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Corey Maggette practices fully

Keith Langlois of Pistons.com:

Corey Maggette practiced without restrictions today. Could play at PHI tomorrow if he responds well to activity.

Good for Corey Maggette, I guess. He’s seemingly been a fun presence in Detroit, and he’s in a contract year, so there are reasons to appreciate him finally playing.

But on a grander scale, I just worry Maggette will cut into the minutes of young players like Kyle Singler and Kim English. Those rookie wings need playing time to develop, and they’re more important to the Pistons’ future than Maggette is.


  • Nov 13, 20126:59 pm
    by gmehl


    If Stuckey continues to struggle i say rest him for a week or 2 so he can get over his migraine/headaches and start Maggette in his place until he can return at full health.

  • Nov 13, 20127:04 pm
    by Vince


    I think he won’t impact anyone’s minutes, English has been benched for two straight games so I assume Maggette will be taking his minutes. 

    Any word on why English has been benched actually? He’s a good defender and perimeter threat, why not use him? 

    • Nov 13, 20127:10 pm
      by Patrick


      Its all part of Lawrence Frank’s brilliant plan to make the Pistons as uninteresting as possible. IF WERE GOING TO SUCK WE GOTTA DO IT IN THE MOST BORING UNPRODUCTIVE WAY POSSIBLE

  • Nov 13, 20127:11 pm


    this team is so confusing it has no dirrection

  • Nov 13, 201210:19 pm
    by Vic


    This is going to be good, because Frank can’t mess it up, it fits his process. He’s old and he can score. He’s points you can cash in every night, dependable unlike the rest of the starting unit. This should lead to a couple of wins until he gets injured again

  • Nov 13, 201211:09 pm
    by Oracle


    As long as we keep losing, I don’t really care what second rounder gets minutes. If this team is going anywhere, it needs development out of its first rounders, more good drafts, and trades. Not 2nd rounders to fill up on minutes.

    • Nov 14, 20122:58 am
      by John V


      I don’t think it matters what round they are drafted in. Singler has been just as productive as Drummond so far

      • Nov 14, 20121:30 pm
        by Oracle


        Drummond’s ceiling is an All-Star, Defensive Player of the Year.  Singler’s ceiling is Tayshaun Prince, circa 2004.  Productivity in the first ten games of their career does not mean a single thing.

  • Nov 14, 20123:02 am
    by Piston Heel


    Welp you know Frank plays the vets no matter what so say goodbye to singler and english for a while smh they stopping the growth of the young players thats all I can say.

  • Nov 14, 201212:23 pm
    by frankie d


    more madness.
    someone please explain why magette will play for detroit this year?
    exactly how will he help the team in its current phase, which is supposedly a rebuilding phase?
    i’m sure magette will help improve the team marginally.
    but…so what? 

  • Nov 14, 201212:44 pm
    by Crispus


    Oh yeah! Corey Maggette! I forgot about that guy!

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