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Pistons blow double-digit lead in season-opening loss to Rockets, barely use Andre Drummond, still look exciting in process

The Detroit Pistons began last season 0-3 and the season before that 0-5, and with tonight’s 105-96 loss to the Houston Rockets, the Pistons have lost their third straight season opener.

Somehow, this one didn’t seem so bad.

I know Greg Monroe, Brandon Knight and Rodney Stuckey are each capable of much more than they delivered tonight. It’s not time to panic about them.

Kyle Singler and Kim English excelled off the bench – which is encouraging for both this season and the future. They play a fun brand of basketball, and first-half Will Bynum did, too. I could watch that for a full season.

Of course, Lawrence Frank barely used Andre Drummond (not that Drummond proved his coach wrong), which put a damper on the loss. But it’s only one game, and we all know what type of potential Drummond has. Eventually, he’ll get more of a chance.

For now, I’m just pleased Singler and English appear ready to join Drummond as part of the Pistons’ group of potentially productive youngsters.


Jason Maxiell – B-

24 min, 10 pts, 8 reb, 0 ast, 0 stl, 2 blk, 4-7 FG, 0-0 3FG, 2-2 FT

He was active and shot fairly well from mid-range. In other words, exactly what you’d expect from him.

Tayshaun Prince – C-

32 min, 12 pts, 4 reb, 1 ast, 1 stl, 0 blk, 4-9 FG, 0-1 3FG, 4-4 FT

I really appreciated that he didn’t dominate the ball, but he could have done more aside from scoring. His total of nine shots is misleadingly high, because a few came in transition and couple came late in the shot clock.

Greg Monroe – B

35 min, 14 pts, 8 reb, 4 ast, 3 stl, 0 blk, 7-13 FG, 0-0 3FG, 0-3 FT

Not his best game, but Monroe made up for his shortcomings on both ends of the floor. Offensively, he missed too many shots, but passed well. Defensively, his rotations were too slow, but he got three steals.

Brandon Knight – C-

37 min, 15 pts, 4 reb, 4 ast, 1 stl, 0 blk, 5-15 FG, 1-4 3FG, 4-6 FT

Led the Pistons in scoring, led the Pistons in shots. In all senses, his stat line looks better by volume than it does be efficiency. Knight didn’t do anything terribly, but Detroit won’t win consistently if he plays like this — though, he might impress some casual observers with those numbers.

Rodney Stuckey – D

37 min, 9 pts, 2 reb, 6 ast, 1 stl, 0 blk, 1-10 FG, 0-3 3FG, 7-8 FT

He got to the line well, but he needs to finish better inside. If he doesn’t, he won’t keep getting those foul calls.

Andre Drummond – D+

13 min, 2 pts, 2 reb, 0 ast, 2 stl, 1 blk, 1-1 FG, 0-0 3FG, 0-0 FT

I’m glad the Pistons are looking out for Drummond’s confidence by not starting him, barely playing him and not running anything for him. /sarcasm

That said, Drummond didn’t appear particularly confident or aggressive tonight. Right after he entered the game, Will Bynum found him for a short shot. Otherwise, Drummond faded into the background — which was the big knock on him at Connecticut.

Kyle Singler – B

16 min, 10 pts, 2 reb, 0 ast, 0 stl, 1 blk, 4-5 FG, 2-2 3FG, 0-0 FT

Before this game, I said the book was still out on whether Singler is a good 3-point shooter from NBA distance. Well, I’m not sure we have a definitive answer yet, but we’re getting closer, and it looks good for the Pistons.

Will Bynum – C+

13 min, 9 pts, 2 reb, 2 ast, 1 stl, 0 blk, 4-6 FG, 1-1 3FG, 0-0 FT

Bynum had all his points, rebounds and assists in the first half, when he provided a major spark. Bynum didn’t do much in the second half, but at least he wasn’t a liability.

Kim English – B

14 min, 8 pts, 0 reb, 3 ast, 2 stl, 0 blk, 3-6 FG, 2-4 3FG, 0-0 FT

I was a bit surprised English was the first Piston off the bench. Aside from Drummond, English is the Detroit player whose role I’m most interested to see in game two. English provided pesky perimeter defense and strong outside shooting — what we all hoped (and somewhat expected, but how much can you really "expect" from a rookie?).

Austin Daye – F


In about an hour, it will become official that he receives no contract extension, which would make him a free agent this summer. (Whether he’s restricted or unrestricted would be determined by the Pistons after the season.)

Charlie Villanueva – F


On opening night, the Pistons typically introduce their entire roster, not just the starters. But the strange order they were announced made it seem like Villanueva was starting. Of course, Villanueva not only didn’t start, he didn’t play. Was this Mason’s trick-or-treat?

Most Valuable Player

In his first game after the Thunder traded him to the Rockets, James Harden (37 points, 12 assists, six rebounds and four steals) put to rest any notion that he can’t be a star. (I wrote more about Harden’s big night at ESPN here.)


