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Two can’t-miss reads as the NBA season approaches from Basketball Prospectus and Hardwood Paroxysm

Just wanted to point out a couple of fantastic NBA resources now available for your preseason reading needs. The first, Basketball Prospectus’ (Basketball Prospectus’s? Prospecti?) Pro Basketball Prospectus 2012-13 has been a yearly must-read since its initial edition four years ago. I got to add a blurb to their Pistons section this year in response to a question about who the Pistons go-to player in crunch time should be:

Ideally, Greg Monroe would be getting the bulk  of Detroit’s crunch-time touches. He’s the best  player on the team, an efficient scorer and  added greatly to his offensive repertoire in his  second season. The problem, though, is that  Detroit’s guards have a tendency to forget Monroe exists sometimes. If not Monroe, then next  in line is Rodney Stuckey. He takes decent care  of the ball, can create his own shot and is Detroit’s best player at getting to the line. Brandon  Knight is Detroit’s best three-point shooter, so if  the team needs an outside shot, he’s the guy,  although he’s a bit turnover prone if he has to  do anything other than catch and shoot. Tayshaun Prince probably still fancies himself as a  go-to player too. Although miscast in that role,  he rarely turns it over and usually can get a shot  off in isolation. Detroit’s late-game offense, like  the team in general, has promise but is still a  work in progress.

There’s an incredible amount of information on every NBA team in the book.

The other publication to check out is Hardwood Paroxysm’s 2012-13 NBA preview. This one is available for free online and features content from the many fantastic HP contributors. Definitely check that one out too.


  • Oct 24, 20126:28 pm
    by Desolation Row


    I still feel most comfortable with the ball in CV’s hands with the clock going down… just because he’ll be left wide open. 

  • Oct 24, 20128:07 pm
    by Baxter E


    Reading the stuff from Hardwood Paroxysm annoyed me. I understand that it’s easier to follow the Lakers and the Knicks because of all of the coverage they get, but if you don’t know, don’t talk about it. When they said that Maxiel is “28 and the heaviest he’s ever been” I stopped reading. I’m not defending Max at all. I think he’s a decent player with some clear limitations. He may be the heaviest he’s ever been (not quite sure), but he’s in the best shape he’s ever been in (I know that for sure!). Don’t read a couple of articles and then give your take as some sort of expert.

    • Oct 24, 20129:28 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Yeah, there were some things that were off in the Pistons section for sure. But I’ve noticed that in just about every national preview so far — quite a few are still mentioning Austin Daye as if he’s one of the young players who will figure into the team’s rotation this season.

      Overall though, the quality of the HP magazine was good. 

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