

  • Nov 8, 201212:52 am
    by Reaction


    Heres the video of the TRob tech foul on Jerebko..


    That was just vicious… 

  • Nov 8, 201212:58 am
    by Piston Heel


    Great job by monroe no doubt about that, But that move by Robinson was a punk move but this is the idenity that the Pistons need to pick up TOUGHNESS! not playing dirty but tough when Robinson threw that elbow on JJ somebody should have pushed Robinson butt to the floor. Thats your teammate your brother on the battlefield they have to defend him when things happen like that yeah you might get kicked out, yeah you might get a fine, yeah you might get suspended but its gives your teammates some fire to battle. If they played a little tougher they would have got that W tonight plain and simple.

    • Nov 8, 201211:16 am
      by Jodi Jezz


      I agree, I was thinking the same thing when I watched the game…It seems like we have too many soft players on our team and that’s not Pistons basketball…

    • Nov 8, 201211:44 am
      by Tom Y.


      There’s no one on the Pistons who can push T-Rob to the floor, except maybe Slava, who’s never off the bench anyway. Drummond’s got the size but looks too nice.

  • Nov 8, 20121:07 am
    by tarsier


    When did Monroe become “Curly Fries”?

    • Nov 8, 20121:45 am
      by theicon77


      I think we get free curly fries from arby’s with a triple double.

  • Nov 8, 20121:07 am
    by Richard


    Man looks like we have Princes replacement after this game. Singler looked like he was playing in the league for a few years tonight. Also Max played well, but I think it’s time to put the 9th overall pick in already. Other teams that was in the top 10 in the draft are already playing their rookies more. Also I think it’s time to see Middleton in the game he can shoot. And if Stuck is not going to play well get English in and let him get some plays ran for him much better shooter. 

    • Nov 8, 20121:36 am
      by rick77


      He looked like Prince when he went up for that weak three point attempt in the end and surely was not getting that call. Now with that said lets be real with ourselves here regarding his play, which I am not suprised since he played professionally overseas last year, in that we have not played any of the league’s top three men and he has yet to taste what they are gonna bring. I say be wary because Prince, while he is shell of him former self is still respectable around the league and can teach the young fella a few things. I am mad that we subbed his offense for defense when it was his breakdown that allowed the Kings that final dagger. All in all he has been real heady and I can take that. 

      My problem is with the coach and his bonehead decisions in the final quarter. Why would you leave Maxie alone to guard Cousins in crunch time and take Drummond off the floor? That was dumb. He does not lead me to believe that he knows what it is he is doing. You telling me we should not be 4-1 right now? With better coaching and subbing we are exactly that and maybe more. I mean we could have went into LA 2-0 and who knows. If anyone gives him credit for the better shooting they are delusional because he surely was not getting the blame when they were missing them. The players just made shots and it was up to him to put them in position to win, and he didn’t. Once again he failed. Im looking at 0-8 after OKC on Tuesday. What a shame.

  • Nov 8, 20121:09 am
    by domnick


    trade Max

  • Nov 8, 20121:32 am
    by Mel


    This game could have been won. Frank , Stuck and Tay can both get traded to no mans land. Singler should start English should start, I use to get on Bynum but he is really making an effort and playing his part. They said they wanted to protect Drummond’s confidence, but Frank is destroying it by Yo Yo-ing him along during a game. That has already effected his confidence. We get out rebounded and we have two athletic 7 footers on the bench. Drummond couldn’t even get 10 minutes. People will say he looked lost , any body but especially a rookie will have to get his barrings going when you throw him in the game at the worst times. when a team is disjointed and scrambling around. I hate to admit it and I’ve been a Piston fan since “79″ I actually want the other team to win so we can get rid of Frank. Never thought I would feel that way about my Pistons but now I wish we had gotten Mike Woodson instead. Damn!  Laimbeer had to coach For the Liberty.

    • Nov 8, 20122:03 am
      by Quin


      Tell me about it. I think the young players would have really responded well to Woodson, considering what he did in Atlanta. Frank, on the other hand, now has the opportunity to beat his former record of consecutive losses to start a season (16). Pistons … I really don’t know what else to say, but I want to say more. Maybe if I shake my fist in the air.

      • Nov 8, 201210:36 am
        by tarsier


        0-5 is a long, long way from 0-16.

  • Nov 8, 20121:37 am
    by Mark


    Drummond’s confidence was at an all-time high in the preseason. It was capped off with a 2 dbl-dbl performance by Moose/Dre playing together against an all-star frontcourt in Horford/Smith. THAT was the time you seize the opportunity and just go with it with Greg/Dre. 