Jeremy Lin (12 points, eight assists, four steals and an astounding +23) left the game in the third quarter with foul trouble, causing Houston to struggle. When on the court, his passing, driving and awareness helped the Rockets space the floor incredibly well.

Defining moment

Just before halftime, a fog machine went off at The Palace and steamed up the court. Pistons workers struggled to turn it off, spoiling a bit of the opening-night show. Though the Pistons had a few impressive runs, they never had a way to turn off the Rockets’ potent offense, either.


  • Oct 31, 201210:22 pm
    by Al


    Did Stuckey play 2nite????…….smh

  • Oct 31, 201210:22 pm
    by Pimp Zombie


    Get Stuckey outta there. I’ve seen enough. He’s peaked….nothing left to see of him.

    • Oct 31, 201210:28 pm
      by Pimp Zombie


      I’ll say it again: BKnight and Stuckey don’t fit together…they are redundant in the sense they both need to dominate the the ball to be at thier best. Let Stuck go dominate for the Wolves or somewhere…

      • Nov 1, 20121:11 am
        by tarsier


        merp… you could say that of pairs of players on every single team in the league. Neither Knight nor Stuckey is anywhere close to among the more possession-dominant players in the league. If they can’t work together, every team in the league has issues.

  • Oct 31, 201210:27 pm
    by Bryan


    This game and the article earlier about the lack of free agents is what I was talking about in my post about how the Harden trade.

    1. Harden is really good.
    2. The pistons have cap room for the second time in a long time and no good free agents to spend it on (I highly doubt Howard or Paul will come to Detroit).
    3. Houston is still not good (almost lost to Detroit who is not good) and does not have an easy way to build around Harden with their big contracts they gave to Lin and Asik this summer.

    It’s only one game and I hope I’m wrong about #2…  

  • Oct 31, 201210:28 pm
    by Prelove


    I’ve had it with stuckey. Most inconsistent player in NBA history. 1 great game, in every 12 games, doesn’t make you a starter.

    • Oct 31, 201211:46 pm
      by tarsier


      The lack of any better player on your team who can play your position, however, does. And he is very inconsistent. Which means a lot of good games (not just 1 in 12) and a lot of bad games.

  • Oct 31, 201210:37 pm
    by Sevan Shmaoon


    OK coach needs to put Drummond and Monroe and knight and English and jerebko or singled 

  • Oct 31, 201210:37 pm
    by Sevan Shmaoon


    ^ singler

  • Oct 31, 201210:39 pm
    by Lorenzo


    Wouldn’t be a new season without a meltdown after one game. Great to have basketball back.

  • Oct 31, 201210:53 pm
    by Pratik


    It’s just one game. The Pistons played well in stretches. Gotta work on that defense though. A lot of people were hating on Jason Maxiell, but if you watched the game…as soon as he sat down, we lost our 11 point lead and ended up losing the game as well. Again Jonas is good, but he’s gotta play more of the 3 behind Tayshaun, because when he’s in the game with Monroe or Drummond, they have to do all the work on Defense. Instead they need to play Monroe and Drummond together, I don’t know what was wrong with Lawrence Frank, does he not want to give the Pistons an advantage on the floor…like ever? 

    Really bad coaching once we got up by 11, our offense got slow all of a sudden, all of that hard work to come back…just seemed as if they were wasting time and trying to not attack in the 4th. Was tough to watch especially because we have a six game road trip coming up? Detroit is going to have to prove themselves on the road now and again try not to start 4-20. We play some great teams and can easily start 0-8. Tonight was important, but looking at the guys it seemed like this game is actually going to hurt them hard and there going to come out real strong Friday night against the Suns. Which is a good sign. They knew they had it.

  • Oct 31, 201211:00 pm
    by Mark


    Poor play after lead was obtained. Our own guards killed us with one on one play. Drummond needs to demand the ball in the post. Too many times the shot clock would wind down and the guard would have to force up a shot. English iAnd Singler are keepers. Repeat after me Knight is not a point guard. They should look to deal him at the deadline. Neither he or Stuckey could get them into the offense efficiently. Game ball would go to Maxiel. It’s a shame he is not taller.  

  • Oct 31, 201211:02 pm
    by Vince


    The second unit actually looked better offensively and defensively tonight, they might as well start them over these guys. Disappointing.

    Monroe got dominated by Asik, I’m still at a loss why Maxiell is still starting, Stuckey needs to start playing basketball, Knight was doing a good halloween impersonation of a ghost, and dare I say it, Prince was the best starting player.

    Second unit was so much fun to watch, Bynum – English – Singler were outstanding, lit it up, played D and were just so energized. Jerebko played well, theres room for improvement though… Drummond, did he actually play? I watched the game but it seems I only saw him twice.

    Frank screwed up the rotations, especially in the fourth, should’ve stuck with the second unit, they had a better plus/minus than the starters and were playing better overall. Lost $40 on a bet, hopefully its not a sign I’ll be losing more money as the season progresses.

