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Will Bynum plans to unveil new dunk this season; also: defense

The Detroit Pistons had a cool feature set up at Media Day where the players took turns sitting down and answering questions from fans on Twitter. Will Bynum was asked if there is anything that will stand out in his game this year. His response:

New dunk :). Defensively will be better & jump shot is better

I know the mature thing to do is be happy that Bynum worked on two weaknesses — defense and perimeter shooting. But damn if I’m not excited as hell to see that new dunk.


  • Oct 2, 20124:23 pm
    by Al


    Yea have to agree, wanna see this new dunk!! I wonder if its gonna be on another Center/Forward!!

  • Oct 3, 20121:45 am
    by Brandow


    man if we still had terrico white i wanna see bynum and white have a one on one dunk contest

  • Oct 3, 20127:23 am
    by Derek


    White would win the dunk contest.  His athleticism was unreal.  If the contest became one on one, Bynum would destroy him.  There’s a reason Will the Thrill is a playground legend in Chicago.

  • Oct 4, 201212:20 am
    by Holy Crow


    Can you believe that Bynumite MISSED John Kuester?
     And wound up in Frank’s doghouse?
     And I’m supposed to care about his new dunk?
    Remember when Will was grateful just to be in the L?
    Didn’t last very long did it?

  • [...] will he improve? Not sure. He recently said he spent the summer working on both a series of improvements to his defensive game and a "new dunk." Being as they are fans of the Pistons, most Pistons fans I talked to were excited about his [...]

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