    Since then Frank has done the exact opposite and done his best to ruin Dre’s confidence. It makes me sick to watch this poor kid with all this talent getting jerked around by this garbage coach.

    Frank keeps talking about earning your PT. When is he going to start earning his paycheck?! 

  • Nov 8, 20122:20 am
    by Mel


    Yo Quin, I know it’s early but Woodson has the Knicks at #1 at defense, “THE KNICKS!”

    • Nov 8, 20123:38 pm
      by Quin


      I’m gonna cry. I wish we never knew the Pistons interviewed both coaches. I really need to do some soul-searching. The Pistons organization’s poor coaching decisions (including firing Carlisle) far outweigh any bad draft choices. Woodson’s gonna contend for coach of the year again.

      • Nov 8, 20123:49 pm
        by Patrick Hayes


        @Mel and Quin:

        Woodson also has Tyson Chandler anchoring that No. 1 defense. If you think Woodson was winning here, you’re crazy. The fact is, there are very few good coaches in the NBA. Mediocre ones — and Frank and Woodson both fall into that category — win when they have talent and lose when they don’t. It’s that simple.

        • Nov 8, 20124:30 pm
          by Quin


          I’ve seen Tyson Chandler used well, and used poorly. Regardless, I agree with your statement about him. However, Woodson had Atlanta leading the east late in the season with no significant veterans, and a small group of good young players and draft picks. That sounds like what we want the Pistons to be.
          Now that I think about it, there seem to be some similarities between Woodson’s career and Carlisle’s. Both were fired after several consecutive seasons of improving a team’s win/loss record, and leading that team deeper into the playoffs. I would rather pick up a coach who was fired on a high note.

          • Nov 8, 20124:35 pm
            by Quin

            Also, I bet you can name at least four current Knicks who at some point in his career was considered “team cancer.” But when they look at that Moustache, they fall right in line!

  • Nov 8, 20123:35 am
    by YesSir


    Listen we have good players just not good together bynum shoots too much to run the offense. jj has peaked out but solid bench player. max has heart but out matched most nights against taller power fowards. stuckey is ready to go i dont think he is happy here. tay has out grew this team twice over. knight plays better when stuckey does not. moose is an allstar. singler is growing on me that’s a good sign. english is decent. drummond needs minutes period frank damn man. FRANK LOOKS LIKE KUESTER NOT GOOD FRANK. time for a serious trade stuckey max bynum tay for two solid players a good sf or sg like mayo or harden wait they are gone dam. we need a back up pg that can manage the game better than will bynum with some size or like nate robinson.  wilson chandler at sf and a sg like derozan. i think we can get tyreke evans hell they barley play him his numbers dipped since his rookie year go get him joe d for real.

    • Nov 8, 20123:46 am
      by Nick


      I agree with you on the trade for tyreke evans. Sac has too many SG’s already and I think he is a good fit for the Pistons. At this point I honestly believe we won’t win a game until Frank play Monroe and Drummond together. He doesn’t even have to start Drummond, but atleast let him and Monroe play together. Its looking like they won’t win their first game til they play the Magic smh.

    • Nov 8, 20124:35 am
      by Vince


      Ugh. Someone find Frank’s email and send this to him.

  • Nov 8, 20126:37 am
    by Sevan Shmaoon


    Can someone give Franck a smack to the head maybe he’ll start thinking better about starting Monroe and Drummond

  • Nov 8, 20126:52 am
    by vic


    sub Kim English for Stuckey an extra 10 mins, and we win, and Greg eould hsve gotten another assist or 2.
    play Drummond and we would have had more posessions, and won.
    But i get it, lets go for Shabazz…. 

  • Nov 8, 20128:03 am
    by France


    C’mon man, best coached game for Frank ? Why did he keep Prince and Stuckey on the court all game long ? They were horrible, as usual. Bring us Drummond !

  • Nov 8, 20129:04 am
    by Al


    Hey did anybody notice when Frank yanked Drummond in the first half how he looked very very upset?!!? I hope Frank isn’t killing his confidence already

  • Nov 8, 20129:05 am
    by DasMark


    Frank has quickly gone into “save my job” mode, sacrificing the development time of the youth, while playing the starters into the ground for a win over another lottery team. 

    Great game by Monroe, great effort by Jerebko.

    Also, Singler will be starting soon.  

  • Nov 8, 20129:20 am
    by Scott Free


    Lineups I’ve seen in this game:
    1. Maxiel/Monroe
    2. Maxiel/Drummond
    3. Monroe/Jerebko
    4. Drummond/Jerebko

    Any permutation still missing? There was a time after Jerebko was slashed in the face that I thought Frank HAD to play both Monroe and Drummond, but Jonas stayed in the game and Drummond came in to rest the hot hand.  Still no big Ukrainian.   