  • Oct 31, 201211:03 pm
    by Nathan


    Kyle Singler looked great tonight and he needs more minutes.  They had a great second quarter when he played a majority of his minutes. I don’t think Tayshaun gives them much more than Singler can at this point on either end of the floor.  Perhaps Tayshaun’s experience will shine through after 10 games or so.  But, I think Singler could give them a better 30 minutes a night that Tayshaun at this point. 

  • Oct 31, 201211:15 pm
    by Nate


    Pistons should look to trade Stuckey to Orlando for Afflalo. Afflalo is better defensively, and is a knock down 3 point shooter. The magic would probably be willing to do this because Afflalo won’t be a part of their team long-term, seeing as how they’re rebuilding, and Stuckey’s contract comes off the books 2 years earlier.

    Afflalo would space the floor for us which would help our big men, and shoot very efficiently. 

    • Oct 31, 201211:31 pm
      by MNM


      They had a chance to draft Afflalo along with Stuckey. Oh wait a second…

    • Nov 1, 20121:16 am
      by tarsier


      The Thunder should offer Lamb and one of their first rounders for Afflalo. That way, the Harden trade would actually make a semblance of sense.

  • Oct 31, 201211:18 pm
    by Vic


    We definitely had the personnel to win this game, it was a coaching loss. Playing Jerebko at PF is dumb. Maxiel or Drummond should be in at all times if you want to protect the paint. There’s no reason for Monroe to be out there with Jerebko at pf. We got dominated in the paint by Omer Asik, Greg Smith and some guards. And we have potentially the biggest and most complementary frontline of the future available. But for some reason you can’t play Moose and Brahma Bull together.

    Bring on Laimbeer if this stupid politics based coaching continues.

    This was an easy win that the Pistons lost. 

    • Oct 31, 201211:22 pm
      by Vince


      Cosign Vic

    • Oct 31, 201211:33 pm
      by MNM


      Laimbeer just got back into the WNBA as a coach and GM.

  • Oct 31, 201211:25 pm
    by Elkarl


    You only have to compare the stats. Valanciunas was a STARTER with 15 shots in 23 minutes. He was IN the game. Drummond went from the BENCH with 1 shot in just 13 minutes, and NEVER WAS ON THE GAME. If you want to protect somebody let’s call 911… THIS IS BASKETBALL AND THE BETTER PLAYERS NEEDS TO PLAY AND TOUCH THE BALL. And the more important thing, coach Frank is WRONG. Maxx, Stuck anp Prince are bench players in a serious playoffs contender. Excuse my poor english but i write from Spain…  

    • Oct 31, 201211:39 pm
      by Mark



      They want Drummond to protect the rim, and apparently if he doesn’t he won;t play.

      What do they expect him to come in ice old off the bench and suddenly shut down the paint, after Monroe/Max have already opened the flood gates and allowed the other team to gain confidence?

      Then a rookie’s just supposed to come and save the day? smh

      He should be out there with the starters, so they can have his back and he can have theirs. A tendency to fade in games wouldn’t matter if he were out  there with the starters. Because they would be out there to cover for him in those times. Monroe fades in games too. Thats why they need each other. No sense at  all why they should be both struggling individually, when they could be playing together and helping each other.


      • Oct 31, 201211:42 pm
        by Mark


        HOU has 1 good big man. This game should’ve been highlighted by Asik struggling to deal with both Monroe-Drummond together inside, and us pounding them in the paint. Instead we downsize to them and let their fruity guards go off from the perimeter. 

        Teams with a size advantage inside should never get beat by perimeter teams. I want to see Monroe-Drummond starting and playing 30 min together, and I want to see it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Nov 1, 20126:37 am
          by vic


          My sentiments exactly. 
          Our only competitive advantage against the league is a tandem of Bigs named the Moose and the Brahma Bull.
          We can’t outshoot anybody.
          We can’t out iso anybody.
          We can’t out run anybody unless we play good defense.
          We definitely can’t outplaymake anybody.

          If we reject our only competitive advantage, we lose. That simple.
          Maxiell played well, but obviously not enough to win. Treating Drummond with kid gloves like he’s some kind of big special needs student is dumb when you’re losing. All the other great rookies are considered a part of their offenses, and had Hall of Fame starts to their careers. We act like our potentially great rookie can’t touch the ball unless he runs it down himself.

          • Nov 1, 20125:46 pm
            by Scott Free

            Spot on Vic.

      • Nov 1, 20121:20 am
        by tarsier


        A) You’re dead right that Drummond should get way more minutes.

        B) You way overvalue confidence. Opponents’ ability to score on Drummond should be in no way affected by the ease with which they were scoring on Maxiell. Maybe in a video game, they fill up some sort of confidence or hot hand bar, but we are talking about real life.

        C) It is reasonable to expect a player to need some time to get used to dealing with other players and how to best score on them or defend them. Especially if said player is a rookie and doesn’t have years of experience to lean on. So on that count, coming in cold could be reasonably expected to hurt his performance. 

