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Will Bynum unafraid of competition brought on by signing of Jonny Flynn

When the Pistons signed Jonny Flynn to a training camp contract, the clear roster spot he would be gunning for would be the backup point guard spot currently occupied by Will Bynum. Dave Mayo of MLive talked to Bynum about that:

So when the Pistons signed an extra point guard last month in Jonny Flynn, a 2009 draft lottery pick who is trying out on a non-guaranteed contract, Bynum hardly flinched.

“I’m battle-tested, man,” Bynum said.  “I’ve been here for years, with (Allen) Iverson and Rip (Hamilton), I’ve been with everybody.  I enjoy it.  I welcome it.  It’s never been a problem with me.  I’ve never been anywhere where there wasn’t competition.  Me coming from where I come from, I kind of embrace that.”

That’s the attitude that makes Bynum so easy to root for (and I’m as guilty as anyone of rooting for him as hard as anyone despite some flaws in his game). Flynn, like any camp invite on any team, is a longshot to make the roster. But if it is truly a competition between he and Bynum, I’d fully expect Bynum to out-compete Flynn or anyone he’s battling against. He may not necessarily be better or have more upside, but he’s one of the most competitive players in the NBA, and the fact that he’s now a NBA veteran considering what he had to go through to get here is a testament to that competitiveness.


  • Oct 2, 20125:20 pm
    by Keith


    It probably doesn’t hurt that Flynn sucks and isn’t much competition.

  • Oct 2, 20129:55 pm
    by brgulker


    From a purely financial standpoint, it doesn’t make a lot of sense for Bynum to go either. Not only has he been the better player, his contract is guaranteed. 

  • Oct 3, 201211:38 am
    by Derek


    I don’t think Flynn sucks.  He’s been injured.  He has slow to regain his explosiveness.  It’s difficult to be undersized in a big man’s league without the athleticism that made you a standout performer at all the previous levels.

    If Flynn has his explosiveness, the competition will be interesting.  If he doesn’t, it will be lopsided with Will dominating him handily.

  • Oct 3, 201211:53 pm
    by Ryan M.


    can either one of them play defense? 

  • Oct 4, 20123:29 pm
    by Keith


    Neither play defense, but Flynn was possibly the worst defender in the NBA. Derek may be right in that injury has permanently taken away some of his athleticism, but that’s all the more reason to not worry about him. Today’s NBA is NOT a big man’s league, and PGs regularly have no trouble breaking down defenses with the way the rules give them the advantage. Flynn never was able to do that in the NBA. And yes, the height matters. If he can’t contest shots or get to rim without being blocked, he has no value on the court. Maybe that’s primarily height, but there’s a reason short guys rarely make it in the NBA.

  • Oct 4, 20128:10 pm
    by Leon


    I donT. Now what. Flynn  talent is likein the. Nba. But in college. He awas beast

  • Oct 15, 201212:11 am
    by EffoldHeeme


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