    • Nov 8, 20129:46 am
      by tarsier


      I’m pretty sure when Drummond came out after playing 52 4th quarter minutes, there was also a Max/JJ frontcourt.

  • Nov 8, 20129:45 am
    by tarsier


    So is Frank just really hung up on distinguishing between PF and C? And determined that Monroe and Drummond are both Cs? So they can only play with PFs not each toehr?

  • Nov 8, 20129:46 am
    by Piston87


    This team needs a win desperately, it was apparent that Drumond was not going to help last night.  They need to do everything possible right now to get the 0 off the board and stay positive.  Sacrificing Drummond’s minutes in a game where Maxiell, Jerebko and Monroe were playing effectively and going all in to get the win is fine by me.

    I did enjoy Singler getting the 4th quarter minutes over prince last night, he is clearly a better player this season then Prince offensively and defensively and his win shares and wins produced numbers prove what we’re seeing on the floor.

    Our starting backcourt is killing us, Knight defense is substandard as everyone gets dribble penetration on him at will.  Of course if Greg Monroe could ever figure out how to defend the pick and roll (he is truly horrible at this) things might improve.  Stuckey is a mess and should be benched, I really don’t care who starts in his place at this point because it would be impossible to produce less.


  • Nov 8, 201210:20 am
    by Jeremy


    I would rather have Drummond down in the D-League getting playing time rather than sitting on the end of the bench getting no time and feeling sorry for himself. This kid needs playing time now, whether it is with our team now or a DL team. He needs at least 25 minutes every game he dresses for. 

    • Nov 8, 201210:51 am
      by Derek


      We are getting killed on the boards.  Max for all his baby eating prowess is not a prolific rebounder.  He has the tenacity, strength,low center of gravity, and leap ability for it…yet he goes out and gives a handful of highlights but nothing consistent enough to warrant the minutes he’s getting.

      Drummond in the same amount of time can get between 8 to 10 boards.  His freakish athleticism will get him that.  If he’s going to ride the pine in favor of what’s ahead of him, let him get ticks in the D-league.

      It is beyond weird to complain about paint protection and rebounding differentials when we have 2 seven footers riding the bench like the Lone Ranger and Tonto.  It is time for trial by fire.  Throw them out there!


      If playing time is based on merit, shouldn’t Stuckey sit?

      Singler has earned more time.

      English has earned more time.

      Jerebko has earned more time.

      Sit Prince too and let him contemplate the good ole days when he could hide behind a team of older experienced players insight of taking the lead.

  • Nov 8, 201210:48 am
    by Ozzie-Moto


    More of the same:  Hanging on to vets minutes to the determent of EVER building a BALANCED team on the floor… Same old same old. This is JD play book and he’s got Frank to follow the script perfectly.  In the past he sort of led on that we might make the play offs that we are not really rebuilding well he won’t have that BS to fall back on for long as we will be the first team that will be eliminated from contention. They have squandered so may young players only to ship them off to start for other teams. If they keep it up they will turn Dummond into Darko by the end of the year. The owner was to lame to clean house so he waiting for the current brain trust to FAIL again so he doesn’t look like a bad guy.  Stop wasting the team and fans time and insulting their intelligence 

    • Nov 8, 201211:13 am
      by tarsier


      The first team eliminated from contention? The number of teams in legitimate contention very rarely if ever hits double digits. Most of the league was out of contention before the season started.

  • Nov 8, 201210:49 am


    I HATE U FRANK started because he refuses to play Monroe and Dre together…. And it will continue ….

    Dre was physically the only one that could defend cousins in the post actually …. He was pushing Cousins around pinning him under the basket several times….not allow Cousins to get position … Then benches Drummond …for Maxiell and Cousin scores 6 out like the next 10 points….

    • Nov 8, 20121:41 pm
      by vic


      yeah you have to watch the game to see that even if Drummond makes mistakes on defense and “looks lost” 
      he’s actually still more effective, evidenced by plus/minus numbers, and what actually goes on on the court when he’s on it.

      Plus, look who are neck & neck, leading the pistons in WP48. Same two that should be starting:
      Singler and Drummond 


      Looks like the numbers and the eyeball test have converged into complete agreement. 