  • Oct 31, 201211:52 pm
    by tarsier


    Memory of the game:

    I looked at the score partway through the 3rd quarter, saw the Rockets up by 8, saw Singler make a layup, and suddenly the deficit was 10. I was like, how is this possible? I was so confused. Then I realized that the Pistons, shockingly, were the ones ahead.

    Alas, it couldn’t last.

  • Oct 31, 201211:53 pm
    by DasMark


    In all fairness, Harden went OFF TONIGHT! 

    What a shock, young Pistons still can’t close games. Monroe was disappointing. Asik is not an elite NBA player. He should have been able to outplay him.

    Of course we have such an incredibly small sample size, but I think we can already see Stuckey and Prince’s replacements. I say we try and trade Stuck, Tay and Knight for a real PG and promote the two rookies. Crazy? Sure! But is it really a downgrade at this point in the rebuilding process? Probably not. 

    Anyways, looks like Pistons are setting themselves up nicely for a solid 0-8 start to the season.


    • Nov 1, 20121:32 am
      by tarsier


      Asik is not an elite player. And Monroe should have been able to outplay him. But Monroe is not yet an elite player either.

      As for your trade suggestion, I’m not altogether opposed to it, but what “real PG” do you suppose they should make a play for? Such a package won’t fetch an all-star level PG. And no contender (or second-tier contender) would do the deal unless they have basically a pair of equal PGs (like Collison and Hill last year). So that leaves only a very few PGs in the league taht I would be willing to consider giving up that much for. Basically Lowry and Dragic. I don’t know if either Toronto or Phoenix bites on such a deal. Of the two, I’d prefer Lowry. But his ceiling is comparable to Knight’s. His floor is higher, but he is older and already on a non-rookie scale deal as well. So, since the Pistons are a long shot just to make th eplayoffs this year, I’m not sure how much of a plus such a trade would really be. Unless there is a better Pg you think the Pistons could get for that trio…

      • Nov 1, 201210:01 am
        by DasMark


        It was more a reaction to the disappointing loss than anything. 

        Imagine is Dumars wasn’t stupid for a moment, and did trade Stuckey, Hamilton and Prince for Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo three years ago? Oh well.  

        • Nov 1, 20125:47 pm
          by Scott Free


          Then we wouldnt have Monroe, Knight, or Drummond… and we’d have a Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen who makes Prince look spry by comparison, and a handful of late 1st round picks.  

  • Oct 31, 201211:58 pm
    by Edgar


    Didn’t watch the game, so I wanted to ask if Stuckey’s defense was as bad as the few highlights and the boxscore says. Looks like Harden just did whatever he wanted. How much was Stuckey on Harden?

    • Nov 1, 201212:24 pm
      by Desolation Row


      I missed most of the 4th quarter when the Rockets came back, but to boot, Harden just dominated everyone. He was a one-man fast break and got to the rim without any help to prevent him from scoring. He was even missing layups, getting his own rebound, and putting shots back up. It was a failure across the board, not just on Stuckey. 

      I do think it was an “eff you” game from Harden yesterday and that we just happened to playing the wrong guy on the wrong day, so I don’t squarely blame this on Stuckey. That being said, our entire defense sucked.

  • Nov 1, 201212:06 am
    by sebastian


    A 20 point turnaround by the Rockets from something like 6:00 to go in the 3rd through the end of the game.
    The Rockets made OUR guys look like shit. Consider this team played with a bunch of assorted (young) parts, who had not played together, as a unit until tonight and they beat US, like it taking candy from a baby.
    OUR guys, on the other hand have been playing together for 66 regular season games and 8 exhibition games and WE look like WE had never even seen the other before.
    Something has to be done. Forget all of this talk about internal development. OUR roster need some external infusion.
    Stuckey, Knight, Tay, Maxey, Moose, all looked horrible. Moose would look much better, if paired with Dre Drummond.
    Why does L. Frank refuse to have Moose and Drummond on the floor, together!

  • Nov 1, 20121:06 am
    by Mark


    Now is the time lottery teams start all their young guys and play them big minutes. The first few weeks of the year are when you always see upsets happening, where the new young teams surprise the vets who aren’t into the season just yet. Then as the season goes on the youth of the young teams starts to take over and they ultimately miss the playoffs (usually). But NOW is the time you capitalize on their youthful energy and can pick up some upset wins. You don’t wait until the rest of the league is in mid-season form. 

    Its maddening watching all these other lottery teams, who are in the same class as us, starting and playing their new lotto picks big minutes and seeing them shine. Meanwhile ours gets 12 min off the bench and no touches on offense. Same ol’ BS. I can’t believe in 2012 with all this young talent, that 40% of our starting lineup still consists of players from the ’06 team.

  • Nov 1, 20121:35 am
    by tarsier


    How long do you think it will take for the wrath of Pistons fans at Dumars and Frank to affect Gores?

