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Will Bynum learning defense from old friend, Memphis Grizzlies’ Tony Allen

Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press:

When last season ended, Bynum reached out to coach Lawrence Frank for a candid assessment of what he needed to do to get in the playing rotation.

Frank told him he had to get better defensively, so Bynum picked the brain of his friend, Grizzlies swingman Tony Allen, who has developed a reputation as a defensive stopper.

Bynum also embarked on a summer of workouts dedicated to improving on defense.

Teams always have sought to take advantage of the 6-foot Bynum, but in the open floor his quickness can make up for his lack of size.

"I don’t even care what happens out there, because my main thing is defensive pressure," Bynum said. "If I do that, I know I’m standing out because nobody does that in this league anymore."

Glad to see Will Bynum and I are on the same page. Tony Allen – who, like Bynum, played at Crane High School – could be a great resource. Allen is one of the game’s best defensive guards and an absolute ball hawk.

Also, I positively love Bynum’s above quote. He’s clearly a prideful guy, and if he’s taking pride in his defense, that’s great for the Pistons.


  • Oct 18, 20122:48 pm
    by Chabvis


    For all the other short comings in his game, the one thing about him that you cannot criticize is his work ethic. Guy had to struggle to get into the league and has done really well for himself. I like his attitude and the work that he is putting in.

  • Oct 18, 20123:07 pm
    by Paul


    I would love to Will become this Pistons’ iteration of Lindsay Hunter. With stout defense and a focus on getting others involved, Bynum could become the perfect backup PG for our squad. 

  • Oct 18, 20123:10 pm
    by Vic


    Smart guy

  • Oct 18, 20123:50 pm
    by RyanK


    Good luck to Bynum…when I stood next to at the game in Toledo a couple years ago I realized he’s not even as tall as me.
    When I was playing basketball, I tired to learn how to be 6′ 3”…I never figured it out.    I’m not the athlete he is, but at 5’10” in the NBA he’s always going to struggle.  In the history of the league has there ever been a respected defender who was less than 6 feet tall?

    • Oct 18, 20124:22 pm
      by tarsier


      Chris Paul. He is listed at 6’0″ but nobody actually believes he is that tall. And he is possibly the 2nd best defensive PG in the league behind Rondo, who, incidentally, isn’t much over 6′.

      • Oct 18, 20126:21 pm
        by RyanK


        According to his pre-draft measurements, Paul is 5′ 11.75” and 6’1” in shoes and has a 6’5” wing span.  Rondo isn’t listed…we all know he’s around 6 feet, but has freak of nature length with his long arms.   It says Bynum was 5′ 10.5′ without shoes and 5′ 11.5” with…I haven’t grown, and standing next to him I’m going to swear I have an inch on him…he’s just under 5′ 10” with shoes!
        Bynum can pressure the ball handler well up the court, but has always struggled in every other aspect of defense.  Physically he doesn’t have the tools to be a half court defender…that’s just the way it is.

    • Oct 18, 20124:31 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      I’ve never stood next to Paul, but most say that he’s not actually 6 feet. He might be a tad taller than Bynum though.

      Mookie Blaylock made a couple of all-defense teams too. He was listed at 6, but there was no way he was that tall. No one else really comes to mind though. 

    • Oct 19, 20123:29 pm
      by Derek


      Muggsy Bogues was a 5’3″ terror on the defensive end.  He pressed full court all game long.  He was such a pesk that pgs would pass the ball up ahead to someone else to bring up and Muggsy would leave his man and steal it from the other dude.

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