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The impact of Ben Wallace, according to Andre Drummond

In the comments on this post yesterday, the discussion turned to whether or not the Pistons, a team full of very mature young guys and a few very professional veterans, actually need the leadership component Ben Wallace offers anymore. I thought this quote, via Fox Sports Detroit’s Dana Wakiji, from Pistons Media Day, was very telling:

In addition to that quote making me like Drummond even more than I already did, I remain steadfast in my belief that the Pistons need to find  a way to get Wallace on the roster.


  • Oct 2, 20128:25 am
    by ryan


    Right now I really, really wish we’d amnestied Charlie Villanueva. We don’t have room for a guy like that when it comes down to him or Ben Wallace. We don’t even have room for him over Terrence Williams.

    I hope that Joe Dumars can do a deal or two to send Austin Daye and Charlie Villanueva out of town and bring back picks or players we waive.

  • Oct 2, 20128:43 am
    by jonathan


    why not just hire Ben Wallace as a consultant??

    where they need him is in the practice facility watching and coaching Drummond
    on the road showing Drummond what habits to form, what temptations to avoid, etc

    But mostly his game in the practice facility/going over tape/etc

    Dont waste roster space on a guy who can consult just as easily
    Ben needs to stay off the court before he ruins what is left of his joints and tendons

    Knowing when to stop is also a good lesson to teach

    And I agree – if Drummond can resist the many many bad associations of a major sports league that in itself is commendable at such a young age


    • Oct 2, 20128:56 am
      by RyanK


      Ben made it clear in the past he doesn’t want to coach…he wants to go to law school.  I’m sure there’s a way they could make it work though. 
      Ben might make the team, but they are not going out of their way to make a spot for him before they see how training camp pans out.

  • Oct 2, 20129:17 am
    by gmehl


    If we don’t make room for him soon then another team will snap him up. If Sheed can get a gig with NY then there will be another team out there looking for depth at centre. Personally i hope they can make room for him. Having Drummond mimic Ben’s work habits has the potential to pay off in ways a lot of fans aren’t thinking about. Last season when Moose wasn’t pulling his weight, Frank sat him on the bench and made him watch Ben go to work. That kind of teaching is invaluable and you could see over the next couple of games after Frank done that to Moose he new exactly what to do and what was required of him. At the time i was angry that Frank was sitting Moose but after looking back on the situation it made him a better player. If Drummond drags ass and learns bad habits from CV and Max then he could just end up a bust because he will not get taught the right way to play. That roster position that could’ve been had by amnestying CV would’ve been looking pretty good right now.

  • Oct 2, 20129:35 am
    by DasMark


    I’m curious what Wallace’s aversion to coaching is? Is it the substantial pay cut he would take to put on the suit over the jersey? If that was the case, one would believe they would try to figure something out. 


  • Oct 2, 20129:46 am
    by DoctorDaveT


    If there is a problem with Ben wanting to come back but not having a roster spot, it must be remembered that it is his fault. To say he was non-committal to coming back at the end of 2011-2012 would be a bit of an understatement. JoeD had to build a roster based on what he knew – which was Ben was strongly considering retiring (again).
    Don’t get me wrong; BWalllace should be back if at all possible. But Joe’s hands were tied, and Wallace knew it. So if he wants to come back, but can’t due to rosters, it’s his own fault.
    BEST CASE SCENARIO: Joe is able to pull off multiple “2 for 1″ or “1 for pick(s)” trades that free up roster spots for all three of the guys who are outside looking in.

    • Oct 2, 201212:12 pm
      by XstreamINsanity


      Yes, it is partially Ben’s fault, but at the same time it’s Joe D’s fault as well.  As much as I love Joe D (my favorite basketball player, regardless of team, of all time), I don’t like how he’s going into this season. Take a look at this sequence of events.

