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The Andre Drummond-JaVale McGee comparisons have begun

There’s no doubt that over the past few seasons, Flint, Mich., native JaVale McGee has been one of the most entertaining players in the league. Between his insane athleticism, his occasional spaciness on the court, the antics of his mother (a basketball legend in her own right, especially in Flint) and his amazing Twitter account, McGee is never boring.

But, according to many reports out of Denver, he’s also maturing. The writers at ESPN’s Grantland decided the NBA needs a new posterchild for silliness who brings some of the qualities McGee did over the years and, wouldn’t you know, the Pistons entertaining rookie Andre Drummond was among their possibilities, nominated by Juliet Litman:

Andre Drummond

There are three reasons why you should keep an eye on Andre Drummond.

1. He’s a font of advice.

Don’t wife her cause she’s a trophy, see thru the looks of it cause what’s a trophy with out a trophy case! #SmallThingsMatterTheMost— Andre Drummond (@DRE_DRUMMOND_) October 19, 2012

2. He believes in the power of social media to connect people.

What’s good bro @hoya2apacer— Andre Drummond (@DRE_DRUMMOND_) October 21, 2012

Note: Roy Hibbert took a minute to respond before returning to promotion of his“Gangnam Style” flash mob video.

3. He has just the right amount of self-awareness.

As I walk out of Walmart I pass this Asian family , an the youngest boy goes mom dad look its Godzilla— Andre Drummond (@DRE_DRUMMOND_) October 20, 2012

By the end of the season, I think we’ll see Andre Drummond following in his idol Roy Hibbert’s footsteps. He’ll have a music video of his own — maybe even a P. Diddy cover. And if not that, he’ll at least be hosting myriad club nights. Get the flyer ready now!
— Juliet Litman

Drummond certainly fills the dynamo athlete/light-hearted Twitter account requirements. I think he might be too personable, however, to fit the McGee description. I haven’t personally interviewed Drummond, but I’ve watched him in several interviews, and he’s always smiling, positive and gives thoughtful responses. I have interviewed McGee, who notoriously is not fond of being interviewed, and it’s tough to pull anything more than an athlete-speak, clichéd response out of him.

I certainly am not hoping Drummond is the type of space cadet McGee appeared to be at times throughout his Wizards career, but he’s also young, seems good-natured and I have no problem if he brings some levity and fun to the team this year. As we’ve certainly seen so far this preseason, his presence at the very least provides the type of highlights that get the Pistons national exposure they haven’t had in about four years now.


  • Oct 25, 201212:26 pm
    by frankie d


    darryl dawkins, aka, chocolate thunder, is a much better comparison, imho.
    he has the same crazy athleticism of dawkins, the same goofy personna and the potential to be a game-changing big man.
    hopefully, he’ll harness his game better than dawkins ever did.  even though dawkins ended up being a decent pro.  but no where near what he probably could have been with the proper focus and coaching. 

  • Oct 25, 201212:38 pm
    by tarsier


    Like many PP commenters, Zach Lowe of Grantland believes JJ to be the Pistons’ best option at SF.


    • Oct 25, 201212:43 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      How’d you know I had a post scheduled on that? Will be up early this afternoon.

      • Oct 25, 20121:12 pm
        by tarsier


        I thought the topic merited a post, with or without Lowe’s comments. But an outside source makes the topic even more justifiable.

    • Oct 25, 20121:16 pm
      by frankie d


      just too bad the guys who matter – frank and joe d – can’t see what is so obvious to everyone else. th

      • Oct 25, 20124:50 pm
        by labatts


        No, they know.  It’s because Prince is extorting them.

  • Oct 25, 20123:14 pm
    by danny


    Actually I would rather have JJ coming off the bench.  His energy is what gets the pistons going. Tay can start and during half of the first pull him out and let JJ get going.

    • Oct 25, 20123:39 pm
      by tarsier


      Max and Bynum are supposed to be our energy guys off the bench. And if you need another, those sorts of players are easy to come by. No reason for JJ not to be a starter.

  • Oct 26, 20129:43 am
    by danny


    Max is going to be a spark off the bench on defense.  Anytime someone has a different view point you guys like to comment and talk trash about it.  Bynum is the point his job is to feed ppl and he will do that with the second unit this year.  Drummond and JJ running the floor with him will be nice.  You guys dont have any faith in leardership and experience.  there are reasons why coaches get paid to do this and we just sit here complaining.  Most of them know what they are doing.

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