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Win four Pistons tickets!

Michael – who sometimes comments here as IsraeliPiston – won four tickets to the Pistons’ Oct. 10 game against the Raptors. As you might guess, he lives in Israel, so he’s not going to make it to this game.

But, graciously, he wants a PistonPowered reader to enjoy the four seats (section 215, row 15, seats 13-16). To be eligible to win, just send a correct answer to the following trivia question to PistonPoweredcontests@gmail.com, and one winner will be randomly chosen.

The only Israeli-born NBA player currently plays with a former Detroit Pistons summer-league player. Name that former Pistons summer leaguer.


  • Oct 4, 20125:18 pm
    by israelipiston


    For the record – I did not come up with such a hard question
    Enjoy the tickets

  • Oct 4, 20126:17 pm
    by Oracle


    Very generous readers you have! Regardless of whomever wins, thanks israelipiston!

  • Oct 4, 20126:36 pm
    by City of Klompton


    I totally know the answer to this question… but I don’t think I can make that game, so I shall not divulge the answer! #bummer #ihatehashtags

  • Oct 4, 20127:41 pm
    by Rob


    Dang, as an MSU student and diehard Pistons fan, I would love to win some tickets, since I am in debt with all these school bills as it is and can’t purchase any.  Unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to make it out and of course as luck would have it, I know the answer to this question.  Oh well, maybe some other time…

  • Oct 7, 201212:58 am
    by Matthew Newton


    Jeremy Pargo

  • Oct 7, 20121:01 am
    by Matthew Newton


    whoops didnt mean to give it away, my bad. i thought it was the first person to figure it out.

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