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Marc Stein: Extension for Austin Daye ‘unlikely’

Based on his play since the Pistons drafted him 15th overall in 2009, this will come as no surprise, but ESPN’s Marc Stein reports that Austin Daye is unlikely to get an extension from the Pistons before the Oct. 31 deadline for members of the class of 2009 to sign extensions:

“Unlikely” is the exact word recited by one well-placed insider when asked about Daye’s hopes for an extension. It appears that the Pistons aren’t about to trifle with any of next summer’s projected cap space after wishing for years that they could take back the deals handed out to Charlie Villanueva and the recently traded Ben Gordon.

So far, Blake Griffin and Serge Ibaka are the only members of that draft class to receive extensions.


  • Oct 17, 201212:49 pm
    by RyanK


    I think this was pretty obvious. 
    I’m hoping Joe can do something more than just let him walk at the end of the year.  He doesn’t have much trade value for talent, but the expiring contract might interest some teams.  Even a second round pick would be worth it…better yet, a late first round pick from a team that’s serious about not wanting to spend money.

    • Oct 17, 20122:50 pm
      by bobby


      hmm, if a team was looking to take on expiring contracts, that means its goal is to clear cap space. They would want to dump a longer term contract onto us in return, not a draft pick which costs next to nothing. that wouldn’t accomplish their goal of clearing cap space. (besides, we should be the people looking to clear space since we’ll have enough to sign a star and a good solid player this summer. whether or not we can persuade a star to come here will be dependent on how much the pistons impress this season).

      not saying i don’t agree we shouldn’t trade him for a pick, just saying a team looking to create space wouldn’t want to do that trade. but a team that actually thinks daye may worth a pick would do the trade. 

      • Oct 17, 20125:06 pm
        by RyanK


        You’re right.  Daye wouldn’t be tradeable by himself.  If we can get a good player in trade for Daye and another expiring deal it might be worth looking at. 

  • Oct 17, 20121:19 pm
    by freywagg



    • Oct 17, 20121:25 pm
      by Jay


      I REALLY hope you’re joking bro…

  • Oct 17, 20121:49 pm
    by Corey


    Trading the expiring contract for a draft pick means TAKING BACK A NON-EXPIRING CONTRACT.  That would be crazy dumb when they could have a huge amount of cap space. 

    Using the expiring contracts to trade directly for a star player with an expensive multi-year contract would be fine, but trading them for draft picks and dead contracts would be a disaster.

    • Oct 17, 20122:16 pm
      by Reaction


      No offense but it would be crazy to think that a big name would want to come to Detroit at its current state.

  • Oct 17, 20122:17 pm
    by MNM


    Jerebko makes up for it.. Call it a “daye” already.

    • Oct 17, 20129:11 pm
      by gmehl


      That’s exactly right MNM. Joe drafted Daye in the 1st round pick 15 but redeemed himself by drafting Jerebko in the 2nd round pick 9. If he didn’t do that then the Daye pick would of looked so much worse. It is clear as day that Joe needs help when drafting early on in the 1st round when the choice isn’t an obvious one. As far as it goes for what to do with Daye i have no idea. He is a broken player with no confidence. I say if we don’t cut him loose to sign either Flynn or Williams then just let him see out his contract along with CV. As far as i am concerned those 2 guys can wash the other players jock straps all year long.

  • Oct 17, 20122:47 pm
    by Corey


    A big name who is on a 3 year contract and is traded to Detroit would come to Detroit. It’s hardly impossible. An extend-and-trade with someone who would otherwise be a free agent next summer? That’s admittedly much less likely. 

  • Oct 17, 20123:30 pm
    by labatts


    So your saying we aren’t signing Blake Griffin?  Perhaps Dumars’ master plan was to trade Prince for him.  THAAT’S why he resigned him.  Genius.

  • Oct 17, 20125:23 pm
    by D_S_V


    I’m going to need some help here, I’m too busy to do the research (and procrastinating), but can someone clear this up: I remember reading here sometime last, oh, say, March? about Daye already getting a premature contract extension by one year. I think it may have been in that series of threads about Dumars and when Frankie D was commenting a lot and I think even Vince Ellis was making some posts on here as well. But the controversial aspect of it was that Dumars had given Daye the extra year quite prematurely when we could’ve had him play out the year to see if he desereved it, but at the time we didn’t really know if he was worth it, and that came out in the public far later than when the extension was granted. I’m going to go ahead and guess that that year extension was for this year, but anyways, can someone refresh me about this?

    • Oct 17, 20126:17 pm
      by tarsier


      Yes, Dumars picked up the team option for Daye’s 4th season much sooner than necessary.

    • Oct 17, 20129:17 pm
      by gmehl


      @DSV I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Joe just hoping and praying that Daye would eventually get out of his slump. I mean it is pretty much admitting he fcked up in selecting the kid if he didn’t extend him. Every GM makes mistakes but Joe of late somehow always seems to compound his.

  • Oct 17, 20128:55 pm
    by say what now


    Wtf…. this guys gonna be a stud. Next Aflalo if we give him a chance. He just doesnt get mins cuz of Tay and now Maggete, but he is tall enough to make up for his slow feet and has a shot. A rich mans Rashard Lewis. Joe D’s gotta go…..

    • Oct 18, 20125:24 am
      by Vince


      I honestly hope you’re trolling.

  • Oct 18, 20125:31 am
    by Vince


    I feel like we should have a massive party just to celebrate.

  • Oct 18, 20126:55 am
    by simon


    Cut him now, stop wasting time and give a contract to Wallace, Flynn or williams

  • Oct 18, 20128:06 pm
    by Elena



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