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Yearly ‘make-or-break’ year for Austin Daye trend continues, with an added twist

Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press wrote about what has been a yearly theme in Austin Daye‘s career, the ‘this is a make-or-break season’ meme. Except this time, it actually kind of is:

Daye is eligible for a contract extension by Oct. 31, but given his lack of production and the organization’s obvious goal of having as much cap space as possible next summer, an extension is not in the offing. So he will be a free agent next summer – the only question being whether he will be restricted or unrestricted. If the Pistons tender him a qualifying offer next June, he will be restricted.

Daye’s problems as a Piston haven’t stemmed from a lack of work ethic. He clearly works in the offseason. But he hasn’t been able to find any kind of role that suits his unique physical tools and skillset and his confidence seems to wane significantly when his shots aren’t falling. This year, however, perhaps the motivating factor of playing for his next contract will provide the extra incentive to find that consistent production and be the 3-point threat the Pistons could really use off their bench.


  • Oct 2, 20126:40 pm
    by apa8ren9


    Maybe this year maybe with a he can finally understand the enigma called “defensive rotations”

    • Oct 2, 20126:42 pm
      by apa8ren9


      That was just awful typing, LOL  *Maybe this year with a full training camp”

  • Oct 2, 201211:36 pm
    by Keith


    I’m not sure what to even hope for out of Daye anymore. Even in the low times, I thought he could be a sharpshooter off the bench, like a Kyle Korver or Daquean Cook. I’m beginning to think that if he ever becomes even that, it will have to be somewhere else. He doesn’t play well when given the opportunity here, and he might just have lost the will to be at his best in this environment.

  • Oct 3, 201210:25 am
    by gordbrown


    Or the added pressure of a contract year might make him even more of a head case than he already has shown to be. Not that I dislike Daye, he seems to be a good person and he does try. Problem is he presses, then performs poorly, then gets down on himself, plays even worse, then presses some more, ad infinitum. Not sure if what will ever break that downward spiral.

  • Oct 3, 20128:02 pm
    by bugsygod


    His problem is he is not tough minded.  He cant fight thru tough times.  He misses some shots and his confidence is gone.  His shot directly relates to the rest of his game, because he then loses focus on the defensive end.  This gets him pulled, then he loses more confidence.  He has to FIGHT thru these times and remember he can still go hard on defense and maybe make some plays.  The game is not just about his 3pt shot.

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