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New this preseason: Greg Monroe leading the break

I’ve written a few times in recaps this preseason, and I’m sure many others who’ve been watching the Pistons, have noticed Greg Monroe‘s new aggressiveness leading the break. Beckley Mason of TrueHoop has a really cool roundup of the new skills many different players are displaying this preseason and he was kind enough to let me include Monroe:

Greg Monroe’s new handle

Greg Monroe has apparently worked on his ball-handling and frequently (and confidently) looks to lead the break on defensive rebounds or steals now, something he rarely did his previous two seasons. He’s been a bit out-of-control at times, but this new skill he’s displayed has been a big part in the Pistons looking to run more this preseason than they have in recent years. – Patrick Hayes, Piston Powered

Check out Beckley’s entire post though. It’s a nice mix of people getting their hopes up for perennial disappointments like Andray Blatche and Tyrus Thomas and some young guys who are actually improving, like Monroe, Ty Lawson, Enes Kanter and DeAndre Jordan.


  • Oct 23, 201211:23 pm
    by D_S_V


    I must have seen the more erratic ones… Monroe is such a good passer the outlet pass is such an important part of the break, so? I also am not a huge fan of the drive from out close to the 3 point line that I’ve been seeing too often this preseason. Greg’s the most efficient offensive player on the team, I wish more of our offense was fed through him on the block or high post rather than so much wing pick and roll.

  • Oct 23, 201211:56 pm
    by Vince


    Not entirely relevant but I was reading the Pistons’ column in Bleacher Report when they mentioned K.Davidson holding Dumars back, I remember that coming out but two things that stood out to me was that she nixed a move Dumars had made for Boozer – Which I somewhat recall – and denying him the opportunity to hire Avery Johnson… now that I don’t remember.

    Dan or Patrick do you have anything on this?

  • Oct 24, 20121:23 am
    by Fennis


    Speaking of big men leading the break, has anyone seen this footage of a younger, lighter Drummond showing off small forward skills?
    My sense is that this guy is just starting to adjust to his adult weight.

  • Oct 24, 20122:43 am
    by Justin


    Pistons just need to be bad for just one more season. Add Noel from kentucky then Subtract Maxiell and then instant contenders in the East. Pg Knight,Bynum Sg Stuckey,English Sf Prince,Singler,Daye              Pf Noel,Jerebko C Monroe,Drummond  The Big men would look better than when the lakers had bynum,Gasol, and Odom….just one more bad year.

  • Oct 24, 20129:05 am
    by Al


    You are hoping for one more bad year?????? “You know nothing Jon Snow”….

  • Oct 24, 20129:35 am
    by danny


    that mix reminded me of blake griffin last year pushing the break.  so much for no motor it seemed he was running in everyone of those clips.  I would like to thank the bobcats and raptors for making this all possible.

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