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Former Piston Antonio McDyess considering a NBA comeback

I don’t think you’ll find a Piston fan anywhere who doesn’t root hard for Antonio McDyess, and according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo!, we might get one more chance to see McDyess chase that elusive championships:

McDyess, 38, has been working out in Houston and has instructed his agent, Andy Miller, to gauge league interest in him.

“He would consider coming back and I will be reaching out to select teams,” Miller told Yahoo! Sports on Thursday night.

The obvious fit for him is Miami. The Heat are always on the lookout for veteran bigs to fill out their bench and McDyess’ ability to hit a 15-footer would work quite nicely with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade (yeah, yeah … anyone who can hit an open 15-footer would probably work out pretty well next to those two, but still). I’m sure some of the usual suspects who go hunting for veteran help will be in play as well — San Antonio, Boston, Lakers or maybe even a reunion with Chauncey Billups with the Clippers would be a consideration. At any rate, it would be excellent to have both Rasheed Wallace and Antonio McDyess back in the league. Now Ben Wallace just needs to find a team.


  • Nov 2, 20122:29 am
    by gmehl


    No Dyess cannot under any circumstances go to the Clippers. He has had way to many knee reco’s and we all know that at some point once you become a Clipper it will eventually happen. This is also true if you play for the Blazers. I hate myself for saying this but if he does catch on somewhere i hope he does at Miami. I would really love to see that man win a ring. I guess it will give us all something to cheer about come the playoffs.

  • Nov 2, 20122:56 am
    by Nick


    @gmehl You took the words right out of my mouth LOL. If Mcdyess goes to Miami it would give me a real reason to cheer for them. I really wanted Mcdyess to get a ring.

  • Nov 2, 20125:29 am
    by Justin


    Dyess dont make me become a Heat fan man……lol

  • Nov 2, 20125:50 am
    by gmehl


    The sad thing is that a 38 year old McDyess would give us more production than CV right now. I’m sorry i shouldn’t even mention the 2 in the same sentence.

  • Nov 2, 20127:58 am
    by @GPMasters


    Would absolutely love him to sign with the Heat for this purpose. Same goes for Ben.

  • Nov 2, 20128:24 am
    by ryan


    I would prefer to see Antonio McDyess rejoin the Spurs and then see that team win a title than see him go to Miami but I’d be rooting for him wherever he went. One of my favorite players ever.

    If he does go to Miami I hope he can accidentally knock Dwyane Wade out with an errant elbow.

    • Nov 2, 20129:51 am
      by tarsier


      San Antonio tried to do the same thing with Jason Kidd that Miami successfully did with LeBron James. How is one team more worthy of rooting for than the other (in other words, how is one team more of a “bad guy” than the other)?

      • Nov 2, 201211:29 am
        by Anthony


        It’s not that the “team” per say is bad. It’s more the players. I just don’t feel that I want to cheer for someone who took the easy way out to win championships. Regardless of how exciting they are to watch. Same with any team that is favored to win. I automatically cheer for them to lose (unless its my beloved pistons) because thats why they play the game. That’s just my spin on it. I always want the little guy to win. 
        Now if the heat came out and struggled the first 2 years and weren’t a “super team” then I would most definitely root for the 3 friends to win a ‘ship together. Just given what I said earlier, I can’t root for those super teams that are favored to win. 

        • Nov 2, 201211:36 am
          by tarsier


          That’s totally fair. I love the Pistons but James and Paul are my favorite players in the league. So if Detroit can’t compete, I have to settle for rooting for whatever teams they are on.

    • Nov 2, 201211:36 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      This is basically my Heat philosophy:

      - I like the Heat because I love watching great basketball. No team collectively plays better, more fun to watch offense or defense than the Heat right now. On offense, their passing is so precise, they are all unselfish and they’re incredibly efficient. On defense, they murder teams in passing lanes and turn steals into buckets maybe as fast as any team ever. Just incredible to watch.

      - I don’t think any of the big three are necessarily the best people in the world, but they’re far, far from the worst sort of villains they’ve been made out to be, particularly Lebron. By star professional athlete standards (and let’s be honest … most star athletes would probably not be the greatest people to hang out with), they’re fine. They all certainly have egos, but I don’t consider any of their three stars more arrogant than others who have reached that level of stardom. And they all certainly do good things off the court, don’t do things that are illegal, etc. I have no justifiable reason to dislike any of them.

  • Nov 2, 201210:40 am
    by Brandow


    he should go to okc not only r they my fav team but last year they seriously showed heart in the playoffs and the finals, besides he can work out with serge ibaka to work more on this offense he probably will also be a good fit with the lakers now that they recruited some big names and are favorites to win a championship

  • Nov 2, 201212:25 pm
    by BIGMARV


    I think it would be the clippers so he will have playing time and also they need more of a polished person behind the energetic play of griffin. I dont think Antonio would want to be a cheerleader on a winning team such as miami. If not he will go to a team with a good coach that he respects like his old team the spurs,nuggets,nets or even philly with doug collins.

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