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Andre Drummond thriving because of NBA’s tight officiating

David Thorpe of ESPN named Andre Drummond his most surprising rookie who came out of college:

Cut to Detroit, though, and we see him playing with energy and athleticism on almost every play. That part of the game is easier for him now in part because the floor is spaced so much better in the NBA. The game is wider now, and his teammates are pros, not teenagers. So even though the Pistons are a bad team, they still understand the importance of spacing and playing under control.

The games are also officiated tighter in the NBA, meaning Drummond can’t be pushed around the same way he was in college. It’s a hard concept for fans to digest, but the college game is more physical than the pro game because it is allowed to be. The men in the NBA are stronger, naturally, but the game is cleaner, which allows a player like Drummond, who has not developed "man strength" yet, to make plays inside the paint and above the rim more easily now than before.

Thorpe placed Drummond fourth in his rookie rankings and put Kyle Singler seventh. No other team has two rookies in the top 14.


  • Nov 16, 201211:11 am
    by Ozzie-Moto


    He could be 1 or 2 if the coaches would give him more than 12 min a night …  

  • Nov 16, 201211:26 am
    by Tom Y.


    If he continues to improve and get more minutes, he should definitely be in the top 3 and ROY discussion. I wouldn’t say he’s a favorite but I am a little sorry I haven’t bet money on him with those 1-30 odds… I wonder they’ve changed the odds.

  • Nov 16, 201212:03 pm
    by Al


    Its to bad we won’t know if he could challege Davis for ROY because of lack of minutes. Its a good sign he is #4 with limited minutes tho.

  • Nov 16, 20121:13 pm
    by frankie d


    drummond is simply further along than just about anyone expected.  
    i never thought he was as smart a basketball player as he apparently is.
    i have to say that i am shocked at some of the quick decisions he makes.  when he rebounds, he instinctively looks to push the ball and start a break.  he’s made a couple of eye-popping no-look, one-handed touch passes that indicate a very high BB IQ.  
    rodman would do that kind of thing and when it first happened, a fan’s reaction was that it was a flukey move.  then he would do it again and again and you realized that it wasn’t a fluke but an indication that rodman was a lot smarter – at least as a BB player – than most people realized. rodman was a real BB genius.  not saying that drummond is the same kind of genius, but his court awareness has been very much in evidence.  and it has been such a big surprise that i don’t even think the coaches have been prepared to deal with the kind of player he’s turning out to be.
    i think the biggest thing for drummond, at this point, is for him to focus on a couple of things – defense/shotblocking and rebounding on both ends – and let the other stuff develop over the next couple of years.  he seems to be so talented, that he might have a tendency to want to do too many things, simply because he is physically capable of outrageous feats, for a man his size.   (like rasheed, who would get bored just sitting in the low blocks and posting guys up.)  once he establishes his dominance as a rebounder and defender/shotblocker, he can then start to explore and develop the other parts of his game, which are now just bubbling to the surface once in a while. 

  • Nov 16, 20123:20 pm
    by MIKEYDE248


    How often do you here anything good about rookie in Detroit.  It use to be never, but we have 2 this year and over the last couple of years weve had Monroe, Jerebko and Knight.  Even Stuckey had a good rookie season.

  • Nov 17, 20123:17 pm
    by Mel


    Great write up Dan, this is why I didn’t understand why people doubted his skills. If you look at his play when he was a teenager he looks like a young Lebron on the court. When you watch the videos those are skills he developed. Now that he’s 19 and incorporating some of those same moves in a 7 ft 280 body people can see his potential. He was doing this in high school. ( Oh by the way he can dribble really well too) If that’s raw then most of the other rookie centers are spoiled.  When is last time you saw a center doing a up and under or jab step fake then shoot jump shot. Defensively he Block shots, steals the ball from point guards and run the floor really well. I think he’s got a bad rep from the so called media because of what he did in college. At Uconn he couldn’t really flex cause for one coach Calhoun was out most of the season and two he had guards who ball hogs and didn’t exploit his talent on the floor. The way the NBA is played today it’s perfect for his game. And he doesn’t make a lot of  mistakes like some players on the team does. 

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