    • Nov 1, 20121:55 am
      by Mark


      There’s a good article with video up on mlive with Gores talking before the game. I liked it. He sounded serious about expecting to win, and he didn’t sound like he was going tolerate another crappy season.

      I don’t blame him. No one is buying tickets. He’s paying for Drummond to play. He probably knows Drummond will attract fans. Yet his coach is refusing to play him. If the losing continues with Drummond only getting 12-15 min/gm, and no one’s buying tickets either, then you have to think Gores would seek change at that point.

  • Nov 1, 20121:38 am
    by Corey


    The pistons do not have a scorer within this team. Rip and BG is gone the only two that can put 20 or more every night. I hate the way Frank is coaching the team, with the weak lineups he is putting together. Its like he is afraid to put Monroe and Drummond on the court together. As a coach you want to put the best people forward to make sure your team has the best chance to win.  Charlie V and Daye can score, but they are not giving those dudes a chance.  If I was Frank my line up will be:
    Charlie V
    Corey M
    JJ/ Max

    • Nov 1, 20122:50 am
      by BIGMARV


      and if you was frank you will be fired by game two coming with a weak line up like that. Charlie V need to be like his hair on his head GONE and Daye should be taken out to the pasture like old yeller and play in alaska do me a favor watch at least 10-15 games and come back with a better line up Thank You goodnight.

  • Nov 1, 20123:17 am
    by Domnick


    im dissapointed about the game… we shouldve won

  • Nov 1, 20123:25 am
    by BIGMARV


    Well here we go again fellas another season started and we are alreday throwing up questions. First there was no way in hell that det should have lost that game with the talent we had on the court. Even though we have a few guys that is out of position in the starting five and some guys that were sitting on the bench needed to have more minutes or start. Second the Rodney Stuckey project is finally coming to a end he is what he is an overated starter that should be a 6th man at best. I dont know he should be a 6th man because the 6th man I seen was on a former winning team and he put up 37 as a new starter with the rockets. I want to do a simple break down with some players then im out:

    JASON MAXIEL: Good energy player but even with the nice game he had tonight it was not enough for me to keep him in the line up he will always be a undersized poormans Anthony Mason at best sit him back down and let him and willy B be the energy guys off the bench.

    RODNEY STUCKEY: The project is done hes not a scoring shark like we seen in Harden tonight hes far from intense and he doesnt want to be a leader on this team. He confuses Knight at times because they both play the same game and stuckey dont spead the court to get open. I’m tired of his half ass finishes to the hole he doesnt dunk and he dont have a signature shot that he can rely on that can give him at least 15 a night. Its time for joe to pick up the horn and see what you can get out of this guy THE DREAM IS OVER!

    ANDRE DRUMMOND: He has to start period! there is no way in hell that Asik should have been dominating inside the hole like he’s Mark Eaton from the old Utah Jazz days. Drummond is a body that needs to be inside if you dont use him for nothing but a foul guy he has to be in there with Monroe side by side if the bigger bodies be inside the offense will flow, if there was any other team I tell you this the top 10 pick in this years draft will not be sitting deep on the bench! But…. we might not see him til the end of next week cause if Frank was scared to play him tonight do you think he will play more minutes on this up and coming west coast road trip?…. 

    TAYSHAWN PRINCE:  He’s old tired barley surviving in the game but I can’t complain about him too much yet he did hold it down a little bit tonight but I think Singler/JJ duo was better….IJS

    not too much on Knight I think he did what he had to do as far as playing his role as point tonight. I just say with him is to keep scoring and play a little bit more D and he will be fine. The bench was great tonight Frank might have to either give those guys more minutes or creep them into the line up it seems as if there is more talent on the bench than it is starting…. real weird see yall friday!              

    • Nov 1, 20125:21 am
      by Mark


      Good write up. Agree on Stuckey. He should be our 6th man along with Tay off the bench. We could have a real nice bench with that duo going against other teams backups.

      Its so obvious after 9 games that Drummond and English should be starting. We need Drummonds presence inside and we need English’s shooting outside.

      As bad as our offense can be at times, Drummond’s O-rebounding/putbacks is a necessity, not a luxury. And considering no one else in the starting lineup can shoot besides Knight, English is not a luxury to have on the bench either. They need his shooting in the starting lineup.

      Frank may believe in this current starting lineup, but if he cant get it to function properly its time for a new group to start.

  • Nov 1, 20125:25 am
    by Mark


    I mean, does it not make perfect sense?

    You make the starting lineup better by adding Drummond and English, the two ingrediants they need most. And also make the bench better by adding two veteran scorers in Stuckey/Tay. 

    Its almost like they want to not win by choosing this current rotation. Theyd rather both units stink, than configure them properly so they both are at their best. 

  • Nov 1, 20126:44 am
    by vic


    Love how smart players like Jeremy Lin and James Harden play: one drives, the other shoots on the opposite side of the court. They played our defense like puppets.

    Stuckey and Knight have been working together all offseason, and have no such chemistry.

    That’s a coaching problem. 