  • Nov 8, 201211:15 am


    I will give Frank Credit for a few things…

    We got rid of the rotating, switching and trapping defense…. it was more man to man and zone defense…the player looked less confused…kudos for that…but probably is you need a “Rim Protector” when you play man to man…. I dont know what going on with him and Drummond…but after he had his best game of the season playing 18 minutes …. in the last two games combined he has played 18 minutes …..12 mins against Denver and or 6 last night…NOT ACCEPTABLE

    I will also give him Kudos for taking Knight off the ball, and allowing him to stretch the offense, and the offense look great..it was fluid with Monroe at like looking like Chris Webber/Divac passing out of the high post…

    The problem with that…Knight needs to continue making strides as PG… previous 3 games he was averaging 8.3 ast 3.6to’s ….alot of Turnover but in one game he had 5… last knight only 4 ast….. we gotta give him a role and live with it

    Stuckey is struggling…and a decision has to be made at that position…

    Great team effort last night, and great Performance from Greg…

    But i am very worried about Drummond confidence, til this day I believe the damage done mentally to Darko during his rookie year impacted his whole career, I dont want the same to happen….

    • Nov 8, 201211:38 am
      by Ozzie-Moto


      Exactly .. the minute i herd all the ” We can bring him (Drummond)  along slowly ”  i saw the same stupid lake of understanding of how to develop rookies with a lot of potential.  Pop in SA and a number of other coaches know how to get the most out of young or Euro players.  Piston do there best to stunt there development, Then give them away for basically nothing.   Wake up this is 2012 not 1950 Players play and peak much younger. As long as the pistons start the same short, lame and unbalanced lineup that they are this team IS THE WORST in the NBA 

    • Nov 8, 20121:47 pm
      by vic


      I totally agree on how they are trying to ruin Drummond. 

      His personality is kind of like Tebow or Lebron, the type that is successful when given confidence and freedom, not the short leash/short bus, Jordan/Kobe “beat you into greatness” treatment. They did that to him at Uconn and that’s part of why he underperformed and fell to 9.

      In the preseason, they treated him well (because it was preseason), and he stepped up and performed. Now they are starting to shut him down and they are going to get what they are expecting if they don’t stop.

  • Nov 8, 20121:19 pm
    by frankie d


    at this point, monroe is the team’s best facilitator and, imho, the team’s offense looks much better, smoother when he has the ball in his hands and is making plays.  the team is looking to run its offense through monroe often, but i think it needs to be done full-time.
    they obviously don’t have a real point guard, a guard with real vision, so why not use the best option available?
    (imho, while i have the same concerns about knight’s development as a PG, i think he needs to experience success first, and then start to refine his game.   if he can become a good, solid nba player playing his hybrid PG role, and then start to add to his game – so that he becomes more of a true PG –   i think that is much easier, than trying to rebuild him on the fly.  coming into the league is tough for any rookie.  coming in while trying to remake the way you play, before you establish your own place on a team, in the league, is even tougher.) 
    let monroe sit at the free throw line and toss passes to cutters.  let stuckey and knight handle the ball, give it to monroe and then cut and spot up, while occasionally setting up the offense.  play drummond with monroe so they can run high/low offense, featuring deadly alley-oops. 
    it’s not rocket science.   that kind of offense cures lots of detroit’s offensive problems, it uses monroe’s talents to their fullest, it gets drummond into the game and makes him a productive part of the offense, it puts enormous pressure on the defense as they have to extend out past the paint to guard monroe.  
    they should have been working on this stuff last year.  and this summer.  and this preseason.  the fact that they are still stumbling around, trying to figure out what to do with their best players, that is the biggest indictment of frank, in my view.
    just another example of frank being stubborn and not being flexible enough to use the talent that he has.    he is still trying to shoe-horn his players into roles they don’t necessarily fit. 

  • Nov 8, 20122:10 pm


    Just make Dee Brown the head coach

  • Nov 8, 20122:15 pm
    by Matt


    I’m not sure if I’m in the minority, but I actually enjoyed watching the Pistons last night. Sure, it was frustrating to see them give up so many offensive boards, but there was a lot of activity and the offense looked a lot more fluid. I’m not sure how many great passes Monroe made from the high post, but there were a lot of them. If everyone can get used to cutting/setting down screens I don’t see any reason why Monroe can’t average around 4 apg.

    Defensively, they’re still a work in progress, but they were looking to run off of defensive rebounds, and it set up a lot of easy baskets in transition. I’m sure that not every team will be as lousy as the Kings are at transition D, but I liked the aggressiveness.

    Even though they lost, it was still a fun game to watch. They were competitive and genuinely seemed to care and put forth a lot of effort. I’m not sure if Monroe was just a little jacked up because he was going against Cousins, but the rest of the team seemed to follow his lead.

    As a general rule, I’d like to see more Drummond, but if the Pistons play that kind of basketball the rest of the season, and the young players improve, I’d consider the season a success, regardless of the W/L record at the end.

  • Nov 8, 20124:41 pm
    by Desolation Row


    Going against the Kings undoubtedly inflated the player and coach grades here…

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