      Season ends (Players committed to: Stuckey, Prince, Monroe, Knight, Maxiell, Daye, Bynum, Gordon, Jerebko, Villanueva – 1-2 PG, 2-3 SG, 2-3 SF, 2-3 PF and 1 C [kind of, Monroe isn't a natural Center]).

      Trade Gordon and Pick for Maggette ( 1-2 PG, 2-3 SG, 3-4 SF, 2-3 PF and 1 C)

      Draft Drummond, English and Middleton (1-2 PG, 2-3 SG, 4-5 SF, 2-3 PF and 2 C)

      Sign Viacheslove Kravtsov and Kyle Singler (1-2 PG, 2-3 SG, 5-6 SF, 2-3 PF and 3 C)

      All players are committed to.  This isn’t normally how most teams go into training camp.  That is the reason for camp invitees.  You allow yourself flexibility so that if someone doesn’t pan out you’re 1) not out on money for someone who didn’t pan out and 2) you can sign someone without HOPING for a trade to free up spots.

      And if you’re wondering why there are many 2-3, 3-4, etc., it’s because most of our players can play multiple positions, but no one position better than the other.  Knight is a PG who could be a better SG.  Maggette is someone who plays SF but can (and has) played SG.  The best option would to have left English and Middleton off contract until a few games into the preseason, not sign Kravtsov until we’ve seen him play in preseason (preferably the full preseason), and then finish the roster.  Hoping for trades is a very bad way to go into the season.

  • Oct 2, 201210:25 am
    by Holy Crow


    Patrick take off the Ben Wallace beer-goggles, I’d bet Big Ben won’t play for the ‘Stones this season, are you willing to bet that he will?

    • Oct 2, 201210:29 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      Only if my winning the bet would mean you quit commenting.

      • Oct 2, 20121:51 pm
        by Holy Crow


        So, if I win the bet you’ll make me a contributing editor of this smelly blog?

        • Oct 2, 20122:07 pm
          by Patrick Hayes


          I doubt you’re qualified.

          • Oct 2, 20128:05 pm
            by Holy Crow

            (Khris English) *cough, cough*
            So its a deal? 

          • Oct 2, 20129:25 pm
            by Patrick Hayes

            Someone who writes thousands of words a day had a TYPO? Well get the fainting couches! That’s appalling. MoJo Drew, what do you think? http://cdn.ksk.uproxx.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/mjddiswank.gif

            When I said, “I doubt you’re qualified,” I wasn’t implying that I necessarily think we’re good or bad at what we do. But even if we’re incompetent, I still don’t think you’re qualified.

            But seriously, I have no issue with you thinking we’re incompetent. Maybe we are. I just question why you repeatedly come back here. Seems weird to me.

  • Oct 2, 201211:29 am
    by frankie d


    “… I remain steadfast in my belief that the Pistons need to find  a way to get Wallace on the roster.”
    patrick is absolutely correct and the move should be a no-brainer, considering the investment and gamble the team just took with drummond.
    the insanity continues. instead of constructing a coherent team, with players that compliment each other and bring different skills and talents and plusses to the team, dumars is again loading up the roster and committing salary and roster spots to dead weight that will only marginally, at best, contribute.
    CV or ben taking up a roster spot?
    the question answers itself. 

    • Oct 8, 20123:44 pm
      by jonathan


      good point frankie!

      for the cost to amnesty CV and pay BB the minimum, that amnesty money spent brings in motivation (ben) while removing poison (charlie D#) from this roster 

      Amnesty CV – Bring in Ben
      keeps the lane closed and removes the willy nilly offense and who knows what lame brain poor me attitude that CV carries around

      done and done

      • Oct 8, 20124:04 pm
        by Patrick Hayes


        Well, he’s maybe poison to fans who hate watching him. There has never been an indication that CV is a bad teammate or is some sort of bad locker room presence. I assume he’s still on the roster precisely for that reason — he has underwhelmed after the Pistons sign him, but he’s well-liked enough that they’re willing to give him another chance.

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