  • Nov 1, 20126:46 am
    by vic


    To redeem himself Frank has to steal one game that he’s supposed to lose on the road trip. He lost a game he was supposed to win, so he has to steal a game he was supposed to lose.

    If not i’m hoping for a hijacking of Laimbeer for us next year. 

  • Nov 1, 20127:20 am
    by Ray


    i hope this doesnt set the tone for the season…

    I hated that double teaming, switch defense….. Better off playing man to man or strictly going Zone… the problem with Coaches like Frank, they bring a coaching style and system thats outdated…. As good as Harden might be, they were Lay-up Drills, and I counted 2 open 3 pointers just because they switched…(why are you doubling Chandler Parson to get the ball out his hand, but leave Harden open?) I thought it was a mistake but they did it twice….

    when Drummond was in the game for his 13 The rockets because a strictly perimeter team….isnt that what you want?

    • Nov 1, 20129:47 am
      by Vic


      That’s exactly what you want because that’s the only advantage you have in a talent based league. plus, its supposed to be a defense first program Frank is out thinking himself and the staff is overthinking Drumminds development.

  • Nov 1, 20127:39 am
    by Ray


    Why is the spacing so bad?

    The only two players that know how to move without the ball is Knight and Jerebko….

    Greg Catches it in the post and the offense has no spacing…that why we drafted Drummond or we would have draft Henson, or we would have drafted Zeller…so that Monroe could become more of a PF and ”FACILITAROR” in a Offense with no true PG!!! at the PF position…

    I dont care about losing one game or even that its openning night but I havent seen any improvement in coaching…and that concerns me..

    Singler started to stretch the floor in the 2nd qrt, scores 8 pts…then only gets a give me basket for the rest of the game….no more plays run for him….

    Knight was aggressive early in attack mode, then you see Franks telling him to slow down..and Knight looked like he questioned himself for the rest of the night (OVER COACHING)

    someone said Drummond needs to call for the ball…all he did was set Screens….and the one time he had a mismatch in the post against Greg Smith…you can litterally hear Franks Yell “ANDRE SET THE PICK!!!!”

    • Nov 1, 20129:54 am
      by Vic


      And Singler. Tayshaun knows how to play but he wants to iso and dribble around for some reason

  • Nov 1, 20127:44 am
    by Mr.BlockedShot


    Ok guys, I know this is only the first game of the season, so let’s not press the panic buton yet…but, surprisingly, we could have won it although Houston is far better than us (one single player barely was killing us the whole game). Coaching decissions in the fourth were awful, sticking with Stuckey and Prince instead of Singler and English. Stuckey had one of his worst game ever, as far as I can remember, but Frank kept him playing minutes.Defensively he was missing in action, so for who was asking above about his defensive performance…well, it was as bas as you can imagine.I was really mad at how easy it was for the Rockets to penetrate, score lay up after lay up and get easy shots. So yes! our defense was at times as bad as it seemed, or even worse,  for the ones that could not watch the game. And finally, about Drummond, if he doesn’t get some balls early in the game imho he’s going to have an off-night more than likely. We have to look for him, pass him the ball and this will make him more active on the deffensive end. Let’s see what happens on friday at Phoenix.

    • Nov 1, 20127:57 am
      by Ray



      That my point…Franks doesnt make adjustments, his biggest adjustment last year was putting Maxiell in the starting line up…Nothing looks different…

      With the say English and Singler was playing…two shooters will seemingly the hot hand…why not purposely get them more looks?

      if the whole Pistons Nation and Rocket nation can see they are killing us with lay-ups and dunks when Maxiell and Monroe in the game …why not adjust and play Drummond more… im not saying Drummond dominates on off of instict alone…no way Lin and Harden get those easy lay-ups

      Thats Coaching

    • Nov 1, 20128:41 am
      by tarsier


      How is Houston far better? Thye are in total rebuild mode. They have just 3 good players. And they have not had time to develop cohesion.

      They were a total question mark going into the season. And it would be no surprise if they ended up with a better record than Detroit. but nor would it be if they didn’t. But they really shouldn’t be better the first game after a major trade. 

  • Nov 1, 20128:17 am
    by Ray


    Last Vent i Promise:

    Everything we do on Offense and Defense looks so hard!!!

    Lin isnt the greatest talent in the world but their were times he just made it look easy….Harden might not have another game like this again in his career but he just made it look easy… Example: Our fast-breaks look sloppy, I think we blew like 2-3 easy scoring chances..

    but we have players to finish but everything just looks like its a struggle on offense….

    defense its like MAX effort, Rotating, running around extra hard…just to give up a lay-up or a wide open 3 pointer to one of the best 3 point shooters last year…those are not good signs…

    My quick fix: play a two man offense and Knight and Monroe…Space the floor

    defensively : man to man or zone …keep it simple…

  • Nov 1, 20128:49 am
    by Sean Corp


    “A bit surprised” English was the first guard off the bench? You must not read Detroit Bad Boys.

