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Corey Maggette, general manager?

Corey Maggette hasn’t made much of an on-court contribution with the Pistons this season, but there are plenty of stories chronicling his quickly becoming a respected voice in the locker room. That quality might be a good omen for his future career plans. Via David Mayo of MLive:

Maggette, in his 14th NBA season, was non-committal Wednesday when asked if he might play a 15th.  With his contract expiring after this season and his next one not likely to have the same value, retirement is a strong possibility.

Just in case, he has an idea of what he might do next.

“Who knows what will happen?  Who knows?  I might be a guy that might be in a front-office position,” Maggette said.  “I’m already preparing myself for that as I finish this career.

“The biggest thing is to worry about what’s going on now and let the future take care of itself.  We don’t even know if we’re going to wake up tomorrow.”

Mayo also noted that Maggette, who played one college season at Duke, has nearly completed his bachelor’s degree in business administration from Arizona State.


  • Nov 29, 201211:07 am
    by Crispus


    Better watch your back Dumars.

  • Nov 29, 201212:25 pm
    by RyanK


    One of two things happened last night.  Either way, the plan was for the media to film that and write about it.  Either the team marketing group wanted that, or maggette wanted it. 
    All those commercials with the players doing drills…this fits right into it.  The marketing strategy is rebuilding, working hard, process…  This huddle might have been an intentional display of that. 
    On the other hand (and much more likely), Maggette wanted to use the media to promote his personal agenda…  He wants to shift his image away from being a selfish ball hogging player, to a veteran leader who is more suited for a front office job. 
    Normally team huddles/talks like that happen in the locker room.  Tonight it was done on the court to use the media for promotional purposes.  And media swallowed it whole. 

    • Nov 29, 20121:04 pm
      by mixmasta


      We are all free to create theories.
      Planned or not, it was a good example to our building blocks.
      As PH/DF said here once: They grew up. :)

    • Nov 29, 20122:22 pm
      by Russell C


      Thats somewhat cynical don’t you think? One of two things occur with that comment. You have a bias against Maggette that predated him coming to Detroit or you are not a baskeball fan or not a fan of basketball players for whatever reason. See how that works?

      • Nov 29, 20125:05 pm
        by RyanK


        I know BS when I see it.  Those types of talks happen all the time in locker rooms.  Why did it happen on the floor last night…why did players who were already headed to the locker room need to turn around and come back out?  Why couldn’t they just have a talk in the locker room like they always do? 
        Because the cameras weren’t going to be there to film it unless they did it on the court.
        Maggette might make a fine front office employee, but I don’t want personal agendas getting in the way of team goals.  I blasted Ben Gordon for his talk about working in the front office and spend summers going to management training.  It’s about the team, it’s about getting better.  A stat whore like Maggette campaigning for a front office job when he should be focused on this season…I don’t like it.
        Kim English saw right through it…  Did you see the look on his face and how he walked away before it was over?  Maggette is again in it for himself.

        • Nov 29, 201210:09 pm
          by PG


          well yeah Magette’s play is sometimes viewed as selfish but driving to the lane and drawing fouls is his main strength. And if you have been watching NBA for the past decade, Magette is well known for his good character and good locker room presence. 

          • Nov 30, 20127:53 am
            by Ryank

            Sure, but now he wants it to be seen on camera… 

        • Nov 29, 201211:17 pm
          by Chris


          You beieve 9/11 was a conspiracy as well, don’t you?

          • Nov 30, 20127:52 am
            by Ryank

            Yeah, you got me figured out…I’m an al-Qaeda sympathizer.  

  • Nov 29, 20121:55 pm
    by frankie d


    let’s hope that maggette takes an early retirement and stops being the latest retread who steals minutes from young pistons who actually have a future with the club.
    i was a huge maggette fan, from his days at duke to his playing career.   i just loved his athletic, physical, bullish style of play.
    he’s lost it, however.  he doesn’t have the explosion he once had, the only thing that really made him a force in the league.  now his best move is a stand-still jumper, because he never really developed the other skills a player with his talents could have honed, and parlayed into an all-star career..
    he is like rodney stuckey, in that stuckey without his athleticism and explosion is basically useless.
    sad to see, sad to have to acknowledge, but it is what it is.
    i just hope the team doesn’t continue its recent tradition, but instead keeps him glued to the bench, absent an outbreak of food poisoning that decimates the other players on the roster and makes his emergency appearance necessary. 

  • Nov 29, 20122:48 pm
    by Lisa


    No, Frankie d, tell us what you really feel!!!

  • Nov 29, 20123:26 pm
    by Remy Porsella


    Good job on the 5 on 5 for ESPN Patrick

    • Nov 29, 20123:36 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Thanks. Really wanted to slip Kyle Singler in for biggest surprise, but didn’t want to look like too much of a homer.

  • Nov 29, 20126:06 pm
    by ryan


    I share the skepticism about Corey Maggete’s motives but i do wish him well. If he’s interested in pursuing a role in the front office I hope he does so and succeeds because I want him to succeed I suggest he quit playing immediately, He should take a modest buy out (to show he’s not greedy) and leave the team this weekend.

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