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Former Pistons camp invite Johnny Flynn signs in Australia, will be highest NBA pick ever to play in NBL

According to a report from AndTheFoul.net (and confirmed here, via GMehl in the comments), Jonny Flynn, a camp invite with the Pistons during the preseason and former lottery pick, has signed with Melbourne in Australia:

A strong rumor picking up some steam is that the Tigers have signed former Blazer and Timberwolves guard Jonny Flynn, the team is expected to make an announcement some time this week. It is understood that Flynn will have an NBA opt out clause if he does sign with the Tigers.

23 year old Jonny Flynn will be the highest NBA draft pick to ever play in the NBL.

I obviously am not an expert on Australian basketball, but I have covered a few guys from Michigan over the years who played their after college and put up pretty big numbers. I expect Flynn will quickly become a big star there. The other Pistons camp invite this year, Terrence Williams, signed in China last week.


  • Nov 4, 201211:19 pm
    by gmehl


    Yes this is in true. Being from Australia i can tell you that Flynn will dominate this league but only if he is over his injuries. The NBL is a very physical league so if he is carrying any injuries he will be soon found out. The last thing i would like to add is that if he is coming over here to raise his NBA stock then i think he has made a big mistake. I get the feeling that our league isn’t respected as much as the European leagues. I will keep you guys posted on how he does anyway. Oh and the last Piston to play over here was Will Blalock.
    This is a link confirming his signing:

    • Nov 4, 201211:25 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Thanks man. Added the link to the story.

    • Nov 5, 20123:52 am
      by Vince


      Yeah I’ve watched the NBL, they’re tough but the tempo is faster and the players’ skillset  better in the NBA. I’d go out on a limb and say that most European leagues are better,  but that being said the NBL can be pretty entertaining, I’ll try and get a ticket when he comes up to play in Sydney.

  • Nov 5, 20123:42 am
    by thatswhatsheedsaid


    Whoa. this is buzzy. i live in NZ so watch a bit of NBL, and yeah, he will rip it up, and also yeah, not a good way to get noticed although Cedric Johnson? is that his name? he got a look in after ripping it for the Breakers

  • Dec 21, 20122:15 pm
    by Jeff


    I watched Johnny Flynn play at Syracuse, and I’m really surprised that he didn’t make a bigger splash in te NBA.  I thought he was going to be an Allen Iverson type and I think he still could be. He has a world of talent and the personality to go with it. I saw him literally jump over another player and dunk in college. That was enough for me. You are going to be really happy with him as long as he stays healthy.

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