    From the June 29 article: “More predictions: Barring the signing of a veteran backup point guard, English is going to be the first guard off the bench.”

    It has been the meme of the offseason and the game thread practically exploded when it came true. 


    • Nov 1, 20129:13 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      I don’t know what Dan was surprised about, but personally, I was a bit surprised just because English didn’t have a particularly good preseason shooting the ball and that combined with Frank’s hesitancy to play young players not named Brandon Knight had me worried that English would get buried on the bench. Really glad he didn’t though.

      • Nov 1, 20129:46 am
        by Sean Corp


        Things might have been different if Corey Maggette was healthy but I think English got on the floor because of his defense not because of his shot (which happened to fall last night). Pistons need players that can get stops and they don’t really have that in the starting lineup. 

  • Nov 1, 201210:08 am
    by Scott Free


    Detroit lacks the fire power to compete with any team using small ball.  I suspect a couple bruising centers could make them pay for this tactic.

  • Nov 1, 201210:19 am
    by Keith


    Three major points I notice watching the game last night:
    1) Stuckey and Knight are a terrible combination. Knight essentially stops being a PG with Stuckey on the floor, handing him the ball and running around the perimeter to never get a shot. Stuckey is not a PG, and is painfully poor at running an offense. He loves going ISO, but isn’t actually any good at hitting his shots. Moreover, Knight’s offense is stifled because there is zero shooting on the floor with the starting lineup. He can’t even attempt to dribble inside because the entire defense sags into the paint with impunity.
    2) Monroe has only one move from the top of the key. He fakes a dribble left, then spins into the middle of the lane. Of course, the entire defense knows this and he spins directly into a shotblocker or sea of guards that don’t even bother defending the perimeter. Maybe this move is more useful if we had shooters opening up the lane, but Monroe isn’t a jump shooter anyway. Why does he pick up his dribble 10 feet from the basket? Why, for that matter, do we keep passing to him in the high post and then not running any play based on that positioning?
    3) No one knows where the next pass should go. It felt like 90% of our possessions went like this: PG/SG passes on perimeter to Knight/Stuckey/Monroe. Knight/Stuckey/Monroe waste 5 seconds of shot clock waiting for a play that never develops. Knight/Stuckey/Monroe makes wild one-on-one play that fails before passing the ball back out for a reset. Because we are so damn slow, whoever has the ball has to just make something happen in the last 5 seconds of the shot clock. Even when we do move the ball around the perimeter, it never feels like we are probing the defense, it just looks like we are lost. The only guys that make the second pass with purpose are Jerebko and Knight, and once a third player touches the ball it looks like they have no idea what to do with it. It is literally crazy how unorganized and shoddy our offense looks nearly every play.
    My thoughts on fixes: start English with Knight. Force Knight to be a PG, not a glorified SG next to Stuckey. Moreover, give the starters a shooter so defenses can’t just sit in the lane waiting for a drive/Monroe. Start Drummond instead of Maxiell. Defensively it’s obvious, but offensively it actually makes more sense. Drummond is a safety valve when a driving guard gets caught inside. Monroe tends to float around the free throw line, and simply can’t go up and over a defense to catch a pass. Drummond is always trying to get closer to the basket when the ball moves, and Knight could add 3 assists a game driving with the intent to pass to an almost always open Drummond. Maxiell also fails inside because he plays like a mid-range shooter. He doesn’t catch and finish well, he tends to catch, hold, then try a post move. This puts Stuckey in the second unit where he has more freedom to dominate the ball (and alongside better complimentary players in Bynum-Singler-Jerebko) against less talented opponents. Quite simply, our rotations are pretty stupid. Our second unit was better than our first unit despite being significantly less talented. But no one really fits together in the starting lineup, and we aren’t talented enough to overcome that.

  • Nov 1, 201212:19 pm
    by Dave


    Only tuned in for the 4th quarter so I am certainly jaded in what I write, but Tayshaun was beyond worthless. Awful help defense, terrible transition defense and a non-factor offensively. Agree that Stuckey did nothing but force things tonight and was largely the one guarding Harden as he went crazy. Not a lot to feel positive about. Delfino got hot, yet we kept letting him get open looks from 3. Just unacceptable.

    Houston, even with Harden, is a bad team. If we can’t win that game, at home, when he has no chemistry with his new teammates, we’re in big trouble.

  • Nov 1, 20121:06 pm
    by gtg


    I don’t know which is worse, the Pistons monumental 4th Q collapse (outscored 33-15!)–or that everybody seems to think, well, that’s kind of expected from the Pistons.

  • Nov 1, 20122:02 pm
    by Otis


    No mention of JJ? He had the best play I’ve seen from a Piston in five years with that assist to Singler.

    Anyhow, same old same old. Team looks too much like last year’s, and the year before, and the year before, and so on…

    I’d love to see more of JJ and Singler together, Drummond and Moose together. Pairings like this, I think, are our only real competitive advantage, even if they’re young. Tayshaun is not a good fit here, and I don’t think Stuckey is either.

    Glad Gores is getting impatient. He should be impatient. With his cheap young talent (that we’ve all been patient a long time while we’ve been collecting them), expendable players who could be of value to contenders (Stuckey, Prince, Max), and cap space this summer that we spent a 1st round pick on, this needs to be the GM’s last chance to have a team that threatens in the East by next season.


  • Nov 1, 20125:59 pm
    by Scott Free


    Why on Earth is Monroe in the high post?  He gets the majority of his points on tip ins and post play underneath… his midrange shot is too questionable to move him away from the paint.  ESPECIALLY since they seem so intent on starting Maxiel who will NEVER be an anchor down low and actually DOES have a respectable mid range shot!  

    Its like Lawrence Frank seems obsessed with eliminating our competitive advantage by having people play away from their strengths!  

    Stucky shooting jump shots… Knight avoiding dribble penetration… Monroe away from the basket… Drummond on the bench and Jerebko at Power Forward with no plays being run for either of them… Endless ISOs from what should be a running team…  

    In an era of small ball, we draft big… but then refuse to use that competitive advantage by starting maxiel, playing Jerebko at PF opposite Monroe at C, and limiting Drummond’s minutes/touches to a laughable minimum… and not even dressing the big defensive minded Ukrainian.  We might as well start Charlie V and Austin Daye if we’re going to waste talent so colossally.  

    I’d be surprised if the rotation Frank used last night goes much more than 4 – 20 to start again.  Knight/Stuckey/Jerebko/Monroe/Drummond,  Bynum/English/Prince/Maxiel/with a combination of Monroe, Drummond, and Kravtsov playing the backup C, would be much more efficient.  

  • Nov 1, 20127:46 pm
    by Eric


    All I could think watching the games was why didn’t Joe Dumars make a call to OKC for Harden?

    That is the type of player the Pistons need.  

    • Nov 1, 20127:55 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Because it probably would’ve required giving up Monroe.

      Houston gave up a decent prospect in Lamb, a short-term replacement who is productive albeit not at Harden’s level and who expires in Martin and two future first rounders, one of which could be a lottery pick, with some filler both ways to make salary work.

      If the Pistons were going to beat that offer, it would’ve had to be something like Stuckey, Monroe or Drummond and two future picks.

      And to be honest, I’d probably do it — Harden looks every bit like a franchise player. It wouldn’t be an easy decision though, and I could certainly understand not wanting to give up Monroe.

      It’s not like OKC just gave him away. Houston made a good offer that gives a replacement now and flexibility later. It would be tough for Detroit or any other team to beat that combination and I think Monroe is the only one on Detroit’s roster who would beat it. 

  • Nov 1, 20127:48 pm
    by MattG


    Hey Guys,
    Great comments. I am with everyone who wants to see more young guns, and less old style. I include Stuck in that old system. Kim English was out there and he seems to give a crap. That matters when watching a game. Frank needs to not stifle the young guys, let them play and grow with them. FYI to Frank, winning 37 games playing Stuck, Prince, and Max big minutes will not save your job. Just ask Flip Saunders and Rick Carlise about that. A line-up of Drummond, Monroe, Singler, Engish, and Knight is our best starting 5, and then having some of the older guys come in to play teams second units. 

    People, please get off BK’s back. He is growing each year, cares a lot about his game, team, and winning. More than we can say for a number of guys on this team. It took Westbrook, Rose, and most importantly Rondo a few years to get it together, SHOW SOME PATIENCE.

    Thanks everyone, looking forward to Friday @ Suns!

  • Nov 1, 201211:51 pm
    by Nick


    @MattG I totally agree with you. Adding Kim English to the starting line up alone will make Knight have double digit assists. I believe English has the potential to be a Joe Dumars type guard for the Pistons. I like Kyle Singler game too. Frank don’t have to start him, but I think he should be getting more minutes than Prince. I’m cool with Frank bringing Drummond around slowly, but like someone else said if Maxiell is not in the game Drummond should be in the game. It only makes sense to have a shot blocker in the game at all times. I like Stuckey but if he keeps playing the way he did last nite I say bring him off the bench as the 6 man. A shooting guard should be good at shooting.Im just saying

  • Nov 2, 201212:05 pm
    by Dave


    Stuckey for Affallo ….Now that would be a great trade! I was sad when we got rid of Affallo and Billups! I would love to see Singler start and Tay abuse second stringers. It will also be interesting wihen Magettee gets back.  The other thing I would like to see is Drummond and Monroe on the court at the same time. I’m very excited about this Pistons team and very hopeful. Everyone that wanted our team to get younger – you got it, everyone that wanted a big time name to come here – you won’t get it, big names want big cities (NYK, LA, Miami), besides I think we nabbed 2 future big names in Monroe and Drummond.  So lets learn to live with the struggles and support these young guys, new guys, and Tay (our old guy), because we will never get LBJ, CP3, DH, or KD.

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